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#2460576 - 09/27/08 10:51 AM Re: 25 06 VS 7MM 08 [Re: Coyote_Hunter]
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 Originally Posted By: Coyote_Hunter

A .270 Win is arguably the best deer-only cartridge available.

What else is there to say? ;\)
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#2460594 - 09/27/08 11:29 AM Re: 25 06 VS 7MM 08 [Re: BobinNH]
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7-08!!! Did someone mention another cartridge?
Many years ago, I decided on 7x57's for Michigan, and I am not sorry for choosing that round. However, if the 7-08 was popular back then, I'd be shooting 7-08's today. The bullets available in 7mm are OUTDTANDING, beginning, and ending with Nosler Partitions.
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#2460660 - 09/27/08 12:31 PM Re: 25 06 VS 7MM 08 [Re: DMB]
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Don: Well,of course,there isn't anything much better for the East than a 7/'s a 270 for moderate distances
You can't say very much on here without pissing at least SOMEBODY off-get used to it.

#2460719 - 09/27/08 01:08 PM Re: 25 06 VS 7MM 08 [Re: Brad]
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 Originally Posted By: Brad
 Originally Posted By: BobinNH
Get a 30/06 Improved and you can hunt both places Why mess with anything else? The 25/06 and 7/08 are 270 WANNABES ;\)

That's EXACTLY the way I see it... unless, of course, you're talking a Kimber 84. Then, all bets are off... sometimes a particular rifle is more important than its chambering... the Kimber 84 Montana is one of those rare rifles.

For the dedicated rifleman who will practice the larger gun and cartridge may fill a niche and be ideal at some level. I mean the 25-06 here as the rifles chambered in it just have to be heavier.

When I selected a new rifle for my son, who while strong, just does not shoot much I picked a Kimber Classic in 7mm-08. Its been just perfect for him.

Sorry for the fuzzy pic. taken with his cell phone but there is his 4 pointer, the Kimber leaning on the tree and his pack. He shot it offhand at 60 yds. All in all the perfect rifle for him.

#2460770 - 09/27/08 01:48 PM Re: 25 06 VS 7MM 08 [Re: Savage_99]
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I just can't believe I am adding to this already long thread. But to the point, I have all the rounds that have been listed herein from the 25's to the 30cals including the Bob. I reload, hunt everything from Moose to pine squirels. I can't really find fault with any of the my guns or the rounds fired in them. But the man asked which - 25/06 or 7/08? My answer is this: 1. do you reload? If so, what other cals do you reload for? Maybe you can do some sharing like powder or brass, yes brass. (I use only Lapua brass in my 3/08 parent case guns and re-form them to the cal I need) - (I do the same with all my 30/06 based rounds too). 2. If you like the 25/06 and want it with a longer barrel for the full potential of that round, but don't want a overly long gun, get a Ruger #1. Mine shoots in the low 3's all day long with handloads (so don't let anyone tell you a Ruger won't shoot - I'd have to call BS big time). 3. MONEY, how much do you want to spend? Will this gun be for deer only?, deer and elk, or deer and yotes?

As for my choice, I match the gun, not so much the round, to the hunting situation. I have killed everything from yotes to moose to black bear with a 7/08. I have killed untold numbers of field varmits, deer, pigs and a black bear with the 25/06. My 25/06 is a #5.5 barrel, 26in and it's set up to be shot from a rest or sticks or at least leaning on a tree. But she will but you lights out at 500yds and I have taken game with her at that range. My 7/08 two years ago took a mule deer at 700yds and it's a #3 barrel at 24 inchs. I used it last night in fact to kill a frickn coon in my barn at 15ft. The 7/08 is ment to carry and is made to handle the bad weather. (SHORT PAUSE TO BREATH) Look man here's what it comes down to, they are both great cals, they both come is some fine rifles, they both can be had easly. If you are going to shoot deer size and down, 25/06 if that's what you want. If deer size and up is the game, I'd go with the 7/08. In any case, reload, shoot more, drink lots of beer, and enjoy life.


#2460817 - 09/27/08 02:20 PM Re: 25 06 VS 7MM 08 [Re: MIKE HUNT]
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 Originally Posted By: MIKE HUNT
7mm Remington Magnum...

My first choice back in 1982 when I got my first centerfire rifle. Likely the last one I'll part with.

Used 160g bullets until a year ago when I used 140g North Fork bullets. Pretty happy with that combo but like the 120g TTSX at zippy velocity as well. Don't think I'll go back to 160's.
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#2461107 - 09/27/08 05:27 PM Re: 25 06 VS 7MM 08 [Re: hornet7722]
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 Originally Posted By: hornet7722
If you are going to shoot deer size and down, 25/06 if that's what you want. If deer size and up is the game, I'd go with the 7/08.

I agree with the last half of Doug's statement, but I would also pick the 7mm-08 for deer size and down....especially if you reload. But even if you don't reload there are several factory 120Grn loads currently offered including Cor-Bon 120 Barns tripple shock, Nosler 120 Ballistic Tip, and Remington 120 HP.

If you reload, last time I checked availibility of 7MM bullets, a couple of years ago, there were 17 bullets availabe from Barns, Hornady, Speer, Sierra, and Nosler in the 100-120 Grn range many of which are suited for varmits. (There are probably more now) My 7mm-08 varmint load is the Sierra 100 Grn HP on top of a healthy load of RE15.

As many others have mentioned in this thread, when it comes to larger game, the 7mm-08 has the upper hand due to availability of heaver fodder. Most factory 7mm-08 ammmo uses 139-150 grain bullets, but again, if you reload there are 75+ different 7mm bullets available in weights from 130-180 Grn. I use 145Grn Speer Hot-Cor's on top of IMR4350 for open area hunting and Hornady 154 Grn RN on top of H414 for woods hunting.

Check out the Remington Ballistic comparison web site to compare the 25-06 against the 7mm-08. Do a comparison of the 120 Grn bullets in both calibers and you will see that there isn't much difference at all between the 25-06 and the 7mm-08. Then, just for grins, compare some of the lighter weight 25-06 loads to the heavier weight 7mm-08 loads. Granted, these are comparisons of Remington ammo only, but it will give you a good feel for the similarities / differences between the two cartridges.

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#2461802 - 09/28/08 01:27 AM Re: 25 06 VS 7MM 08 [Re: DKA]
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Thanks for all of the replies. Have a .270 and a .243 now, just wanted something in between. After reading all of these cases, might have to buy 2 more rifles instead of 1.
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#2461925 - 09/28/08 02:12 AM Re: 25 06 VS 7MM 08 [Re: stanimal]
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I have got the best of both worlds, Browning A-bolt in 25 wssm, same ballistics as a 25-06 and a short action, in a very light handling rifle.

#2462319 - 09/28/08 11:04 AM Re: 25 06 VS 7MM 08 [Re: DKA]
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DKA: If you have a 270 and a 243 you most assuredly don't "need" another thing...if "want" is the issue,well that is a different matter ....we have all been there. \:\)

Of the two, I'd pick the 7/08 simply because I like 7mm's for deer better,the rifles are shorter,lighter and most 25/06's come with 24" barrels. I want no part of that stuff in the wooded east; and in the west most deer are killed inside 300 yards, where there is little difference between the cartridges.

In the end, you don't need to buy ANY rifles if you have a 270 and a 243.
You can't say very much on here without pissing at least SOMEBODY off-get used to it.

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