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#1804926 - 11/17/07 04:12 AM Re: What is IMR 4320 good for?? [Re: doctor_Encore]
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It was by ar the best in the .22-250 with the 55 Nosler. Typcally he accuracy was five shots at 100 yards about 5/8". The velocity averaged 3,775 feet per second.

It is the powder of choice for my .375-.416 Rem with 265 G.S. Customs at 3,055, 260 Noslers at 3,000 or 270 TSXs at 2,950. Depending on which bullet and how I am doing that day the groups range from a best of 1/16" at 100 yards with the G.S. Customs to 1 1/2" at 100 with the TSXs. I shot three groups the other day with the Noslers at 300 yards. Two of the groups were 3 3/8" and one was 3 5/8".
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#1804937 - 11/17/07 04:16 AM Re: What is IMR 4320 good for?? [Re: fishdog52]
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IMR 4320 is a great powder. My first "love affair" with it began with 150 BTs in 30-06 - loaded to max according to IMR Reloader's Guide. THe 358 Win shoots the 225 Sierra GK into tiny little groups with 4320 and about as fast as it can safely be pushed in that case. A 6mm I had loved 4320 with the 87 grain Hornady. In recent years I've burned more pounds of 4320 to push the 64 grain Power Point through the barrel of my 223. It is a really excellent, if somewhat neglected powder.

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#1805148 - 11/17/07 08:22 AM Re: What is IMR 4320 good for?? [Re: Klikitarik]
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It is a tack driver in a 223 with a charge of 27.5 grains and a 55 grain bullet....
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#1805237 - 11/17/07 12:55 PM Re: What is IMR 4320 good for?? [Re: Seafire]
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34.0 grains of 4320, with 52 grain bullets in a 22-250 was THE load years ago.

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#1805418 - 11/17/07 03:46 PM Re: What is IMR 4320 good for?? [Re: DMB]
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It's funny. I have a copy of a book titled "Propellant Profiles" which I consider an invaluable resource, partly because it's a bit dated and I often get questions about some old powder or other.

But in the review of 4320, the writer damned it with faint praise. His analysis showed that 4320 seldom produced peak velocities nor the tightest groups, but that it was a solid if unspectacular performer in many rounds. Ho hum.

I avoided using any 4320 for years because of that article. Until I started doing my own bookcrawling. It turns out that while 4320 does not produce top velocities in many rounds, it is off by only a very few feet per second - not enough to matter. Many loads were reported with second-place accuracy, and again, not enough behind to matter. Hmmmmm, thought I.

Bought a can. Loved the way it flowed and how charges were nearly identical. Confirmed that it delivers very respectable speeds and darn pretty groups in every round I stuffed with it, from 223 through 7-30 Waters to 308. Hmmmmm again, thought I.

Now, that dark green can has an honored place on my shelf. It's a keeper.
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#1805667 - 11/17/07 06:49 PM Re: What is IMR 4320 good for?? [Re: RockyRaab]
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About a year or two ago I asked in the reloading section if IMR 4320 had become a forgotten powder.Recieved many positive replies if I remember correctly.Always had great results using it in my '06.

Certainly it has has fallen by the wayside for some but it is a great powder that has fallen out of favor not by any shortcomings but by the the introduction of newer and more versatile propellants.

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#1806122 - 11/18/07 12:26 AM Re: What is IMR 4320 good for?? [Re: 284LUVR]
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I will be hunting with it this week in my 405WCF behind a 300gr Hornady. It produces 1 1/2" groups @ 100yds (as good as I can shoot with a peep) from my Win'95 at a little over 2200fps.

#1806347 - 11/18/07 02:13 AM Re: What is IMR 4320 good for?? [Re: 405wcf]
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Don`t overlook it in the 243 with 70 grain bullets.
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#1806686 - 11/18/07 04:29 AM Re: What is IMR 4320 good for?? [Re: Tim_in_TN]
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IMR 4320 delivered the most accurate load according to Barnes when used with a 200 grain TSX in the .325 WSM. I just loaded some up, but I dont have a scope for the gun yet. Results pending!

#1806790 - 11/18/07 05:25 AM Re: What is IMR 4320 good for?? [Re: Oakster]
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I use it in my .270 Weatherby Mark V & Swift Sirroco's 5 shot covered by dime. I also used it with .257 Weatherby Vanguard, 75 grain V- Max for 3 shot 1 hole group back to back, Then went south, ? if dirty barrel, I just can't seem to get consistent 75 grain v-max with RL22, the 4320 was the best, am out of 75 V-maxs so back to the TXS 115 - Load was with RL 22 but am going to work up 4320. ? if .257 Roy is just not really a varmit gun ya know. Barrels get too hot in summer

Use it 22-250 50 gr. or 55 gr. V-max, 36 grains or 4320 bug holes. It is hard to find load data excpet in old books.
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