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#2248311 - 06/10/08 02:59 PM Re: Hornady Interbond vs. Nosler Accubond... [Re: TN deer hunter]
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I've had better luck getting the Interbond to shoot well. And its performance on game has been nothing short of excellent. There's a lot to like about this bullet. Course the Accubond is a good bullet too, but I just haven't been able to get the same level of accuracy out of it.
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#2249648 - 06/11/08 04:08 AM Re: Hornady Interbond vs. Nosler Accubond... [Re: Delta Hunter]
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Apples and Oranges

Quoting from NRA's American Rifleman from their May, 2004 issue:

"While other bulletmakers tout 90 percent weight retention from their bonded bullets, Nosler took a different approach. Its goal is deeper penetration, even at the sacrifice of weight retention. The problem with bonded bullets that are designed for high weight retention is that they quickly form a large frontal area that impedes penetration. Nosler designed its bullet to have about 60 to 70 percent weight retention. That obviously means that it will lose some weight. That's because it's designed to shed some of the expanded bullet material to keep the frontal area of the Accubond bullet a little smaller than some other bonded bullets. Accubond is designed for early expansion, but rather than tear completely apart as a Ballistic Tip often will, the Accubond's petals are designed to fold back tighter against the bullet shank. This makes a slightly smaller diameter mushroom to allow deeper penetration."

The Interbond on the other hand is made like the Trophy Bonded Bear Claw, Swift A-Frame and Scirrocco where the lead stays with the bullet and just mushrooms out. This has a greater weight retainage but impedes penetration.

The Accubond is supposed to be a replacement or substitution for the Partition and be more aerodynamic and more accurate.
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#2249664 - 06/11/08 04:20 AM Re: Hornady Interbond vs. Nosler Accubond... [Re: woods]
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I experienced exactly that. My recovered Accubond retained 65% of its original weight, even when being fired into shoulder at 30 yards with a MV of nearly 3200 fps

#2250199 - 06/11/08 03:01 PM Re: Hornady Interbond vs. Nosler Accubond... [Re: firstcoueswas80]
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When you are getting passthroughs on deer with Interbonds anyways additional penetration doesn't make any difference, but the additional wound channel volume from a larger mushroom does.

I'm shooting .284" 154 grain Hornady Interbonds at 2950 fps.

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#2255746 - 06/14/08 02:17 PM Re: Hornady Interbond vs. Nosler Accubond... [Re: jackfish]
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i believe the interbonds do retain more weight and have a wider frontal diameter and probably create a larger wound channel do to the wider frontal diameter but if deer are the target, they'll both drop them like lights out.... FOr me the NAB shot better than the IB but I used hornady factory loaded ammo vs. hand tuned NAB ammo so not far comparison

chech this thread for recovered bullet pics and comparison of the IB to the SST the IB retained like 75-80% of its weight while the SST was around 50-55% fwiw

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#2387331 - 08/23/08 07:08 PM Re: Hornady Interbond vs. Nosler Accubond... [Re: SAKO75]
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My Remington 7600 .308 Win with an 18.5 inch barrel will group the Interbonds into 1.5 inches (3 shots) pretty consistently at 100 yards. The load is 43 grains IMR 4895 with OAL of 2.78 inches. My Tikka T-3 .308 Win will shoot bugholes with that same combination. My buddy has an A-Bolt 30-06 that will bughole as well at 100 yards with 50 grain IMR 4064 and 165 grain Interbonds.

I shot my buck last year with a 165 grain Interbond at about 40 yards. Weight retention was over 95 % and bullet recovered on opposite side on a quartering towards shot. Deer travelled less than 25-30 yards. My buddy shot a nice 10 pointer here in NB at about the same distance. Deer was DRT. Also, he went to Alberta with another buddy and they both shot mule deer with the 165 grain Interbond at 100 yards or less. Both deer travelled less than 50 yards.

These are very good bullets. They are not a "deep diver" as they tend to retain a lot of weight and open up quite wide. For a deer bullet, I think they are a very good choice if your gun will shoot them.

Good hunting and shooting

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#2388459 - 08/24/08 09:40 AM Re: Hornady Interbond vs. Nosler Accubond... [Re: Colin_Matchett]
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The one time I tried the IB in a 270 win, they would not shoot;have not tried them since although it looks like they do a pretty good job with good expansion and frontal area.I have not gotten around to trying them in other calibers.

I've killed only one buck with the AB;he was the biggest-bodied mule deer I've ever shot,a monster type in Alberta.He was shot at about 175 yards through the onside shoulder,quartering on with a 140 AB from a 7 Mag at 3250 MV. Bullet broke the onside shoulder,went through the chest,and was found against the offside ribs.It weighs about 60 grains,and I saw nothing remarkable about its' performance as I've gotten cup-core bullets to do as well. Based solely on this(a small sampling for sure)I could not call them any better than a slightly tougher BT.Apparently the heavier ones penetrate better and hold more weight as some on here have good success with them on elk size stuff.They are very accurate,though and seem to do a passable job on deer.

What advantage they hold over a Partition sort of escapes me though.
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#2388496 - 08/24/08 11:20 AM Re: Hornady Interbond vs. Nosler Accubond... [Re: BobinNH]
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The advantage is supposed to be similar performance as a Partition but with a higher BC (though there is not really much difference in most calibers/weights) and greater accuracy for most folks. Accubonds have proven very accurate in all of my guns, and the only bullet I have ever recovered came from a similar shot as yours, but this was a Mid-MO 8 point whitetail (not in the same league as a monster muley) and the bullet weighed 98 grains and was a perfect mushroom. This was also a 140 gr Accubond in 7mm, and was shot from a stout loaded 7-08 with a 24" barrel at about 40 yds. Impact velocity was almost identical to your situation. I'm sold on 'em, at least for the kind of hunting I do where the shot may be as close as 15-20 yds or as far away as 300. Each to his own, just sharing my experience. IMO they are GREAT deer bullets. Haven't used them on anything larger, but I bet put in the right spot, they'd work darn good.
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#2392741 - 08/26/08 07:02 AM Re: Hornady Interbond vs. Nosler Accubond... [Re: bludog]
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bludog: I agree; they are accurate....
You can't say very much on here without pissing at least SOMEBODY off-get used to it.

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