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#2507648 - 10/18/08 What does CA compliant mean for a handgun
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Am looking at a sig 2022 and it says CA compliant. I know what it means, it is compliant in CA. But what has been done to the handgun??

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#2507663 - 10/18/08 Re: What does CA compliant mean for a handgun [Re: DaddyRat]
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Rendered inoperable.......

No, that'd be fully PRK compliant.

Basically, it has a loaded chamber indicator, no more than a 10 rd magazine standard, and an internal lock, IIRC.

Soon to be a microstamped firing pin as well.....

#2507704 - 10/18/08 Re: What does CA compliant mean for a handgun [Re: VAnimrod]
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Also, no matter how much you adjust the sights, it will always shoot to the left.
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#2507752 - 10/18/08 Re: What does CA compliant mean for a handgun [Re: Jim in Idaho]
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that there is funny! \:\)
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#2508380 - 10/18/08 Re: What does CA compliant mean for a handgun [Re: blammer]
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OK, 1 serious answer and 1 funny answer. Thanks guys. Anybody have any experience with the sig 2022.

#2508420 - 10/18/08 Re: What does CA compliant mean for a handgun [Re: DaddyRat]
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Also, it means it has passed their drop test. Sorry, but no experience with the Sig 2022

#2508495 - 10/18/08 Re: What does CA compliant mean for a handgun [Re: DaddyRat]
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No experience with Sigs. I used to live in CA. In order to get a hand gun shipped into the state, it has to be on CA DOJ's "list".

To get on "the list", I believe 3 guns must be shipped to DOJ with a certain amount of $$$$. If the gun comes in various configurations- such as blued or stainless or scandium/aluminum, or various barrel lengths, or fixed sights vs adjustable or any other variations of any kind- 3 examples of each type to be sold in CA must be submitted along with plenty of money. Any time a gun is improved such as when Smith & Wesson adds a dash number, it must be resubmitted. I also believe the guns need to be resubmitted every couple years or so even if nothing changes.

One gun is kept sort of on file, the others are tested by dropping it on concrete from a certain distance. I want to say 10ft. but I don't remember for sure. If the gun passes the test and meets the other state regulations, it is placed on "the list."

I believe it costs several hundred thousand dollars per test to get a gun on the list. Some companies just don't sell in CA. Others pay the fare so they can access the market in CA. It is interesting to see some of the "cheep" guns the list was designed to eliminate, passed with flying colors and are available.

Used hand guns must pass the same test to be brought into the state for sale. If it is new enough to be on the list, it is fine. If it is an older unlisted model it is not fine. This rule essentially eliminates used hand guns from out of state being sold in CA. Things have changed since I left, but it seems used hand guns not on the list, can not be shipped from FFL to FFL within the state. So you must buy locally or be prepared to fill out the forms one day and come back 10 days later to pick up the gun. If the gun is at a shop 300 or 400 miles away, this can be an inconvenience to say the least.

When I lived in CA, long guns did not have to go through this test. They just had to meet the configuration regulations concocted by the goof balls in the legislature. I do not believe there is a "list" for long guns.

If all this seems new or unreasonable to you, consider yourself fortunate to live in a free state. You would do well to insure it stays that way. After 30 years of fighting the idiots in Sacramento, I cast my final vote with my feet. I quit my job and fled to Oregon. The streets are not paved with gold here, but it seems to be harder for the gun grabbers to get traction here.

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#2523411 - 10/24/08 Re: What does CA compliant mean for a handgun [Re: RGS]
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It means money to CA and less freedom to you

#2530950 - 10/28/08 Re: What does CA compliant mean for a handgun [Re: reelhook]
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It means if the gestapo had there way even pop guns would be banned. You'll also need a little card from your FFL that says you are now allowed to puchase handguns in the republic of California...but im not bitter \:\) Card costs $25 bucks as I recall.
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#2538527 - 10/30/08 Re: What does CA compliant mean for a handgun [Re: TheDude]
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Just heard from a friend in Kalifornia who tells me the authorities came around and confiscated a .22 auto of his because it wasn't CA compliant. He tells me he also got a notice to turn in his AR-15 because he'd failed to re-register it as an assault weapon. At that point, he said, he told them they'd better send a swat team. He's heard no more. Is it really that bad out there?
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#2539154 - 10/31/08 Re: What does CA compliant mean for a handgun [Re: cra1948]
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The California drop test is used in my company's Six Sigma text as a prime example of a statistically worthless test.
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#2543668 - 11/02/08 Re: What does CA compliant mean for a handgun [Re: denton]
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I would like to offer a service to drop test California politicians. I live in Colorado so I can offer 3,000+ ft drop tests, if necessary, to ensure Californians are safe from their politicians.
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#2548128 - 11/04/08 Re: What does CA compliant mean for a handgun [Re: RGS]
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Yup. Manufacturer has to pony up not only 3 guns for each model, they also have to cough up the dough for the PRK to drop test the damn things as well. And if they drop test a 4" blued GP100, that don't mean you can sell a 4" stainless GP100, they gotta test 3 of those bad boys too. As I recall the cert is only good for 3 years.

I recently went shopping for and bought a Taurus Tracker (big mistake). Wanted one in .41, but they Taurus won't sell them here because there isn't enough demand for the .41 to justify the hoops they gotta jump through to sell them here. So, I got the .44 instead. Yes, even the same gun in different calibers needs to be drop tested seperately.

Nothing more than an attempt to whittle away desire to continue in the gun selling and buying business at both ends. The more hoops they make everyone jump through, the fewer people willing to jump through those hoops.
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