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#11562702 - 11/07/16 Re: Henry 22 mag [Re: Crockettnj]
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Originally Posted By Blackheart
Originally Posted By johnw
So... How are the Henry rifles built? Are they blued steel? Alloy? Pot metal?

Never used one, and have not been much interested. Still...
The receiver is a zinc alloy casting. The barrel and working parts of the action {hammer, lever, bolt, lifter, etc.} are steel.

They're very similar (identical) to the older Ithaca Model 73 (Erma Werke-built; Germany) rifles. 73 was the mag, 72 the long rifle.

Originally Posted By Crockettnj

That right there is pretty funny.

Originally Posted By huntsman22
That's why they call you Klik, instead of Henry......

Just saw that a couple of days ago....I thought so too! grin
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#11581103 - 11/13/16 Re: Henry 22 mag [Re: RLA]
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I just talked a friend of mine with a Henry .22 LR and
his shoots high, the open sights adjusted all the way.

Must be pretty new, as he is wondering if he should
send it in or what.

Any ideas out there.

#11584282 - 11/14/16 Re: Henry 22 mag [Re: Farmboy1]
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Henry has awfully good CS....give em a call and see what they have to say....
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#11598859 - 11/20/16 Re: Henry 22 mag [Re: RLA]
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We have two Henry Golden boys in 22lr. The only plastic is the butt plate. Not sure what the receiver is but appears to be brass or a brass alloy of some kind. Replaced the blue steel front barrel band with a brass band just for looks. The action is very smooth. Never had a problem with functioning. Both rifles are accurate enough to hit a jackrabbit at 50 to 60 yards.
The only complaint is have is there is a lot of drop on the rear stock. To get the proper sight picture the rifle is in an awkward position on my shoulder.
Like was said earlier, get one in your hands and see how it works for you.
I have an Ithaca model 72 with an alloy receiver and it is very smooth as well. Mostly use and carry these three rifles.
I have a Winchester model 9422 and a 9422m I have ever need error shot!

#11708239 - 01/03/17 Re: Henry 22 mag [Re: 45_100]
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This Henry talk reminds me of when I heard a guy ask another how he liked his Studebaker pickup. Answer was well, it's kinda like sleeping with a black woman? Guy says what?? What do you mean? Ok, I really like it but I'm ashamed of it.
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#11708539 - 01/04/17 Re: Henry 22 mag [Re: FieldGrade]
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About 30 years ago I had a 9422M. Nice rifle but it wouldn't even come close to the accuracy I get from my Octagon barreled Henry in 22WMR.

I have one of those 9422M that I bought back in the 1970's. Mine is a real good shooter. I have not shot a Henry to compare, but my Winchester has been great. miles
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#11709197 - 01/04/17 Re: Henry 22 mag [Re: Farmboy1]
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Originally Posted By Farmboy1
I just talked a friend of mine with a Henry .22 LR and
his shoots high, the open sights adjusted all the way.

Must be pretty new, as he is wondering if he should
send it in or what.

Any ideas out there.

Tell him to pretend the bad guys are riding Shetland ponies.

or get a taller front sight.. maybe both..

#11719976 - 01/08/17 Re: Henry 22 mag [Re: kid0917]
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A buddy I was hunting with this weekend has a Henry 17hmr. Had problems with the trigger and grouping was several inches. He said in 10-15 shots he couldn't get a boresnake to drop down the bore. Henry had him send it back they're replacing the entire rifle. Sounds like good CS anyway.

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#11746768 - 01/17/17 Re: Henry 22 mag [Re: RLA]
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I had a Henry 22 mag lever gun. It functioned flawlessly, shot accurately and felt good in the hand. I can't say the same of the Marlin I had.

The alloy receiver complaints are without foundation. They work as designed. I can't recall reading of a failed Henry receiver. I read on another forum where a guy tried to wear one out and after 5000 rounds it was still working great. My 10/22 has an alloy receiver, albeit of different composition from the Henry. Nobody seems to whine about that.

Henry makes a good product for a good price.

#11937819 - 03/30/17 Re: Henry 22 mag [Re: RLA]
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Bought one yesterday for $399. Base model 001M 22 Mag. Got tired of waiting/looking for a Marlin 1894M. I find it to be a smooth operating well made and shooting little carbine. Mine was shooting low at 50 but well within the adjustment range of the rear sight. Sighted in with 40 grain JSP.

I did not go with a Golden Boy because I found the cheek weld to be odd to get my eye in the correct sight plane. YMMV but the base model blued rifle fit perfectly.

Only plastic on mine is the buttplate. Quality is such that I have no qualms about exploring their other models.

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