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#3489879 - 11/18/09 04:20 AM Re: Nosler Accubond's vs Swift Scirocco II [Re: Mule Deer]
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JB, I'm shooting 150gr Scirocco's in a 7mmSTW. I'm loading H1000, and like hicountry, they are moving along above 3350fps. I've had excellent accuracy with the Scirocco's. On paper, they're printing tight little groups. After having some issues getting them to group early on, I spoke to Bill Huber for a while, make that a long while, but he was helpful. I have had far better accuracy with the Scirocco's than the 140gr Accubonds out of my gun. My Ruger #1 seems to shine (like most 7STW's) with the heavier bullets, on up to 175gr. I recently got my hands on some 160gr NAB seconds, we'll work with those next spring. I'm sure they will shoot just fine too.

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#3489985 - 11/18/09 04:59 AM Re: Nosler Accubond's vs Swift Scirocco II [Re: HuntKY]
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I have used the 130 277 Scirocco's. The very first produced gave very good accuracy. Then something happened and I could not get them to shoot well in any of the three 270 Win's in which I tried them. They were the quickest killing bullet of all those presently manufactured and I have tried them all. The 150 7mm's are quite easy to get to shoot well. Both fly flatter than their bc's indicate.

#3490355 - 11/18/09 12:26 PM Re: Nosler Accubond's vs Swift Scirocco II [Re: RinB]
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Sorry, but I have posted this before also.

130g NAB vs 130g SII water jug test with 6.5x284 at 15 yards.

Accuracy was very similar in my rifle, <1 MOA out to 300 yards. I think the NAB went through 1 more jug, but that is from memory so may not be correct. Also, I am pretty sure that the SII weighed more when recovered.

#3490774 - 11/18/09 03:37 PM Re: Nosler Accubond's vs Swift Scirocco II [Re: Mule Deer]
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The 130 ABs and Scirocco IIs are giving equal accuracy from my 6.5 WSM. No field results with the rifle yet, but I chose the SII for the higher BC and reportedly larger frontal area upon expansion (as seen in kyreloader's post).

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#3491469 - 11/18/09 07:33 PM Re: Nosler Accubond's vs Swift Scirocco II [Re: RedRabbit]
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I have posted this before as well but this is the reason I will not go to the Swift again. emailed them but they wern't interested. Use the GS Custom bullet now for the "important" stuff.

This was a bullet picked at random to complement a wall display.

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#3492413 - 11/19/09 01:04 AM Re: Nosler Accubond's vs Swift Scirocco II [Re: hicountry]
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Originally Posted By: hicountry

Had a difficult time however getting the 110AB (.257) to shoot out of my 257 ROY (Vanguard Sub-MOA). After much fussing and trips to the range, I coaxed sub 1" out of the 110 using RL25 and experimenting with the seating depth. It was not an easy deal by any means. Guess I was too pizzed (or dumb) to give up on them. Reason I didn't give up is because it shoots the 100TSX into tiny groups, so I know the damn thing can shoot.

Did you try H1000 in this test?

#3492468 - 11/19/09 01:17 AM Re: Nosler Accubond's vs Swift Scirocco II [Re: Mule Deer]
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Mule Deer

I tried the Scirocco's in my 270 Win. in 2001 with accuracy in the 1.5"-2" groups. I took them hunting that year and shot a deer at less than 100 yards with very little expansion. Following its path it seemed to just pencil though. I understand they have been redesigned since then.

The Accubond has been very accurate for me. The 140g going around an inch or less. No results for me on game yet.

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#3492877 - 11/19/09 03:05 AM Re: Nosler Accubond's vs Swift Scirocco II [Re: Just a Hunter]
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I have tried Swift S-2's in 5 rifles in 7mm and 30 calibers and I could never get them to shoot well. Most of the 5 had match grade barrels.
I have tried AB's in three different rifles and they have all shot them under an inch with min fuss.
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#3493356 - 11/19/09 06:33 AM Re: Nosler Accubond's vs Swift Scirocco II [Re: VonGruff]
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Anything can go wrong and does, but pretty unusual to pick just one bullet to dissect and have it turn out to be such so defective. Makes one wonder just how many there are in that box........?

BTW - were those S1" or the newer S11"s..........?


#3493390 - 11/19/09 07:44 AM Re: Nosler Accubond's vs Swift Scirocco II [Re: magnumb]
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The 140 7mm AB has been consistently accurate for me in a couple of 7RM's,and the 7mm Dakota at 3375 fps.Ditto also the 150 gr AB in the 30/06.

I have tried the 130 AB in a couple of 270's and they did not want to shoot.

The 7mm 150 SS(both the old and new)have also been very accurate in 7RM and 7mm Dakota.Driven at 3150-3225 from these cartridges, I notice it shoots a full MOA "flatter" to 500 yards than more conventional bullets....I don't know why....

I can't get the 130 SS I or II to shoot in any 270 Win I have tried.

Have not shot anything other than coyotes with the SS,but was surprised that the give nickel-sized exits on these little animals,even under 100 yards,and do not blow them apart which surprised me.....I am more used to seeing coyotes blown up pretty badly from 270's and 130 Partitions.The SS II seemed pretty tough to me.

I have a feeling the 130 270,both AB and SS II,because of their length,might need a faster twist that 1-10 found in most 270's.Just a guess,because I do not have a 9 twist 270,but I can't get either bullet to shoot.

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