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#3216390 - 08/09/09 Good 30/06 Loads
GrizzlyBear Offline
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Mods...I'd like to start a 'pet loads' thread for 30/06s, similar to the one for 308 win. Would you sticky?

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#3216473 - 08/09/09 Re: Good 30/06 Loads [Re: GrizzlyBear]
604shooter Offline

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57grs of IMR4350 and Hornady 165gr SP or Nosler Accubond 165gr.

#3216787 - 08/10/09 Re: Good 30/06 Loads [Re: 604shooter]
whit Offline

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That was the load I was using until I chronoed it at 2668fps. Now I am using 59.5 gr IMR 4350 and getting 2828fps out of my 22" barreled Ruger. IMR lists 60.0 grains as max.

#3216866 - 08/10/09 Re: Good 30/06 Loads [Re: GrizzlyBear]
mathman Online   content
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52 grains of IMR4064 and a 150.

#3216993 - 08/10/09 Re: Good 30/06 Loads [Re: mathman]
selmer Offline
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Very interesting whit. I'm using 57 gr. of IMR 4350 in front of a 165 gr. Nosler Ballistic Tip and my chrono reads 2852 average velocity for a 10 shot string from my 22" M70 FWT Classic SS. Must be the slow barrel/fast barrel thing. I've never gone past 57 gr., it's taken deer out to 425 yds down to 7 yds with no trouble or complaints with a 165 gr. Nosler Ballistic Tip. I also average just over 2800 fps with 56 gr. of H380 in the same rifle. Both loads shoot under an inch at 100 yds with a BT, AB, or PT 165 gr. bullet. The IMR 4350 load is what we use in my father's and BIL's .30-06 rifles as well. 3.389" OAL on the tip.

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#3217033 - 08/10/09 Re: Good 30/06 Loads [Re: mathman]
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Originally Posted By: mathman
52 grains of IMR4064 and a 150.

Old load that still works good!

#3217094 - 08/10/09 Re: Good 30/06 Loads [Re: GrizzlyBear]
dawaba Offline
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My .30-06 Pet Loads are for 3 rifles:

57/4320/130 Hornady SP 3047 fps R-P brass, CCI LR primers.
56/4320/150 Nosler Solid Base 3006 fps R-P brass, CCI LR.
62/H-205/150 Nosler BT 3025 fps R-P brass, CCI LR.
59/H-205/165 Hornady SPBT 2952 fps W-W brass, CCI LR.
58/IMR4350/165 Nosler Part 2944 fps W-W brass, CCI LR.
61/R-19/165 Nosler Part 2935 fps W-W brass, CCI LR.
60/N-204/180 Nosler Part 2811 fps Fed brass, CCI LR.

Now, my main '06 is a tang Ruger 77, but these have also proved reliable in a Howa 1500 and occasionally in a Sako.

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#3217297 - 08/10/09 Re: Good 30/06 Loads [Re: dawaba]
ingwe Online   content
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59.0 gr. H4831sc and a 180 grain boolit of your choice...
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#3217586 - 08/10/09 Re: Good 30/06 Loads [Re: ingwe]
downwindtracker2 Offline
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We use 180 loads,that way they are good for either mule deer,elk, or moose.The one that if you truly lucky and works for the rifle is 61gr of RL-22 and a Accubond,it's both less than 60,000PSI and over 2800,about the only load that does that. Having said,I don't have any RL-22 and use N-560 instead. Five of the six 30-06s my sons and I have use some sort of 4350.
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#3217775 - 08/10/09 Re: Good 30/06 Loads [Re: downwindtracker2]
MILES58 Offline
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What I have found for '06s with Varget:

130s like 53 grains +- i grain depending on the rifle
150s like 51 grains +- .5 grains depending on the rifle

All of them I have worked up fall right on those numbers and group into an inch. Because I use Barnes bullets, the hard part is now seating depth. Take a Speer flat base 150 seat it at 3.200 over 51.5 Varget and seven out of ten rifles that can group into an inch will. The other three might need a little more or less powder.

#3217929 - 08/10/09 Re: Good 30/06 Loads [Re: MILES58]
rifletom Offline
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165 Hornady flatbase: 60.0 Hunter, Win cases and Fed 210 primers chronys at 2850-2875 fps. 180 Hornady/Nosler partition: 57.0gr H-4350, same components chronys 2750 fps[this load out of my#1B]. Tom

#3218021 - 08/10/09 Re: Good 30/06 Loads [Re: rifletom]
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One of the 4350's will serve you well.
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#3218046 - 08/10/09 Re: Good 30/06 Loads [Re: 17ACKLEYBEE]
John_G Offline
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#3218176 - 08/10/09 Re: Good 30/06 Loads [Re: mathman]
Calif. Hunter Offline
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52 grains of IMR4064 and a 150.

+1 I've been using that load for 40 years. I flirted briefly with IMR-4350, but the 4064 load was always more accurate and good for over 2900 fps from a 24-inch barrel. Most rifles will shoot it under MOA.
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#3218376 - 08/10/09 Re: Good 30/06 Loads [Re: Calif. Hunter]
Richdeerhunter Online   content
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150 gr Accubond over 59 gr of IMR-4350.

165 gr Accubond over 58.5 gr of H4350

#3218541 - 08/10/09 Re: Good 30/06 Loads [Re: MILES58]
High_Brass Offline
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58ish gr of H-4350 and 165s

A good mild load is 48.5gr of H-4895 and 150s
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#3218758 - 08/10/09 Re: Good 30/06 Loads [Re: Calif. Hunter]
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A little slower load that is also very accurate and has mild recoil is 50 grains of 4064 with a 150. I'm using Sierra Pro Hunters with Win. LR primers. I got 2825fps out of a 22" barrel on a hot day last summer. That seems a little quick, my notes confirm it but I think I'll chrony it again. Anyway, it's accurate and I can shoot it all day.

#3218780 - 08/10/09 Re: Good 30/06 Loads [Re: 43Shooter]
Ken14 Offline
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58.5 IMR 4350,150 Fed 215M primer....

It must feel so good to be right all the time.....
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#3219303 - 08/10/09 Re: Good 30/06 Loads [Re: Ken14]
rifletom Offline
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mathman, Calif hunter: That load of 52.0gr IMR 4064/150 bullet knocked over my first 3 mulies! It is a VERY accurate load. But was I satisfied? Oh, hell no!! I had to try other stuff. Ain't it fun? Tom

#3219357 - 08/11/09 Re: Good 30/06 Loads [Re: rifletom]
LightsOutSix Offline

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Anyone using H414? I'm loading a few 150's with it, starting at 54 grains toward a max of 60 according to Hodgdon data. What kind of velocity can I expect with a 24" barrel?

#3219364 - 08/11/09 Re: Good 30/06 Loads [Re: rifletom]
efw Offline
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The load that I found when I first started reloading was

150 gr SP, RP cases, CCI-200, and 52 gr RL-15

The 165 load that shoots really well out of my M-1996 Mauser is

165 gr SST, RP cases, CCI-200, and 61 gr RL-19 (chronos up to 2950 fps)

The load that I worked up for pigs was

180 gr RN Interlock, RP cases, CCI-200, and 54 gr H-414 (I did this to burn up the last of my supply of that powder, and while it worked ok accuracy-wise my rifle is capable of better, I just haven't gotten around to playing with it much yet)

I'm currently playing with a new rifle and experimenting w/ H-4895 and 165s, as well as RL-15 and 165s. Based upon what I've seen so far the H-4895 is going to be no-more in my cabinet and a 5lb cannister of RL15 will be on the "to buy" list.

RL15 is da bomb in so many cartridges that I've taken to using it even when another powder might give more FPS. It is very consistent accuracy-wise, and that is my standard for most loads.
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#3219526 - 08/11/09 Re: Good 30/06 Loads [Re: LightsOutSix]
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I use it for 150 and 180 grain bullets, along with IMR4350. I also use IMR4064 with 150 grain bullets.

#3223896 - 08/12/09 Re: Good 30/06 Loads [Re: Youper]
hunter5325 Offline
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190HdyBTSP over 55grs of IMR4831 for 2700ish
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#3225333 - 08/13/09 Re: Good 30/06 Loads [Re: whit]
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I use 56.5 grs IMR 43350 and Hornady 165 btsp.
I chronyied these @ 2886 fps from a 22" Browning Safari grade.
This load at 300 yds. seems to outperform the .270 loads I was shooting.
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