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#2680417 - 12/29/08 Re: Help!!! Pinched nerve in my lower back... [Re: Nebraska]
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Sounds a lot like myself 14 months ago. See your vet and get an MEI to see whats going on inside. My problem was a disk jamming into the nerve which cut of all function to the leg and it HURT!

A trip to the neurosurgeon and a little trimming solved the problem.

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#2680599 - 12/29/08 Re: Help!!! Pinched nerve in my lower back... [Re: Jamison]
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The pain goes from my right lower back all the way to my ankle, and my foot is cold, numb and tingling.

This statement by it self say's you need more than a back-cracker.

rattler hit it right on the head, no amount of chiro-praticing is going to help a blown disc or a couple spurs grinding against each other.

Self medication in such large doses can also cause more problems than they cure.

Lack of circulation in the feet ain't a good sign either...

You best get to a Medical Doctor, and heed his warnings.

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#2681183 - 12/29/08 Re: Help!!! Pinched nerve in my lower back... [Re: Greyghost]
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Been there-done that! Herniated the disc between L4/L5 back in '86. It will only get worse as that Sciatic nerve that runs all the way to your foot continues to be pressured. Stay away from the "Orthopedic" surgeons. They use metal implants and prefer bone fusion. Neurosurgeons tend to take a less invasive approach to the problem. Much better chance to live normally afterwards! My best advise from having gone through it. My best wishes for your recovery!!!

#2681387 - 12/29/08 Re: Help!!! Pinched nerve in my lower back... [Re: Jamison]
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I have the exact problem. I've had it to one degree or another since August when I was assaulted by an inmate. I take 800mg Ibuprophin and then two hour later 1000mg Tylenol. That gets me throught the day but, like I suspect you experiance, nights are the worst! I haven't had a decent nights sleep in two weeks. I just called my doc and asked for something that might help, probably Vicoden at night.

I am suppose to see a nerosurgon and a chiro but the woman at the doctors office hasn't submitted the paperwork to BWC yet, that from the 22nd. Slow woman needs a prod up her azz to get her moving. She was the one that delayed my wifes paperwork many times.
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#2681630 - 12/29/08 Re: Help!!! Pinched nerve in my lower back... [Re: Armednfree]
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Greyghost is not correct. There is a very good possibility that there is no disc involved. Can you lie on your back and raise your legs a few inches off the ground w/o intense pain? Does it hurt if you take a breath and bear down like you were constipated? No to the first question may indicate a disc problem, Yes to the second question indicates the same.

I'm a chiropractor and see this same thing in my office every day. 95% of these cases result in complete resolution w/o surgery. Take the conservative approach first, go see a chiropractor. Give it a few weeks (more than likely this has been an ongoing process in your body for a while and it won't go away with one adjustment) and if you aren't getting any results then check in with a neurosurgeon.

PM me if you have any questions.


#2681646 - 12/29/08 Re: Help!!! Pinched nerve in my lower back... [Re: Whip]
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"Go to a good chiropractor. Your sciatic nerve is pinched"

DON"T let anyone cut on you...................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You MUST find someone to recommend a chiropractor. Because the best ones have the art or gift of healing.

Say away from quake chiropractors.

The best chiropractors are Palmer trained and I would not go to any others.

Please remember it may take several visits and adjustments through several weeks.
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#2681655 - 12/29/08 Re: Help!!! Pinched nerve in my lower back... [Re: Reba]
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Anyone mention getting a massage?
It's the best RX there is.
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#2681658 - 12/29/08 Re: Help!!! Pinched nerve in my lower back... [Re: Whip]
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Get an MRI and find out what's going on.

I had a chiropractor "treat" my back/leg pain/numbness for three months (courtesy Naval Medicine). After a point I was on crutches and could barely take a $hit without seeing bright lights flashing in my brain.

Finally got an MRI and the L4/5 disc was ruptured. The Chiropractor's eyes bugged out when he saw the MRI pics, and he said there is nothing he can do for me.

Finally on to a neurosurgeon and a diskectomy. I'm now in constant pain. Managing it without a lot of drugs is the best way to live.

#2681687 - 12/29/08 Re: Help!!! Pinched nerve in my lower back... [Re: Whip]
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Everyone with this problem needs to make an informed decision on how they want to handle it. I went the chiropractic route because of getting immediate but not total relief the first time I went. At that time in my life I NEEDED to keep working and it just so happens that my chiropractor kept me going up until I needed a neurosurgeon which he informed me from the get go I would eventually need. My back condition was caused by abuse and not an accident which also helped me make my decision to keep with my chiropractor. I recoverd VERY well from my surgery with no apparent permanent nerve damage. Call it luck if you want but if had it to do over again I'd go the same route. If the recent surgery on my neck(which was needed because of two accidents)turns out as well,and it seems to be,I'll be happy.

til later

#2682628 - 12/30/08 Re: Help!!! Pinched nerve in my lower back... [Re: EZEARL]
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I am a physician and at bone and joint hospital. I do spine surgery three days a week. No offense meant, but do not go to a Chiropractor. Go see a neurologist or spine surgeon. They will not cut on you if you do not need it. If there is vascular damage it is emergent. If there is significant nerve damage, you could end up with RSD. See a physician first.

#2682726 - 12/30/08 Re: Help!!! Pinched nerve in my lower back... [Re: Jamison]
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go to a chiro for quick relief and get an inversion table for maintenance.

I have a dissolving disk between L4 & L5, 6 weeks of physical therapy did nothing for it. After the 1st visit to the chiro 80% of the pain was gone and I could walk again. 2 more visits and I was back to normal. I still visit the chiro when I do something stupid and need a quick tune-up.

The inversion table works......

ETA: my chiro had my MRI's and X-rays in hand before he treated me. I figured that was a given as no chiro that was worth a [bleep] would treat you without knowing what he was dealing with. Also, if the chiro has a "loan officer" for you to visit so you can schedule the treatment plan.....RUN away.

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#2682791 - 12/30/08 Re: Help!!! Pinched nerve in my lower back... [Re: mtmisfit]
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got no problems seeing a chiropractor for back problems, i do on a regular basis.....HOWEVER what Jamison described can be anything from an alignment of the vertebrae being out of whack to a herniated disk......if its an alignment issue i would see a chiropractor....herniated disk i would see a surgeon....and until i knew which it was no one would be touching my back......
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