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#3179200 - 07/25/09 02:43 AM Bullet seating depth for a .257 Weatherby
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Ended up getting a new reloading toy for my birthday, a o.a.l. gage from Hornady, it works awesome now I can finally can play around with the bullet seating depth on my hunting rifles. The question I got is one of my rifles is a weatherby vanguard in a .257 caliber and when I checked the bullet seating depth with the o.a.l. gauge it showed that I could move my bullet out .360" from where I currently have the bullet seating to meet the recommended .020" - .040" for optimal performance from your reloads, but there is no way I can bring my bullet out .360" from where it is currently seated because then the bullet is going to be to long to fit into the magazine and there just isn't enough neck on the shell for the bullet to be hanging on to. Oh and how I came up with my current seating depth is from reloading books using there recommended overall bullet length. Has anybody else experienced this? I checked the bullet seating depth on my other high power center fire rifles and a couple of them I made some minor adjustments to the seating depth and the bullets were able to fit nicely into the magazine. With my weatherby vanguard that's a different story, would appreciate any feed back that I can get on this. I am using weatherby brass and I'm using Barnes 100 grain triple shock bullets.

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#3179289 - 07/25/09 03:14 AM Re: Bullet seating depth for a .257 Weatherby [Re: dayton300]
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Freebore, don't sweat it. I seat them at 3.195" or so in my Vanguard and it shoots fine.

#3179322 - 07/25/09 03:26 AM Re: Bullet seating depth for a .257 Weatherby [Re: Steelhead]
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Weatherby likes to throat em long(freebore) so you can get higher velocities without blowing primers. That's why aren't supposed to shoot weatherby factory loads in custom rifles. Try to calculate your bearing surface length to figure out a length that the bullet is still gripped in the neck by at least one caliber and fits in your magazine.
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#3179420 - 07/25/09 04:31 AM Re: Bullet seating depth for a .257 Weatherby [Re: dayton300]
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Actually you will find that many people shooting the vanguard and most rifles chambered in 257 wby in general get better accuracy by actually seating that bullet fairly deep and not worrying about getting close to the rifling of the barrel. many have experienced best accuracy with the 100 tsx at 3.120 to 3.190 or any where in between. I load that bullet at 3.170 and get sub moa groups at 3520 fps using 72 gr RL22 and fed 215M primer. This in a Rem 700 rifle. I have a vanguard sub moa and I shoot the 110 accubond seated at 3.250 with 73.5 gr of RL25. it shoots good too. As always start your charge weights lower and work your way up to what your gun tolerates best. The OAL's I have stated were measured simply with dial calipers from base of brass to tip of bullet, not using the Stoney point (hornady) OAL gauge. Be sure to check your bullets for straightness after you seat them. The 100gr tsx is pretty pointy and some seating dies don't do a good job of setting them real straight.

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#3179449 - 07/25/09 04:59 AM Re: Bullet seating depth for a .257 Weatherby [Re: Dufur]
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What's the velocity of your RL25 load?

#3179456 - 07/25/09 05:05 AM Re: Bullet seating depth for a .257 Weatherby [Re: dayton300]
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Go here if you need more info.

#3179823 - 07/25/09 01:49 PM Re: Bullet seating depth for a .257 Weatherby [Re: Popapi]
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Thanks for the info guys, right now I'm seating my bullets at 3.160 for my overall length. For powder I'm using IMR 4831 66gr. and the groups that it shoots at 100 yards are pretty tight. So I probably won't change anything.

#3180297 - 07/25/09 05:26 PM Re: Bullet seating depth for a .257 Weatherby [Re: dayton300]
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I have a Rem 700 in 257 WBY, it has a long mag box and the normal WBY freebore. I just seat the bullets one caliber depth in the case, seems to be working fine so far.
I'm loading 3.350" with 115gr Berger VLD's

#3180449 - 07/25/09 07:15 PM Re: Bullet seating depth for a .257 Weatherby [Re: Jamie]
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I've seated most everything around 3.200" and shorter for best accuracy.

Good luck
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#3180546 - 07/25/09 08:25 PM Re: Bullet seating depth for a .257 Weatherby [Re: hunter5325]
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I'm seating the the 100TSX at 3.190 in my Vanguard and getting sub .75 groups. Mine likes a little "jump"

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