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#2384268 - 08/21/08 07:42 PM Re: Cabelas or LEM meat grinder? [Re: Stan V]
Whttail_in_MT Offline
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Well it appears grinders other than commercial quality are a crapshoot. I had the 1 hp Cabela's and the auger got so hot after <5 min. grinding that the meat would sizzle. Smelled good but I wasn't exactly looking for a one-step grind/cook/stuff machine. I tried the recommended fix of Cabela's supplier, which was to replace the grease in the gear box, but it didn't work. So back it went. I have a buddy with the same model that was having the same problem. I got the .75 hp LEM to replace it. LEM had some issues with the auger bushings but once that was solved I've had no complaints.

That said, if I'm only grinding a small batch I'll use the Kitchen-Aid grinder attachment. Mainly because it's much easier to clean than the big grinder. The down side to it is the small hopper as I've never gotten around to buying the large hopper.

#2384363 - 08/21/08 08:31 PM Re: Cabelas or LEM meat grinder? [Re: Whttail_in_MT]
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I have the LEM .35 horsepower unit. I cut up 4 antelope and deer sized animals last year and it worked great. It is going to get a much better workout this year, but I have no concerns that it will do fine again.

#2384673 - 08/22/08 04:02 AM Re: Cabelas or LEM meat grinder? [Re: Stan V]
northern_dave Online   content
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 Originally Posted By: Stan V
Y'all must grind a hail of a lot more meat than I do, cause my 1/2hp Cabela's is a hoss and no way can I put so much in that it slows down, stalls, or heats's awesome! Weighs about 35#'s.


I too have the baby of the comercial grade cabelas grinders, the 1/2hp.

Picked it up on the way back from a CO elk hunt one year, we ground burger for 3 elk in it that first year plus probably a half a dozen white tail later in the same year, since then it has seen one other batch of elk (I can't go every year \:\( )

and it processes on average a half a dozen deer every fall.

If I bought a bigger one I know I'd be happy with it but I can tell you for sure that I am very happy that I decided to chance the 1/2hp because I really can't keep up with this thing so I know anything bigger would just be overkill above what I already can't keep up with.
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#2384680 - 08/22/08 04:13 AM Re: Cabelas or LEM meat grinder? [Re: northern_dave]
rob p Offline
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I sent two back and the Cabela's in Hartford has piles of refurbs. When Sportsman's Guide started offering Simmons .44 mag scopes refurbished, I bought one. When the reticle moved around from shot to shot and I couldn't group with it and sent it back, I vowed to stay away from any product that I knew was wearing out and being offered as a refurb somewhere.
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#2384714 - 08/22/08 05:03 AM Re: Cabelas or LEM meat grinder? [Re: rob p]
gophergunner Online   content
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Good info here guys, as I'm looking to buy one too. The only experience I can talk about has been with a small unit from Cabela's that I borrow off my buddy each year. It tore up a nylon gear one time, but he\we learned to just slow donw a bit and not feed it big chunks of meat and it works just fine. It does warm up a bit, but nothing like what you folks are talking about, but we're not doing high procuction grinding-usually just one deer at a time, and we cut in cheap ground beef with the deer, so that's all ready ground. Thanks for the good info though.

#2384726 - 08/22/08 05:11 AM Re: Cabelas or LEM meat grinder? [Re: rob p]
Pete E Offline
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I was in the same boat as you guys untill somebody recommend this Meat Grinder from Norther Tools.

Pay particular attention to the user reviews, as they are what swayed it for me...

Other than grinding up a couple of pounds of beef, I've not really used it in anger yet, but I am more than happy with the unit up to now..It is noisy, and the on'off switch on the British version is a momentary job (ie dead mans type switch) so you have to hold it down while you grind, but thats no big deal..

I search high and low for a grinder, and did a lot of research, but I thingk you'd have to pay 3 times the money to find a better unit...

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#2384779 - 08/22/08 06:00 AM Re: Cabelas or LEM meat grinder? [Re: Pete E]
Stan V Offline
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Northern Tool and Harbor Freight do not see my business.....I avoid made in China whenever I can.

My Cabela's grinder is made in Italy, or Poland...I forget.
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#2384832 - 08/22/08 06:28 AM Re: Cabelas or LEM meat grinder? [Re: Stan V]
Sakoluvr Offline
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My Cabela's grinder (1 HP)is about 4 years old. It kicks ass. I could probably use it around the yard to chip brush in the off season.
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#2384919 - 08/22/08 07:11 AM Re: Cabelas or LEM meat grinder? [Re: northern_dave]
Twistedone Offline

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Whooahhh there ND. You gonna break the bank with all these early mornings. Back to the subject, I have used ND's 1/2hp Cabelas grinder & was very impressed. I bought a "cheaper more powerful" one the next year & it works well but very loud. Guide series or something I think.


#2385659 - 08/22/08 02:03 PM Re: Cabelas or LEM meat grinder? [Re: rob p]
SuperCub Offline
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 Originally Posted By: rob p
I sent back two small Cabela's grinders because they got hot enough for the heat shield to burn you.

What size? I'd rather get something too big than not big enough.


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