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#3415824 - 10/25/09 03:02 AM Re: Real Arrow speeds [Re: MagMarc]
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60# 29" draw PSE Omen with a 323gr arrow gets me 332 fps

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#3415833 - 10/25/09 03:06 AM Re: Real Arrow speeds [Re: dc3483]
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That's the highest speed ever recorded for a 60# draw weight, Don't ever sell that one!

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#3415861 - 10/25/09 03:21 AM Re: Real Arrow speeds [Re: JJHACK]
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Everybody likes a fast bow. It seems like they are faster in theory than they are over a chronograph. I have a Matthews Drenalin set at 66# and 28 1/2 inch draw. with my Goldtip arrows and a 100 grain broad head, I can get about 272 FPS.

I tried the new Matthews "Monster" and had it set at 66#, 28 1/2 inch draw and compared it to the Drenalin. With both bows sighted in at 20 yards, I moved back and shot them both at 40 yards using the 20 yard pin. The Monster was about 2 1/2 inches higher all things being equal.

I kept the Drenalin, seeing no significant improvement in trajectory, and the pull on the single cam bow is much more pleasant.
Originally Posted By: deflave
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#3417054 - 10/25/09 06:03 PM Re: Real Arrow speeds [Re: 7_08FAN]
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Originally Posted By: 7_08FAN
Shooting a Bowtech Allegiance, 28 inch DL, 55#, Maxima Hunters, goes over at 271.....The girl has a Bowtech Equilizer shooting, 24 inch DL, 43#, Maxima 150's, goes over at 243 IIRC.....Yes these will kill....

I know there are bows which will push my set up around 300, but they aren't on every rack....and not near as much fun to shoot....

My equalizer is set at 54# and it killed my spike dead!~ Never found the arrow - - it flew out the other side and went bye bye.
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#3417290 - 10/25/09 07:51 PM Re: Real Arrow speeds [Re: nsaqam]
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Really have seen more bows and guns for that matter sold because the owner found out the real speed they were getting.The fast bows are rated at 30" which really helps pick up the speed.

#3418077 - 10/26/09 12:13 AM Re: Real Arrow speeds [Re: DCR48]
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My Deathwish take down recurve, 58# limbs, 510 grain arrow gives me around 180 or so if I pull to 28". Highly unlikely after several hours in the tree stand in mid Nov......

#3418091 - 10/26/09 12:17 AM Re: Real Arrow speeds [Re: rob p]
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Originally Posted By: rob p
JJHack- all the speed quotes are IBO which is 5 grains per pound. I'd have to unscrew my tips to get that. The absolute lightest target arrows with glue in nib points and peanut vanes would be close. My birth certificate on my Bowtech 101st Airborne gives a speed of 323 fps. With my hunting arrows, which are 390 grains or 6.5 grains per inch, I get 280 fps. My bow with 70 pound limbs gave me 302 fps with 420 grain arrows. You'll never see the posted speeds on the bows unless you are shooting knitting needles! I shot Darton bows for many years and was pleased as punch with 260 fps. Today, I can shoot a bow at 10fps less and get 20 fps more. I am happy enough.

I'm currently shooting a Victory VForce HV3 arrow with 350 spine that weighs 6.4 grains per inch.

My 29" arrows with 2" Blazers and 100 gr. tips total about 336 grains.

Arrow - 29" x 6.4 = 186 grs.
Point - 100
Nock - 14
2" Blazers - 12
Insert - 24
Total 336 grs.

My Elite Synergy set at 58 lbs and a 28" draw chronos about 287 fps. with these arrows.

Also, at 58 lbs., the 336 grain arrow is well above the 5 gr./lb, IBO minimum of 290 grains.

At 287 fps these arrows produce about 61 lbs. of KE while at the same time providing a pretty flat trajectory out to 50 yards.

I'm also getting excellent penetration with the Victory's and have obtained pass thru's on every deer I've shot with them.

As the saying goes........."speed kills" and that is certainly true when it comes to the modern compound bow.

A light draw weight with a fast arrow is my idea of an excellent hunting combination and the faster the bow, the better I like it.


Good luck to all this season...........may all your blood trails be pink and frothy. smirk

#3418673 - 10/26/09 03:06 AM Re: Real Arrow speeds [Re: nemesis]
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Mathews drenalin @ 72lbs 29.5" draw with beman ics 300 and a 100 grain tip= 295fps. I got 302fps with cx 400 arrows.
I regularly set up my chrony at the archery range. The looks of dismay are priceless when guys see what their bows are really doing.
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#3419200 - 10/26/09 11:50 AM Re: Real Arrow speeds [Re: one horn]
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Not meaning to critizice but isn't "the need for speed" here in bow hunting a kind of missing the point?

#3419686 - 10/26/09 03:06 PM Re: Real Arrow speeds [Re: George_De_Vries_3rd]
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Never owned a chronograph. Probably never will. Don't need it.

I shot my Darton Lightning through a chronograph at a pro shop once. Draw weight 55 lbs, 29-inch Easton 2312, 75 grain head, 4-inch plastic vanes, 255 fps.

When the Darton Lightning came on the market about 1979, the other manufacturers criticized it's "flat-top" force/draw curve. Today, all the new bows have a flat-top curve and almost no valley to maximize area under the curve. For a dinosaur like me, these new bows take some getting used to.

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