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#1594212 - 08/09/07 06:56 PM Birth of a deer camp
northern_dave Offline
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The wife & I acquired 50 acres of private wooded land in a fairly remote location early in the winter months of this year. 2 sides border state land that goes on for what seems like for ever.

We have prepared a building site & have started building our hunting cabin. 24 x 32 cabin with 3 bunk rooms, kitchen/dining area, small living room type area & an attached sauna room. Wood and or propane heat, propane range/oven, probably the lights too. No electricity, no running water. Thinking about putting a sand point in & a hand pump for water to wash up with.

It's accessible by truck but it's a slow trail a good 3/4 mile off the closest decent gravel road.

The most notable part of this new camp is a new member to our hunting group. My best friends son, 16 years of age. My best friend, also my cousin, lost his life recently in a plane crash. I invited his boy to take part in the building of this new camp & asked if he could come up & hunt with us as well.

He's taken to me, taken to the project & taken to the idea of calling it his hunting camp with the passion & enthusiasm that only a starry eyed young hunter could bring. It's a true blessing and a wonderful thing. The bond between us is strengthening and it is helping me deal with the loss as much or more than it could possibly be helping him. Me & his dad were only about 12 days apart in age & have been best friends since before we could talk. I suppose we are as people would often say "like brothers". Looked alike, talked & thought alike, I suppose that makes it easier for his boy & I to bond so well.

We're trying to keep things pretty rustic, we like the absence of electricity, the hand pumped well idea…. Wood stove… It's going to be quite the place, a foundation for many memories to come. I have 3 kids of my own, 1 girl & 2 boys, all are already or at least show promise of being hunters. My wife likes to hunt, I have brothers… I'm sure my dad will take part. It's the beginning of something good, the birth of what will be a sentimental memory factory.

I'm standing at the beginning looking forward, and I know well enough to absorb it all, soak it up & live in the moments, because they move so fast.

Well, there's the intro, lengthy, but there it is. Any shack/cabin tips and or considerations from those that are past my point & looking back are certainly appreciated.


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#1594325 - 08/09/07 07:47 PM Re: Birth of a deer camp [Re: northern_dave]
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I'm with ya!

Started my similar project in 2001 right after 9/11. We didn't know if it was going to be the family hunting cabin or the family bunker at the time. It has turned around my life and the life of my family as well as having a big impact on many others. It's called "Der Bauernhof am Loch im Ende des Stumpfes" (The farm in Hole in the End of the Stump)

I'm documenting mine at The sixth anniversary is almost upon us and with the new roof, all of our planned major projects are at an end. Of course, now the place is already starting to fall apart, so now we're into maintenance.

Write soon. Write often.

Tips? Here's one for you: look and see what I did with the rainwater coming off the roof-- beats a well or hauling it in.

Another Tip? If you haven't picked out a wood stove, look at Vogelzang's Deluxe Boxwood Stove. The True Value Hardware store got mine in for me. It's only about $100 bucks, but it keeps our 2 floors and three bedrooms nice and toasty. I scored a second one at a Lowe's for $80 and have it in the shed for when this one goes.

Last tip: Leave nothing behind of value and post an inventory of what is and is not in the building in prominent places. We're now 6 years without a serious break-in. I furnished mine with stuff pulled from my neighbor's trash, and I post a detailed inventory on the windows. Leave no alcohol, prescription drugs, valuables, or girly mags at the cabin. If the local kids ever break in and find something they consider valuable, there will be generations of 7th graders breaking into your place looking for the same thing. The only thing of value is the camp gun: $60 SKS that bolts to the wall when we leave. The one time someone broke in, they didn't touch the SKS-- ratty but functional.
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#1594382 - 08/09/07 08:22 PM Re: Birth of a deer camp [Re: shaman]
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ahhh, you broke the silence. and you put some time into a reply.

thanks for that.

I was worried I went a little too deep with that topic.

Thanks, very good tips, I hear ya on all counts. We have a shack out in the woods that my dad & uncles put together quite a while back & we use some of the same stuff you mentioned right down to the rain barrel.
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#1594399 - 08/09/07 08:31 PM Re: Birth of a deer camp [Re: northern_dave]
GregW Offline
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Dave, sounds wonderful all the way around.

Hope it stays special for the both of you as I'm sure it will.

Booking 2015 trophy coues deer hunts now!

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#1594400 - 08/09/07 08:31 PM Re: Birth of a deer camp [Re: northern_dave]
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northern dave, your successful hunts will not be measured by the weight on your meat pole, but you already know that. Best wishes with your endeavor. A everlasting bond is on the horizon.
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#1594401 - 08/09/07 08:31 PM Re: Birth of a deer camp [Re: northern_dave]

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congrats,your doing a realy great thing with the young man and by starting them young he will always take pride in the camp.May the big bucks always be in your sites.

#1595045 - 08/10/07 12:56 AM Re: Birth of a deer camp [Re: northern_dave]
oulufinn Offline
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Growing up in NW Wisconsin as part of a tightly knit hunting camp is one of my fondest memories. Heading up North to "The Hunting Shack" (Complete with "Haul yer own water" Sauna, too!) is still something I really look forward to.

I'm VERY fortunate to have found a great group of guys to share camp with here in Texas, as well. Almost all are members of the Campfire here and we're all looking forward to a great deer season of chasing bucks and shootin' the bull. This will be my third year seriously hunting in Texas and it is starting to share more of my hunting time with "Back Home" Wi!

It looks like you're starting a fine tradition and the chance to bond on that level, with your best friend's son and the rest of your family is priceless. It just doesn't get any better than that. Enjoy every minute of your time there, as well as the time you surely will spend thinking about it, even when you're away from it!
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#1595076 - 08/10/07 01:06 AM Re: Birth of a deer camp [Re: northern_dave]
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 Originally Posted By: northern_dave

I was worried I went a little too deep with that topic.

By no means did you go too deep! Hunting season is about far more than hunting and I suspect the deer you kill will provide fodder for stories for years to come around the camp you build.

No real suggestions except take lots of photo's during the construction! You'll be glad you did.

#1595085 - 08/10/07 01:11 AM Re: Birth of a deer camp [Re: northern_dave]
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Just an afterthought, but have you considered a propane refrigerator for your cabin, or did I just miss it in your message.

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#1595806 - 08/10/07 10:05 AM Re: Birth of a deer camp [Re: frogman43]
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norhern dave.....awesome plan.
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