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Ultra Bore Coatings
Ultra Bore Coat was developed to eliminate or greatly reduce all types of fouling that occurs in firearm bores.  The following information describes how Ultra Bore Coat affects different firearms.

In rifles Ultra Bore Coat will stop or greatly reduce jacket fouling.  It will greatly reduce powder fouling, allowing the shooter to shoot longer strings without cleaning.  It will also allow the shooter to shoot different types and brands of bullets during load development without cleaning.  Cleaning is done with patches and solvent only.  An average of 3 wet patches and 3 dry patches will clean the majority of treated barrels, even after strings of over 800 rounds.  

In handguns Ultra Bore Coat does for handgun bores what it does for rifles.  It also makes lead fouling much easier and faster to clean.  It also allows the shooter to run lead and jacketed bullets interchangeably.  

In shotguns it eliminates or drastically reduces plastic wad fouling in the bore.  Clean-up can be done in most cases with nothing more than a dry bore mop.  

In closed breach black powder muzzleloaders using pellets and 209 primers, Ultra Bore Coat eliminates the carbon ring build-up and allows the shooter to fire for prolonged periods without stopping to clean.  Some testing has gone as long as 4,000 rounds without cleaning.  It eliminates the plastic fouling in the bore caused by sabots.  It also reduces leading and makes it easier to clean.  

What Ultra Bore Coat will do:

  • It will greatly reduce or in most cases eliminate jacket fouling.  
  • It will allow you to shoot extremely long strings without cleaning.  
  • You will never need a bronze bore brush in the bore again; all cleaning is done with patches and solvent.  It takes an average of 4-8 patches and you’re done.  
  • Ultra Bore Coat will help protect against corrosion, both galvanic and chemical.  
  • It will keep the barrel shooting up to its potential for longer periods of time.  

    What Ultra Bore Coat will not do:

  • Ultra Bore Coating will have no effect on velocity, point of impact, or group size.  
  • If the barrel is a dog to start with, it will still be a dog after applying Ultra Bore Coating.  But it will the easiest cleaning dog you’ve ever owned.  

    More about Ultra Bore Coat:

  • Average thickness in all bores once applied and cured is .25 microns.
  • Ultra Bore Coat is applied to a clean bore with a loose fitting patch and slotted patch holder.  After setting at least six hours, the user puts 8 to 10 rounds down the bore to cure the coating.  The coating is cured by the heat and pressure of firing.  The longer you shoot with Ultra Bore Coat, the better it performs.  
  • Ultra Bore Coat will be available to the consumer in a kit form by late July or early August of 2007.  You will be able to order it online from this website.  You can also call and order it direct.  Enquiries from O.E.M., distributors and retailers are welcome.
  • Initial testing for Ultra Bore Coat was done in 30 caliber FN Machine Guns and 50 BMGs.  Testing was started in these weapons 2 years ago.  All the bores initially coated are still performing as new.  One application of Ultra Bore Coat is good for the useful life of the bore.  

    General Application Guidelines:

    Step 1:  Clean the bore down to bare metal or as close as you can get.  It is impossible to have the bore too clean.  

    Step 2:  Flush all cleaning products from the bore.  

    Step 3:  Saturate a patch with Ultra Bore Solvent, which is provided in the kit.  Run 2 to 3 patches of solvent down the bore.  This solvent will remove all traces of grease and oil from the bore.  

    Step 4:  Using a slotted patch holder, cut a loose fitting patch that fills the bore and saturate patch with Ultra Bore Coat.  Run this patch back and forth through the bore 3 to 4 times, ensuring the bore is a uniform wetness from muzzle to breech.  Wipe any bore coating off the muzzle or breach area of firearm, as Ultra Bore Coat will penetrate bluing and stain.

    Step 5:  After waiting at least 6 hours or overnight, take the firearm out and shoot 6-8 rounds minimum.  This will center, set and cure the coating.  See?   It’s not rocket science.

    NOTE: Ultra Bore Coatings must be shipped UPS Ground. Please allow 7 working days for delivery.

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