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The .338-.375 Campfire:
Part One

 Rick Bin

Revolvers Make Riflemen
 Ken Howell

A Campfire Review of 8x42 Binoculars
 Rick Bin

A New Way to Hunt Lion
 Ken Howell
(as told by Elgin Gates)


Where Giants Walk The Earth
 Rick Bin

Annealing Cases
 Ken Howell

Jaguars In California
 James Capen Adams

Those Other North American Bears
 Laban Fieldman

Killer Buffalo
 Ken Howell
(as told by Elgin Gates)


Seeing Is Believing

 Rick Bin

Your Chronograph Can Tell You More
 Ken Howell

Africa And Actions
 John Buhmiller

On Seeing Deer
 Stewart Edward White

Shootout With The Black-and-White Cat
 Steve Timm

Swiggett Kills A Killer
 Ken Howell


Handloading for Long-Range Shooting
 John Haviland

Three Types of Hunters/
The Five Stages of a Sport Hunter

 Denny L. Vasquez

Big Ivory
 Ken Howell
(as told by Elgin Gates)


Gnawed and Clawed
 Ken Howell


Move Over Fail Safe
Winchester's New XP3
Big-Game Bullet

 John Haviland

Factors In Accuracy Part Two: Handloads
 John Barsness

My Love Affair with Grace
 Charles Speck

How I Killed a Bear
 Charles Dudley Warner


Best Buys In Binoculars
 John Barsness

Bear In Camp!
 Ken Howell

Last Minute Muley
 Rick Bin

Factors In Accuracy
Part One: Rifles And Shooting

 John Barsness

A Brownie Got Me
 Ken Howell


The .300 Winchester
 Jack Steele

Looking Long
 John Barsness

Choose the Right Backcountry Tent
 Rick Bin

Who Bombed Elmer Keith?
 Ken Howell


Salty Locals
 Frank Nuni

El Tigre, Jr.
 Ken Howell

Accurate Reloading
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