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#2244539 - 06/07/08 10:25 PM Interarms - Mark X Mauser, any good?
tzone Offline
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I found an Interamrs Mark X with a mauser action in .280 Rem. It has a 24" barrel and a decent stock. It looked like someone may have tried to bed it at one time but really couldn't tell.

What can you guys tell me about this gun. Good, bad, or indifferent.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. price is $300.

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#2244545 - 06/07/08 10:32 PM Re: Interarms - Mark X Mauser, any good? [Re: tzone]
Bill Poole Offline
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i think its a yugo mauser like the one rem is now importing zastava? or maybe its made in spain (santa rosa?), i forgot.

honestly, I don't have a .280, I want one, so I'da probably bought it.

shoot good

Bill Poole

#2244569 - 06/07/08 11:00 PM Re: Interarms - Mark X Mauser, any good? [Re: Bill Poole]
icedog Offline
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I have an older Mark X .270 in full wood. It functions well and is very accurate. It gets used sparingly as a loaner, as I have a number of other favorites in different calibres, so it spends most of its time in lock-up. If you're looking for a .280, and it's in good shape, I don't think that for $300 the Mark X would disappoint.

#2244578 - 06/07/08 11:18 PM Re: Interarms - Mark X Mauser, any good? [Re: icedog]
Oregon45 Online   content
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They are made by Zastava, but the Interarms guns were much more highly finished than the Zastava's currently being imported as Remington 798's. I had one in 458 Win Mag and it was a slick gun and very accurate.

#2244634 - 06/08/08 03:31 AM Re: Interarms - Mark X Mauser, any good? [Re: Oregon45]
handwerk Offline
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I had one in 30'06, full stock, shot MOA or better with 150 interbonds. It functioned great. At $300 it's quite a fair deal. I'd move forward if it feels good in hand.

#2244644 - 06/08/08 04:23 AM Re: Interarms - Mark X Mauser, any good? [Re: handwerk]
Pat85 Offline
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I have a 22-250, bought it new 30 years ago. Never had a misfunction. I would pay $300 just for the action.

#2244645 - 06/08/08 04:26 AM Re: Interarms - Mark X Mauser, any good? [Re: tzone]
model70man Offline
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Buy it now! You will not be sorry. Thanks...Bill.
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#2244657 - 06/08/08 04:54 AM Re: Interarms - Mark X Mauser, any good? [Re: model70man]
raybass Offline
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+1 or what he said
JOC was right. The 270 Winchester on a Model 70 is a great combination as is the 30/06 and 375 H&H

#2244723 - 06/08/08 06:13 AM Re: Interarms - Mark X Mauser, any good? [Re: raybass]
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For the record...

Interarms -- here in Alexandria VA -- sold both Zastava and Whitworth rifles that were made in Kragujevac Yugosalvia -- now Serbia -- but shipped only as actions or barreleled actions.

The Whitworth company in Manchester England,bought actions, rebarreled them IIRC and gave the actiosn more final finishing. They are thus a bit smoother and desirable. From Manchester, they sold some barreled actions to Interarms which did the restocking here with Italian made stocks and marketed the finished rifles in the US. Whitworth restocked others for sale elsewhere.

Most were made in standard calibers like the .30-06 and .270 and the .375 H#H and a few .300 H&Hs. I do not think that they ever made many if any .280 Rems so the barrel on yours could well be a rarity or, more likely, an aftermarket item.

They are sound rifles.

My gunsmith used to work on the Interarms assembly of these rifles and still works in the original warehouse area.


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#2244822 - 06/08/08 07:56 AM Re: Interarms - Mark X Mauser, any good? [Re: 1B]
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I would buy in in a minute. Terrific guns and good value. If one of these and a tricked out Remington were both in my gun safe and both the same caliber the Interarms would go hunting and the Remmy would sit until I tired of looking at it and sold it.
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