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#3193405 - 07/31/09 What to do about crappy Remington 513T trigger???
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I've looked and can't find much on how to do a trigger job on this model, and sure as heck can't find anyone making a replacement trigger.

I love the gun and how accurate it is, but I know I could do much better without the 7 pound or so trigger pull.

Anyone have any tips?
Thanks in advance.
Steve in Tacoma

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#3194063 - 07/31/09 Re: What to do about crappy Remington 513T trigger??? [Re: slm9s]
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I have a 513 Sporter which is the sexier version of your gun. Same trigger. My trigger is very light and crisp, but I bought it that way. It is my most accurate and favorite .22. I'd suggest trying .... there are many 513T lovers over there, and I bet someone will have an answer for you! Good luck.

#3194170 - 07/31/09 Re: What to do about crappy Remington 513T trigger??? [Re: slm9s]
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I had a pair of Rem 513 target rifles, and now have a Rem 510.
There isn't a whole lot you can do with that trigger as its design doesn't allow for it.
One major issue with it is the sear acts as a bolt stop, and if you open the bolt a pull it hard to the rear, the sear edge gets all buggered up. So, open the bolt gently. That edge that gets deformed is the edge that releases the trigger; a dumb design.
I took all of the triggers apart on these rifles and replaced parts that needed replacing. carries replacement parts. If you look at the bottom of the rifle, you'll see a Belleville type spring with two screws, one at either end of the flat spring.
Here is the "school" info on these two screws:

"Trigger Pull - Overtravel is controlled by adjusting trigger cushion spring attached to receiver at bottom, forward of trigger (see Sectional View). Remove stock by loosening takedown screw. With rifle in fired condition (bolt uncocked), tighten rear trigger cushion spring adjusting screw. Turn until screw just touches trigger. Then when trigger is fired rear screw will limit overtravel as trigger is pulled.

Weight of Pull - Adjusted by turning front trigger cushion spring adjusting screw. Tighten or turn inward for heavier pull. To lighten or reduce pull weight, turn front screw outward or counter-clockwise."

I got most all of my 500 series triggers to pull about 3-4 pounds. One I got all the way down to 2 pounds, but I think that was a fluke. I had a Rem 521 also that I gave to my grand daughters to use, and that trigger is the same as all of the o6ther 500 triggers, except for the Rem 514, which is a different design.
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#3768815 - 02/07/10 Re: What to do about crappy Remington 513T trigger??? [Re: DMB]
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Nothing like resurrecting a six month old thread. I just picked up a 513T from an estate last night for not much money, thinking that it looked a little rough around the edges. Still, it had a nice old Redfield target peep sight with and adjustable aperture and the barrel looked good. After cleaning things up with some WD40 on some fine steel wool, it came out far better than I expected. The trigger pulled at about 5 lbs. Your instructions on adjusting the trigger were spot on and I was able to get the pull down to a more reasonable and safe 2.5 lbs. with litle overtravel. Should be a fun shooter.
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