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#3216390 - 08/09/09 09:25 PM Good 30/06 Loads
GrizzlyBear Offline
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Mods...I'd like to start a 'pet loads' thread for 30/06s, similar to the one for 308 win. Would you sticky?

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#3216473 - 08/09/09 10:12 PM Re: Good 30/06 Loads [Re: GrizzlyBear]
604shooter Offline

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57grs of IMR4350 and Hornady 165gr SP or Nosler Accubond 165gr.

#3216787 - 08/10/09 12:13 AM Re: Good 30/06 Loads [Re: 604shooter]
whit Offline

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That was the load I was using until I chronoed it at 2668fps. Now I am using 59.5 gr IMR 4350 and getting 2828fps out of my 22" barreled Ruger. IMR lists 60.0 grains as max.

#3216866 - 08/10/09 12:33 AM Re: Good 30/06 Loads [Re: GrizzlyBear]
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52 grains of IMR4064 and a 150.

#3216993 - 08/10/09 01:14 AM Re: Good 30/06 Loads [Re: mathman]
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Very interesting whit. I'm using 57 gr. of IMR 4350 in front of a 165 gr. Nosler Ballistic Tip and my chrono reads 2852 average velocity for a 10 shot string from my 22" M70 FWT Classic SS. Must be the slow barrel/fast barrel thing. I've never gone past 57 gr., it's taken deer out to 425 yds down to 7 yds with no trouble or complaints with a 165 gr. Nosler Ballistic Tip. I also average just over 2800 fps with 56 gr. of H380 in the same rifle. Both loads shoot under an inch at 100 yds with a BT, AB, or PT 165 gr. bullet. The IMR 4350 load is what we use in my father's and BIL's .30-06 rifles as well. 3.389" OAL on the tip.

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#3217033 - 08/10/09 01:24 AM Re: Good 30/06 Loads [Re: mathman]
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Originally Posted By: mathman
52 grains of IMR4064 and a 150.

Old load that still works good!

#3217094 - 08/10/09 01:45 AM Re: Good 30/06 Loads [Re: GrizzlyBear]
dawaba Offline
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My .30-06 Pet Loads are for 3 rifles:

57/4320/130 Hornady SP 3047 fps R-P brass, CCI LR primers.
56/4320/150 Nosler Solid Base 3006 fps R-P brass, CCI LR.
62/H-205/150 Nosler BT 3025 fps R-P brass, CCI LR.
59/H-205/165 Hornady SPBT 2952 fps W-W brass, CCI LR.
58/IMR4350/165 Nosler Part 2944 fps W-W brass, CCI LR.
61/R-19/165 Nosler Part 2935 fps W-W brass, CCI LR.
60/N-204/180 Nosler Part 2811 fps Fed brass, CCI LR.

Now, my main '06 is a tang Ruger 77, but these have also proved reliable in a Howa 1500 and occasionally in a Sako.

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#3217297 - 08/10/09 02:41 AM Re: Good 30/06 Loads [Re: dawaba]
ingwe Offline
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59.0 gr. H4831sc and a 180 grain boolit of your choice...
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#3217586 - 08/10/09 05:25 AM Re: Good 30/06 Loads [Re: ingwe]
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We use 180 loads,that way they are good for either mule deer,elk, or moose.The one that if you truly lucky and works for the rifle is 61gr of RL-22 and a Accubond,it's both less than 60,000PSI and over 2800,about the only load that does that. Having said,I don't have any RL-22 and use N-560 instead. Five of the six 30-06s my sons and I have use some sort of 4350.
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#3217775 - 08/10/09 12:18 PM Re: Good 30/06 Loads [Re: downwindtracker2]
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What I have found for '06s with Varget:

130s like 53 grains +- i grain depending on the rifle
150s like 51 grains +- .5 grains depending on the rifle

All of them I have worked up fall right on those numbers and group into an inch. Because I use Barnes bullets, the hard part is now seating depth. Take a Speer flat base 150 seat it at 3.200 over 51.5 Varget and seven out of ten rifles that can group into an inch will. The other three might need a little more or less powder.

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