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Ultra Gun Shield
Ultra Gun Shield Application Instructions

One bottle of Ultra Gun Shield should coat 4-6 long guns.

Ultra Gun Shield can be applied over bluing. As long as directions are followed, it will not change the color of the bluing. It can be applied to case colored parts and will protect them from fading. Ultra Gun Shield can be applied over stainless steel or brass. It will go over virtually over any metal or top of almost any coating. Ultra Gun Shield can be applied to all parts of the gun except the bore.

Parts of these instructions require you to hang the metal you're coating after you've applied the Ultra Gun Shield. We hang parts in the shop with straightened, old wire coat hangers.

1.   Check the gun to make sure it's unloaded.
2.   Remove the gun from the stock or remove the wood from the gun.
3.   Disassemble all parts to be coated.
4.   Put rubbing alcohol on a dry cotton cloth and rub down all exterior surfaces and interior surfaces to be coated twice.  It's terribly important, absolutely necessary and very critical that you clean all grease and oil from the surfaces to be coated.
5.   To apply Ultra Gun Shield, use a clean, smooth cotton cloth (t-shirt-type material).  Apply a quarter-sized amount of the coating to the cloth.  This should take less than 1/4 of the bottle.
6.   Lightly wipe over all metal making sure to get it evenly wet.  This first coat will soak in and dry.  It will not be visible.
7.   Hang the metal for 15-20 minutes.
8.   Re-wet the spot on your cotton cloth and apply coat number two.  This should bring the coating even with the surface of the metal.
9.   Hang the metal for 15-20 minutes.
10.   Re-wet your cloth and apply coat number three a little heavier than the first two coats.  Hang and dry the metal 20-30 minutes.  Check all parts to make sure they're coated and then reassemble.
11.   This third coating should bring the coating above the metal.  It will protect it from rust and make it easier to clean.  If you feel there are spots that need to be touched-up after it's been dried or after it's been in use, simply re-wet the cloth and apply a new layer of coating.

WARNING: When Ultra Gun Shield is applied properly, all metal that it is applied to will be extremely slick.

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