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#1768693 - 10/30/07 09:51 PM Re: 35 Whelen question for Phil Shoemaker [Re: 458 Lott]
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The only reason to go to the 358 Norma

Is because you want a 358 Norma. It is a great round for Alaska.
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#1768861 - 10/30/07 11:06 PM Re: 35 Whelen question for Phil Shoemaker [Re: gerrygoat]
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 Originally Posted By: gerrygoat
how you would rate the 35 Whelen for hunting coastal grizzlies in the fall

As the guy said, I ain't Phil, but your question can be looked at in a couple of ways. The first is simply straitforward as asked. Nothing in my experience with my Whelen (my primary hunting rifle)causes me to hesitate about using it for the coastal bears, I prefer Hornady 250 gr rn bullets, but that's just because they've always worked well for me.

The other way to look at your question is "Is the Norma a better bear stopper than a Whelen?" The answer to that is also NO. Neither is a bear stopping caliber, so the same precision of bullet placement from each would be required to drop a bear, any bear, in its tracks.
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#1806061 - 11/17/07 11:58 PM Re: 35 Whelen question for Phil Shoemaker [Re: RupertBear]
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I have not shot any grizzly with my Whelen, but I have shot a couple of black bears and one moose (at 410 yds). I prefer the 225 gr. bullet for the Whelen for general use, but would go with the 250 for brown/griz if it were me. My handloads can usually get a easy 2500 fps with most any 250 gr. bullet, which is plenty, in my experience.

#1810086 - 11/19/07 09:37 PM Re: 35 Whelen question for Phil Shoemaker [Re: 458 Lott]
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I love the 9.3x62 round, it's just a 375 H&H because it's on steriods! It holds a weeks worth of ammo, works in a std. length action and I can get an easy 2550 FPS with a 286 Nosler and near 2400 FPS with a 320 gr. Woodleigh...I feel like it really outperforms the Whelen, but wouldn't swear to it, you get a lot of pre determined ideas when you use any caliber successufully over a period of time and I have had such good luck with the 9.3x62 that I may be a bit prejudice on the subject...
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#1812211 - 11/20/07 07:49 PM Re: 35 Whelen question for Phil Shoemaker [Re: atkinsonhunting]
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What twist rate is generally recommend for the Whelen?

#1812330 - 11/20/07 08:49 PM Re: 35 Whelen question for Phil Shoemaker [Re: leomort]
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#1812936 - 11/21/07 01:15 AM Re: 35 Whelen question for Phil Shoemaker [Re: aheider]
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Either 1-12 or 1-14. A 1-14 will stabalize evertything 250 gr and under, and is a bit friendlier for cast bullets. It'll also stabalize the lyman 3589 ~280 gr cast bullet just fine.

Remington went with a 1-16 twist that is marginal for 250 gr bullets.

My 35 whelen acklety (now a 350 Rigby) was/is 1-14, my 350 rem mag is 1-12, both will put 3 shots well under 1"
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#1813056 - 11/21/07 01:59 AM Re: 35 Whelen question for Phil Shoemaker [Re: 458 Lott]
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Thanks, aheider and 458Lott

#2003320 - 02/09/08 02:54 AM Re: 35 Whelen question for Phil Shoemaker [Re: 458 Lott]
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Glad to have found this thread. I was trying to decide what caliber would find a home in my newly acquired left hand 98 Mauser action. My experience with a steel BLR in 358W has been great with whitetails, but I wanted a little more for elk and moose. Performance of those 250 Speers in the BLR on a Texas Heart Shot convinced me that 35's are real performers. Did not recover the slug.

It came down to a 35 Whelen or a 9.3X6...and after reading this thread it still is a 35 Whelen or 9.3X62!! As a Keith fan I love those "heavy for caliber" bullets but am no fan of magnum level recoil. (I shoot 2-3/4" turkey loads too.) So either of these rifle rounds fit the bill nicely. The Whelen has better sectional density at comparable bullet weights, but I am not so sure it is really a good predictor of penetration. Momentum and expansion seem more realistic indicators.

Can anyone give me one overriding reason to choose the 9.3? Performance-wise, I doubt it, but give it a try.

I can always apply my sure-fire formula in the end. I l have the same fondness for the 6.5's others have expressed here and I chose the 6.5 X 64 Brenneke (6.5X270) over the 6.5X55 or 6.5/06 because the performance is close/identical respectively, and it is different enough that no one else at the range has one.

Looks like the only argument that will defeat the "uniqueness" test is the cheap '06 brass and usability of relatively inexpensive std. Speer 250's.

It's still a dead heat in my mind.


#2006825 - 02/10/08 04:24 PM Re: 35 Whelen question for Phil Shoemaker [Re: Roger Beach]
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If the majority of your hunting is deer sized game i would chose the 35W , as it is very flexible with many bullet choices, and will do for the largest animals. If moose/ elk in g-bear country the 9.3 would get the nod. in reality you would not find much differance between the two. As stated earlier in this topic I was going to sell my whelen, changed my mind and sold the 375 and the 6.5 swede, will keep 3006 wheln and have a 9.3x66sako on the way.

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