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#2907783 - 03/24/09 04:16 AM Re: The Campfire Welcomes Dana Gleason [Re: ironbender]
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The BPing forum of 24hr is bar none the best source for all things mountain hunting. This just strengthens that. I assume Dana is "MysteryRanch" that has been posting?

Nice to see such an authority giving 24hr its due.

Thank you Dana!
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#2907788 - 03/24/09 04:20 AM Re: The Campfire Welcomes Dana Gleason [Re: ironbender]
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I've known Dana and Renee since I bought my first daypack and fannypack from them back when their business name was "Kletterworks".I still use those packs for hunting and I use a newer (relativly speaking) Dana Design Alpine for backpacking. Dana and Renee are good people and make one heck of a pack.

#2908585 - 03/24/09 03:51 PM Re: The Campfire Welcomes Dana Gleason [Re: NimrodRx]
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My name is Mark Seacat. I am the Marketing/Public Relations Director here at Mystery Ranch. I specialize in the Hunting Packs market for us here in Bozeman and post on 24hour Campfire under the handle "Mystery Ranch".

Feel free to ask me any questions you have regarding our entire pack line. You can private message me here, but for best results and faster service.... please email me at work.

Dana's mantra to me about our backpack designs has always been, "We don't make packs for the people who only dream about using the gear, we make packs for the people who actually do use it."

I'm stoked Dana will be posting here periodically. We've been very impressed with every individual we've connected with through the campfire and are excited to be onboard!
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#2917345 - 03/28/09 12:14 AM Re: The Campfire Welcomes Dana Gleason [Re: MysteryRanch]
actionshooter Offline

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I'm excited to see Dana here, My 1st Dana pack was about 90-91 Archflex terreplane, I still use it but its in BAD shape. I've tried others but always go back.

#2917751 - 03/28/09 02:44 AM Re: The Campfire Welcomes Dana Gleason [Re: actionshooter]
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Welcome Dana!

#2924658 - 03/31/09 12:12 AM Re: The Campfire Welcomes Dana Gleason [Re: RickBin]
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Well Dana Designs Astraplane has always been one of my fav pieces of hunting equipment--albeit a bit ragged these days. I wonder if he'll give me a killer deal on a Mystery Ranch pack?


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#2929140 - 04/01/09 07:14 PM Re: The Campfire Welcomes Dana Gleason [Re: kenaiking]
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 Originally Posted By: kenaiking
+ one zillon. My wife calls Dana the "legend" \:\)

There's only one of me so I can only give a +1. My wife calls Dana "who?". I'm still trying to educate her.

I've never, ever, experienced customer service that can exceed that I receive when I'm at Mystery Ranch in Bozeman. An example to be emulated.
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#2941408 - 04/06/09 05:59 PM Re: The Campfire Welcomes Dana Gleason [Re: TheBigSky]
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Welcome to the 'Fire and especially, the Back Pack Forum!!
That's ok, I'll ass shoot a dink.


#2941506 - 04/06/09 07:00 PM Re: The Campfire Welcomes Dana Gleason [Re: AkMtnHntr]
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Very cool, I too am a big fan of My Dana Pack. It's the Terraplane purchased in Athens GA. back in 95. It still feels as great as ever. Course I don't use it like I did back then. It's not the pack that has too many miles on it.

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#2949454 - 04/09/09 07:51 PM Re: The Campfire Welcomes Dana Gleason [Re: Carolina Shooter]
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SO, anyone mind if I ask a question of Dana?

What pack would you take on a 50 mile hike over relatively flat land with a troop of 5 boy scouts?
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