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#207209 - 11/04/03 04:24 PM Re: .338 Win Mag vs .358 Norma vs .375/.300 Win Mag
LRNut Offline

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Here is my bag with the .338 Win Mag:

1 grizzly bear
1 bull moose
5 bull elk
2 mule deer
1 whitetail
2 kudu
3 gemsbok
1 zebra
2 hartebeest (lichtenstein's and red)
1 wildebeest
1 warthog
1 impala

I am sure I missing something, and I am sure others have shot more, but there is quite a variety there in terms of size.

I started out shooting a 7mm Rem and consequently have the most experience with that, but the .338 really shines. In no case was anything lacking, although I did lose a kudu once (killed 2, lost 1), my only loss ever. It simply was not a good shot; kudu are certainly not as tough as elk, and everyone of them were pole-axed. The .338 isn't a sexy laser beam, but it dispatches game without requiring a fat long barrel, an oversized scope, or a need to worry about barrel life.

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#207210 - 11/06/03 01:08 AM Re: .338 Win Mag vs .358 Norma vs .375/.300 Win Mag
445_supermag Offline

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Loc: NJ
I go whole heartedly with caveman. I plan on rechambering my 7mm rem mag to 358 norma with a 26 inch barrel in the near future. I just feel that it is just a bit better.


#207211 - 11/07/03 06:16 AM Re: .338 Win Mag vs .358 Norma vs .375/.300 Win Mag
acy Offline
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Loc: Michigan
Probably leaning towards the .338; but unfortunately my gunsmith has both 338 Win and 358 Norma reamers, so he is no help . .375 has been ruled out, but for no real reason that makes any sense.

#207212 - 11/07/03 06:18 AM Re: .338 Win Mag vs .358 Norma vs .375/.300 Win Mag
pumpgun Offline
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come on acy dare to be differant lol tom.
I tell ya man, if it has Tits or Tires you're going to have problems with it!!

#207213 - 11/16/03 09:58 PM Re: .338 Win Mag vs .358 Norma vs .375/.300 Win Mag
sideironjohn Offline

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I think for a long shot at elk like that I'd be praticing with one of those 7mm's you already have, with a heavy pill.
I say convert this one into 375 Dakota.
It will round out your battery nicely, once you get that 416 you been wanting....

#207214 - 11/17/03 12:52 AM Re: .338 Win Mag vs .358 Norma vs .375/.300 Win Mag
jpb Offline
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I currently have a .358 Norma Mag and .375 H&H Mag (and I have had a .338 Win Mag).

If you handload go with the .358 Norma for versatility! I shoot bullets ranging from 110gr to 310gr. Furthermore, there is a huge variety of .35 cal bullet molds if you cast, and realy few for the .338 or .375 by comparison.

The .358 is the best combination of flat shooting, large bullet diameter and mass vs recoil -- if you can handle the recoil of course!

The .358 is a dandy (if very gruesome!) varmint rifle. A 125gr Hornady HollowPoint designed for .357 Magnum handgun velocities like 1200fps will really have a noticeable effect on a varmint when it connects at 3000fps! You can push them even faster, but some bullets destruct in mid air. Forget all this if you value the pelt though... !

If you don't handload, go for the .375 or .338. Rifles in .375 tend to be overly heavy, so in general I'd give the nod to the .338 for a non-handloader who has to carry his own rifle.

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