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#1678156 - 09/16/07 05:15 PM Re: 8x57 mauser loads [Re: dubePA]
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I use Hornady 195gr. and Rem. 185 gr. Core Lokt. RL-15 Powder and Fed. Gold Medal Match Primers. Works good for Me. Mauser 98 Sporterized.

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#1678179 - 09/16/07 05:33 PM Re: 8x57 mauser loads [Re: CGPAUL]
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I have the same rifle. I've never used TAC powder but my favorite load has been the 180gr TSX in front of 49gr of Varget. This produced 2755 fps and 1.25" groups. This is fast becomming my favorite rifle.

#1678489 - 09/16/07 09:03 PM Re: 8x57 mauser loads [Re: CGPAUL]
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 Originally Posted By: CGPAUL
I bought a Rem. 700 Classic this past spring in this chambering. The rifle has a 24 inch barrel,... In particular, with 150 grn bullets, using TAC powder, reaching close to 3k and with 4064 and 180`s, close to 2900 fps. None of the usual high pressure indicators present in either load.
Comments or added results?



I also have a Rem 700 Classic in 8x57JS. A 180 gr at 2900 fps seems a little hot to me. I haven't done any load development with bullets lighter than 195 grs, though. I use the following table as a guideline when working up loads as to about what velocities can reasonably be expected with various bullet weights in the 8x57.

I chronographed some of the S&B 196 gr SPCE factory ammo from my rifle and the instrumental average velocity was 2647 fps. (Factory spec is 2592 fps as shown in the table.) Extreme spread was 31 fps with a stand deviation of 10 fps.

Back in 2005, I used a 220 gr Woodleigh RN in my 8x57 at 2400 fps (chrono average 2402) on a couple of Warthog and Impala in South Africa. It worked like a charm. I did most of my hunting with my CZ 550 in 9.3x62 on that trip but took along my Rem 700 in 8x57 as a backup rifle.

Warthog - Rem 700 Classic in 8x57
The 220 gr Woodleigh RN at 2400 fps knocks the snot out of Warthogs!
(He went about 10 yards after my shot and this is the position we found him in.)

Here's an article that you may enjoy:
Remington's 8x57 Classic
by Layne Simpson

And some 8x57JS load data:

The 8x57 has become one of my favorite cartridges.

-Bob F.

#1678747 - 09/16/07 11:18 PM Re: 8x57 mauser loads [Re: denton]
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I had the same results. 2675 fps with a 200 grainer is about 72000 for me. 2600 is the low 60's, a fine critter killin' load
The data and opinions contained in these posts are the results of experiences with my equipment, componentry, and testing methodology ONLY. As your equipment, componentry, and methodology is different, NO CONCLUSIONS SHOULD BE DRAWN FROM ANY DATA PRESENTED, nor should any data presented form the basis for any load development. DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, ATTEMPT TO REPLICATE THESE RESULTS, as doing so could be extremely dangerous.

#1678993 - 09/17/07 01:07 AM Re: 8x57 mauser loads [Re: Charlie_Sisk]
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a fine critter killin' load

It's all that, and a bag of chocolates.
The considerate hunter will carry three cartridges afield. Two are for comrades who have lost or forgotten theirs. The third, of course, is for the hunter's own game.

#1679787 - 09/17/07 01:02 PM Re: 8x57 mauser loads [Re: denton]
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Anyone use & like the Speer 170s?

#1679852 - 09/17/07 01:48 PM Re: 8x57 mauser loads [Re: denton]
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I don't know about 170s, however, 50-51g IMR4064 and a 150g Speer Spire point is ~2900fps. This load closely duplicates the original military specs for the 154g 8mm of WWII. The only thing I wonder about, and haven't checked, is the twist rate of the Remington 700 vs the k98k.

I think the 8x57 is underrated.

Good luck.

#1680043 - 09/17/07 03:27 PM Re: 8x57 mauser loads [Re: june6th1944]
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June 6th, the WWll German infantry loading was a 198gr Schwerer Spitzgeschoss-HEAVY pointed bullet. The WWl loading in the GEW 98 with the 29" barrel was the 154gr at 2900fps. Murderous at range and penetrated cover distressingly well.
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#1682726 - 09/18/07 06:56 PM Re: 8x57 mauser loads [Re: BFaucett]
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Bob..thanks for the interesting articles..
This rifle is going with me to Wy. in a few weeks. Hope to get either deer and/or goats.
I had fun working up various loads in this rifle...and the thing I really like, should I convert to 8mmAI, Remington has given me more that enough room in bolt throw and mag. length to best utilize longer bullets in the 06 case!
It`s also interesting to note the differences in rifles by the experiences of othere in load developement. I`m not a hot-roder, but due think one should get the most out of "load developement" for their particular gun.

#1685675 - 09/20/07 12:20 AM Re: 8x57 mauser loads [Re: CGPAUL]
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This is one thread that I found real interesting. I became a fan of the 8x57 when I started handloading for one. Ten years ago I picked up a K98 as part of a trade at a gun show. It's one of the German built ones that were rebuilt in Yugoslavia after the war, ( see page 128 of "Mauser Bolt Rifles", by Ludwig Olson). and they also ground all the original German markings off. But at least they did a nice rebarrel job on it. The thing absolutely loves Sierra 8mm 150 gr. spitzers (Sierra #2400) in front of 53 grains of H-380 for about 2697 fps average from a 23 inch barrel. That should be a safe load in any sound 98 action as my old Sierra manual (the 50th anniversary manual) lists 55.1 grains as max with that combo. Good luck with yours in Wy. in a few weeks. I was out there last October but I was either totin' my 25-06 or my 300 WSM. The 8x57 should do O.K. with decent handloads as the factory hunting ammo ain't worth squat 'cause they don't load it to anywhere near what that cartridge is capable of, probly cause of product liability concerns with some of the older worn out junk that some people shoot.

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