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#1843015 - 12/04/07 12:33 AM 7x57 Remington M700 Mountain Rifle for Sale!
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The reliable Remington Model 700 has been offered in many variations over the years. One of the best of those has been the Model 700 Mountain Rifle. The Model 700 Mountain Rifle is trim, light and classically-styled. It handles beautifully.

What I have for sale is a very special Remington M700 Mountain Rifle Ė a 7x57 Mauser Mountain Rifle. While Remington has offered the Model 700 Mountain Rifle model continuously since 1986, it was offered in 7x57 Mauser only from 1990 to 1994. Good luck finding one for sale. There are a few around, but not many. And prices tend to run high.

Here's my 7x57 Remington M700 Mountain Rifle.

The 7x57 Mauser has been called the granddaddy of all modern centerfire rifle cartridges. It was first introduced in 1892 for a bolt-action rifle that ultimately came to be known as the Spanish Mauser. It saw great service in the Boer War in Africa, where bush-savvy Boers used it to pick off English troops at remarkable distances. It also performed so well during the Spanish-American War against American troops that its effectiveness convinced the U.S. War Department to begin development of its own .30 caliber round, a cartridge which eventually became the .30-06 Springfield.

In time, the 7X57 Mauser found its way into hunting fields around the world. Surprisingly, the 7x57ís most famous proponent was none other than fabled elephant hunter Karamojo Bell, who favored it for brain shots on big jumbo. For that use, he utilized long, heavy-for-caliber solid bullets. Few rifle cartridges still available are more classic than the 7x57 Mauser.

This particular 7X57 Mountain Rifle has seen a good bit of hunting. I purchased it used. The metalwork and barrel are in fine shape, although Iíd have to rate the factory finish on the stock at about 90%. It has the usual assortment of surface scratches and dings, as you would expect with a rifle that has climbed mountains and downed game. Those scratches, however, havenít affected the rifleís accuracy one little bit. Using run-of-the-mill Remington factory 140-grain Core-Lokts, it repeatedly punches 1.5-inch groups at 100 yards. Handloading would undoubtedly tighten that up nicely.

Whatís maybe been most surprising about this rifle and cartridge is how little it recoils for such an effective round. This rifle/cartridge combination is a pure pleasure to shoot.

Just this past fall, I used this rifle while hunting antelope in Wyoming.

Late on the third day, I finally found an excellent buck running 15 does all over a wide basin below a tall, rocky rim. I circle behind the ridge, closed to within 500 yards of the herd and then set up in the prone position in a clump of sagebrush on the lip of the rim. The only good chance I might have would come if one of the does were to break out of the harem, run my way and the buck would follow to round her up.

After 20 minutes of watching and waiting, an old doe did just what I wanted. The buck raced out after her and they both stopped broadside at 254 lasered yards from my hidden position. I was still lying prone and my Mountain Rifle was rested over my pack. I held right on his backline and 3 inches into the wind, and the 7x57 dropped him like a rock. The shot centered his lungs and came out low on his chest on the far side. Now I see why the old timers loved the 7x57 Mauser. My buck measured 14 inches and had great mass.

This sale is for the rifle only, and does NOT include the mounts and scope shown in these photos. Given all of the above, I would like to get just $700 for this special 7x57 Mountain Rifle. Add $35 for surface shipping to your FFL agent.

I can be contacted at
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#1843036 - 12/04/07 12:37 AM Re: 7x57 Remington M700 Mountain Rifle for Sale! [Re: Timberline]
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What a for sale post!! Nice rifle indeed.


#1843186 - 12/04/07 01:28 AM Re: 7x57 Remington M700 Mountain Rifle for Sale! [Re: jasonkjasonk]
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Could you write the copy for my next sale item?

Nice rifle, too.
Originally Posted By captain seafire
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#1843273 - 12/04/07 01:57 AM Re: 7x57 Remington M700 Mountain Rifle for Sale! [Re: Rancho_Loco]
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Hey great articule..

#1843319 - 12/04/07 02:10 AM Re: 7x57 Remington M700 Mountain Rifle for Sale! [Re: Rancho_Loco]
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 Originally Posted By: Rancho_Loco
Could you write the copy for my next sale item?

Nice rifle, too.

+1. After reading that I can never post anything for sale ever again.

Now what can I sell to buy this gun????
Itís a magazine not a clip......

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#1843956 - 12/04/07 09:42 AM Re: 7x57 Remington M700 Mountain Rifle for Sale! [Re: passport]
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Nice Wood.


#1844025 - 12/04/07 12:11 PM Re: 7x57 Remington M700 Mountain Rifle for Sale! [Re: Crappie_Killer]
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My hat is off to you sir... In about a hundred years (well maybe a few less than that) of looking at gun ads, that's the nicest one I've ever seen!

You are the greatest. If you don't write ad copy for a living then you missed your calling.

btw... Very nice rifle too...

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#1844030 - 12/04/07 12:15 PM Re: 7x57 Remington M700 Mountain Rifle for Sale! [Re: LDHunter]
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Ditto what the above have said....WELL DONE!!!
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#1844044 - 12/04/07 12:27 PM Re: 7x57 Remington M700 Mountain Rifle for Sale! [Re: LDHunter]
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Nice ad...

Can you tell me what the barrel length and weight of this rifle is? Do these Mountain Rifle stocks have a cheek piece?

#1844150 - 12/04/07 01:47 PM Re: 7x57 Remington M700 Mountain Rifle for Sale! [Re: muleshoe]
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What a post, You could call yourself the professor instead of timberline. I just bought one in .257 roberts, or I'd jump on it. I'm going to see what I have to sell. Interested in any trades? Approx how many rounds through the rifle? Thanks Don
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