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#3527860 - 12/01/09 09:05 AM Midway USA's latest shipping scam
carlm Offline
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They call it UPS Basic. What they do is, charge you the UPS rate, UPS ships your package to your local Post Office who delivers it. Great idea huh? Charge double the "if it fits it ships rate" then ship it the cheaper way. Of course, this is done to save you and I money.

#3527882 - 12/01/09 09:12 AM Re: Midway USA's latest shipping scam [Re: carlm]
sandcritter Online   content
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Hadn't noticed that till you mentioned it. Ordered few items last minute before leaving for wisconsin, to arrive UPS. They didn't make it to the doorstep and i left without them, oh well. Come to find out on returning - package was sitting in the mailbox all the while, with the mail i forgot to pickup before leaving town. Shipped USPS.
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#3527949 - 12/01/09 09:39 AM Re: Midway USA's latest shipping scam [Re: sandcritter]
RyanTX Online   content
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Not only that, but with the UPS Basic service, you can't track your package.

#3527961 - 12/01/09 09:44 AM Re: Midway USA's latest shipping scam [Re: RyanTX]
hamr56 Offline
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#3527970 - 12/01/09 09:46 AM Re: Midway USA's latest shipping scam [Re: RyanTX]
heavywalker Online   content
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Even worse when you have a PO box and you give them your physical address for shipping, the post office won't deliver it because they have no record of that address and no mailbox to drop it in if they did.

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#3527995 - 12/01/09 09:52 AM Re: Midway USA's latest shipping scam [Re: heavywalker]
Rock Chuck Online   content
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I had something shipped to me by DSL, who doesn't come here. It went to the USPS the same way. It took it's sweet time getting here, for sure, and there was no way to track it.
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#3528012 - 12/01/09 10:00 AM Re: Midway USA's latest shipping scam [Re: Rock Chuck]
heavywalker Online   content
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I am on the hold at Midway right now. The rep I talked to said that they know that they have a problem with UPS basic where people with a PO box will not get there package. But that the managment says it is a small percentage so they dont worry about it to much.
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#3528033 - 12/01/09 10:05 AM Re: Midway USA's latest shipping scam [Re: Rock Chuck]
DanD Offline
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Here's another one: Asked for UPS and it was shipped UPS, check. Even got the tracking number. After 10 days checked on the tracking number. UPS has it that it was delivered and signed for six days previous to shipping address. But, no package. They, UPS suggests i call post office. Yup, seems it was delivered to post office for further delivery to my house six days previous. Postmaster says that they gave it to another jobber/vendor for delivery that same day. called jobber, yup, they have it and ask when can I pick it up. Huh? After another 30 minutes on the phone with them I convinced them it was in their best interest to deliver to my home.

#3528078 - 12/01/09 10:20 AM Re: Midway USA's latest shipping scam [Re: DanD]
june6th1944 Offline
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There are other options besides MidwayUSA, "And that't the way it is."

Graf & Sons (they have one shipping rate with no minimum order amount)
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#3528085 - 12/01/09 10:21 AM Re: Midway USA's latest shipping scam [Re: DanD]
TexasTBag Online   shocked
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Its a good service option for them, it saves them probably $4 per package because it gets rid of the residential surcharge. It doesn't work the same way as the if it fits it ships because UPS is picking up the package and in a way subcontracting it to the USPS.

The reason its good for the customer is because they get full UPS tracking, they can have delivery to PO boxes and delivery on saturday for no extra fee.

We toyed around with the Fed Ex version for our e-commerece site, we would have used it for our free shipping option but we had trouble getting it to interface with our software,. Its not a scam and I doubt Midway is raking in cash with it, they still have to pay people to pack the orders and pay for the shipping supplies hence where handling fees come from.

Midway has bad customer service IMO. I placed an order online and forgot to add an item, called them right after I placed the order to see if they could add the other item and i was told no I would have to place another order and pay the shipping (item was $5 shipping was $9) That is such BS! I oversee a warehouse and call center and a fullfilment site, I can't believe they can't add an item to an order or wouldn't ship it for free..
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