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#3626753 - 12/31/09 07:15 PM Re: Lee Target Model Loader - 22/250 [Re: meddybemps]
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Originally Posted By: meddybemps
I had a couple of these sets in .222 and 6mm Remington. If you follow the directions they will produce very good ammunition. They are slow certainly and I never really liked the the inside neck reaming. Compared to the Wilson and Dewey knockout dies and bullet seaters I also used they were a little crude --- but the ammo shot quite well out of a 40X Remington and a couple of different .222's. That said, they are perfect for loading at the range, especially when you are working up loads for a new rifle.

You can load 5 cartridges, shoot them and change your seating depth or your powder charge for the next five. I never used the powder dippers. I used to use an old Belding and Mull measure and it was easy to work out the settings for various powders at home and then merely to adjust the measure setting at the range when working up loads. No scale required at the range if you did that.

In one afternoon, I could try several different bullets, seating depths powder charges and primers to see what shot best. After that, I went home and loaded up what the rifle liked best in quantity on the usual RCBS press. As I think about it, I can't undestand any reason for not reloading at the range when working up loads. Simple, easy and efficient. Beats the hell out of loading up a bunch of trial loads at home and ending up with boxes of leftover mediocre ammo.

Think I will check over on Ebay and see if I can find a couple of these sets in .223 and 7mm-08. Thanks for your post. You have inspired me........

You have described an excellent example that a simple Lee loader can be benefical in certain reloading functions. It reminds of the first year some amigos and I went to Montana for PDs. Our plan was to load up a bunch of ammo and take the lee loaders, powder scale and measure with us to finish out the shooting. Well the process of reloading at night in our motel room did not last long because we found a good watering hole in one of the small western towns. Rubbing elbows and talking smart with the locals at the bar was way too much fun. It all started out with blasting out of ammo.
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#3628022 - 01/01/10 01:16 AM Re: Lee Target Model Loader - 22/250 [Re: quarterboredave]
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Originally Posted By: quarterboredave
roundoak, This may not be 100% accurate as I am working from memory which is a little vague on Lee products in that time period. Sometime during that era the Lee company split into two companies one retaining the original name and one becoming the Lee Precision we know today. I believe the original named company continued to mfg. the hand tools the company was known for while Lee Precision started making more inovative tools, presses etc. that they are known for today. Unfortunatly the older named company went out of business probably due to poor sales and the hand tools went with them. Even then folks wanted faster production tools and were highly suspect of budget priced tools. To bad as I still have a couple of the hand priming tools, and loading kits and they work to perfection but they do it slowly.

Lee is still making the Lee Loader although they are phasing them out because the patents will soon expire. Once that happens anyone will be able to make them.
Only reason that I was ever able to figure for them to quit makeing the Lee Target Model Loader was, like a lot of things, there was a very limited market. People that have them like them, other people (I suspect that have never used one) can't seem to bad mouth them enough.

#3628623 - 01/01/10 04:06 AM Re: Lee Target Model Loader - 22/250 [Re: chris112]
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"People that have them like them, other people (I suspect that have never used one) can't seem to bad mouth them enough."

Amen - well said - Chris112

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#3632624 - 01/02/10 12:56 PM Re: Lee Target Model Loader - 22/250 [Re: roundoak]
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I still have several Lee Target loaders....Gordon Schaenzer was the last owner of Mequon and I recall several conversations with him back in the day before he closed the doors....

The only drawback to the Lee Target model is its inability to FL resize, something of no consequence if the person has a press and dies to do so....Lee recommended first shooting factory ammo in the rifle the loader was to be used for rather than attempting to load new brass....

Neck reaming has fallen out of fashion with the accuracy fanatics (which I think accounts for a lot of the bad mouthing) but my Target models continue to produce very accurate results....I wish those pot metal priming tools were still available, too....they're still being used by many BR shooters....
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#3633684 - 01/02/10 08:33 PM Re: Lee Target Model Loader - 22/250 [Re: balltownbob]
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In 1986 I killed a deer at 400 yards with my sizing/seating Lee dies - loaded 7x57 ammo.

That 2-die set was on sale for $14.00 (or less!) in 1985 when I bought them at Bill's House of Guns in Merrill, Wisconsin.

They were/are great, and load superbly accurate ammo.

#3633908 - 01/02/10 10:05 PM Re: Lee Target Model Loader - 22/250 [Re: ChrisKnox]
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Mr. Knox I'm glad to know that you are on this forum. I thought so highly of Neal Knox and stood behind him throughout his tenure at the NRA. Whatever Neal Knox suggested or proposed, I was always 100% behind him because I trusted him explicitly. He certainly was one of "the good guys". Thank you for sharing. Bill.
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