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#10893326 - 01/23/16 Re: Good 30/06 Loads [Re: GrizzlyBear]
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I think I would prefer a 200 grain Accubond with some H4831 to shove it downrange.
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#10960896 - 02/15/16 Re: Good 30/06 Loads [Re: GrizzlyBear]
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I have a fairly old, tang safety, Ruger M77 in .30-06. I've owned it since the '70s.

I have 2 all-purpose loads for it, that my particular rifle likes...

165gr Sierra GameKing BTHP
Win brass and WLR primer
48.0grs of IMR 4064
2700 fps range out of a 22" barrel.
5-shot groups are under 0.75 moa
This load is devastating on Muleys and White-Tails.

180gr Nosler Partition
Win brass and WLR primer
54.5grs of IMR 4350
2700fps from my 22" barrel
5 shot groups around 0.6 moa
I've taken Elk sized game with this, if the shot range is reasonable. The recovered Partitions lose the whole front part of the bullet. They work every time.

#10996558 - 02/27/16 Re: Good 30/06 Loads [Re: CheckSix]
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#11091390 - 04/02/16 Re: Good 30/06 Loads [Re: Eremicus]
Adk_BackCountry Offline

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Hi Eremicus

I am trying to achieve 2,800 fps with a 180 Accubond or a Swift Scirocco in 180 gr for my '06. Have any advice on this I could use. All of my reloading manuals reach about 2,700. Rem 700 24'' barrel.

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#11112699 - 04/11/16 Re: Good 30/06 Loads [Re: Horseman]
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A .10 jump to the lands NPT. 180Gr. is real good in my Tikka T3...A case full of I4350 Fed. cases all prepped fed-210pmrs.Scary accurate n devistatig on Bear n Elk...ScottyO.

#11124202 - 04/17/16 Re: Good 30/06 Loads [Re: Adk_BackCountry]
baldhunter Offline
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Originally Posted By Adk_BackCountry
Hi Eremicus

I am trying to achieve 2,800 fps with a 180 Accubond or a Swift Scirocco in 180 gr for my '06. Have any advice on this I could use. All of my reloading manuals reach about 2,700. Rem 700 24'' barrel.

I've been loading my two 30-06's CZ550 and Sako Finnbear,both have 24" barrels with Accurate Arms 4350.I'm getting a little over 2850fps with 180gr Nosler BT @ 57.0grs with Winchester Magnum Primer.I'm loading 58.5grs with 165gr bullets @ around 2940fps and 150gr bullets @ around 3000fps,these also with Winchester Magnum Primers.I'd work up to these loads if you decide to try them,but both my rifles seem to handle them fine.

#11192683 - 05/18/16 Re: Good 30/06 Loads [Re: GrizzlyBear]
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I was loading a 130 gr TTSX in a .30-06 with 62 gr of Big Game. Since I can't get Big Game, I needed to try something else. I noticed that Mule Deer's .30-06 loads in the Gack book showed very similar results between 62 gr of Big Game and 56.5 gr of Varget.
I tried the 56.5 gr Varget load and it shoots very similarly (group size and point of impact) to the Big Game load, but I can't do a chrono comparison since I'm out of Big Game.

#11192729 - 05/18/16 Re: Good 30/06 Loads [Re: GrizzlyBear]
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Good thread. Took me a while to read it, and I noticed several references to 56.5 grains of Re17 with 165s. I find that interesting as I am working up a load for a new-to-me .30-06 using this powder and 180-grain Partitions and it appears there is a node at 56.5 grains, but I need to do a little more shooting to verify it. I do know the velocity will be around 2840 or so. I just need to see if it really WILL shoot that load consistently.

I'd likely have gone with H4350, but had none on hand when this rifle came to me. I do have about 3/5 of a pound of Hunter on hand, but the only Ramshot powder I've seen available for quite some time was TAC.

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