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#2514161 - 10/21/08 04:34 AM Re: Mule Deer, what's the average word count for a freelance article? [Re: Pugs]
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If you want to read Me and Joe went hunting stories subscribe to the Eastman hunting journals (both regular and bowhunting). They have more members who write articles than any of the other hunting rags that I have seen.

Might be a way to get your foot in the door as well.
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#2515378 - 10/21/08 09:15 PM Re: Mule Deer, what's the average word count for a freelance article? [Re: NathanL]
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How about a Me and "Joe the Plumber" go hunting story...? LOL!
The Word Association Game thread, gone but not forgotten...

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#2515453 - 10/21/08 09:45 PM Re: Mule Deer, what's the average word count for a freelance article? [Re: sse]
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I'm probably a minority of 1, but my favorite articles are the "How to do It," and the "How I did It" type. Most of the articles are written by amatuers as opposed to professional writers, and I find them much more interesting. Most times, that is.

One of my favorite articles was one several years ago by Mule Deer about lapping barrels.

Many years ago, the American Rifleman used to publish a section, IIRC, called "In My Experience..." There were usually several of these articles in the magazine, and this was my favorite section.

Another favorite was the very lengthy Q & A section. The Q & A section now, with only two or three questions, just doesn't get it with me.

Back in the 60s, I sold my first article to the American Rifleman, and it was published in the "In my experience..."

I received $100.00 for it, and I thought I was rich. My weekly pay at that time was about $75.00 per week.

Unfortunately, my writing career went into a slump after that. I wrote several more articles, and even sold a few, but most replies were in the form of rejection letters.

I have a pretty good one now, one that I have sent to a couple of magazines, but no luck. No luck of the paying kind, that is.

I am thinking about sending it to 24 hour campfire. Being paid for it is not a consideration now, although it was when the article was written. It contains information that I think would be beneficial to all big game hunters, and I would like to share the knowledge I gained from the experience with other hunters who might find themselves in the same fix.

The strangest payment I ever received was in the form of a free years subscription to a magazine. It had a small circulation and probably a small budget, but the editor offered me a free subscription for the article. I took it.

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