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#4149360 - 06/07/10 09:41 PM NRA Supports China
Vince Offline

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I wanted to share a very disappointling experience and ask for those of you who agree with me to write to the NRA to get this addressed.
I recently upgraderd to a NRA Life Membership, for doing so the NRA sent me a "Minuteman" statue, this symbol of American freedom was made in China.
Please see a copy of my letter to the NRA and their response which I pasted below. If you agree with me, I was advised we have to write directly to Wayne LaPierre as he is responsible for the sourcing decisions for NRA material.
Wayne LaPierre
11250 Waples Mill Road
Fairfax, VA 22030

Please remember this if you consider buying any other NRA promotional material.

From: Vince & Linda
Sent: Saturday, June 05, 2010 10:59 PM
To: Membership

Subject: Life Membership
Today I received my Minuteman Statue which was supposed to be in recognition of my upgrading to Life Member.
Upon receiving it I promptly destroyed this treasonous piece of garbage and threw it in the trash.
How dare you send me such a patriotic symbol that has been MADE IN CHINA.

China, one of our most dangerous enemies. An enemy that threatens the freedom of this country and the free world.
An enemy that has take our jobs with their unfair trade practices.
An enemy the supports other enemies such as North Korea, Iraq, Iran, the Taliban, Chavez in Venezuela, communists in Chile, and the list goes on.
This is an enemy that has made serious and continued efforts to destroy our country and way of life.
An enemy that shot at my father, another Life Member, in Korea.
And you send me a Minuteman statue made in CHINA!!

This is a serious breach of confidence and trust.

Every freedom loving gun owner I can contact will hear of this unbelievable act until you right this wrong and recall everyone of these treasonous items from every American you have sent them to.
I also expect to see a printed apology in your publications; American Rifleman, American Hunter and Shooting Illustrated.
A written apology directly from Wayne LaPierre is also in order.
NEVER again will I buy another NRA labeled item, nor will I visit the NRA store again.
Shame on you.

NRA Life Member

From: Membership []
Sent: Monday, June 07, 2010 9:26 AM
To: 'Vince & Linda'
Subject: RE: Life Membership
Thank you for contacting us.
Due to American economic and production shifts in manufacturing, it has become more and more difficult to find manufactures within the U.S. who can meet our demand while being cost productive. Please be assured that whenever possible, the NRA does buy American Made products. Unfortunately, many of the items that Members want are either not manufactured in America, or We sympathize with your complaints and are continually working to meet the demands and expectations of our Members.
Thank you very much for your support and please feel free to contact us
if you ever need anything else!
Best Regards,
NRA Member Communications
11250 Waples Mill Road
Fairfax, VA 22030
Phone: 1(800)672-3888

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#4152035 - 06/08/10 11:41 PM Re: NRA Supports China [Re: Vince]
TNrifleman Online   content
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Just curious, do you shop at Walmart, of buy any products made in China?

#4152603 - 06/09/10 02:52 AM Re: NRA Supports China [Re: TNrifleman]
Vince Offline

Registered: 06/27/05
Posts: 23
I fully support the NRA, I have proved it with my money being where my mouth is. It is my privilege as a member and citizen of this country to let Wayne LaPierre know I prefer 'Made in USA'. It is your privilege to throw stones at me for doing so. That is the greatness of this country.

I did not upgrade to life because they offered a statue. I upgraded to Life because I want to support the NRA. The point of my post is that we do have choices. An if we ask the NRA, whom I fully support (and showed said support buy saving for years to finally be able to afford a life membership), we can let them know that we would prefer to have our membership funds directed toward protecting the second amendment rather than giving any of it to China for promotional items. And should they want to purchase promotional items, we would rather have simpler USA made products than products that used to be made by the citizens of the USA.

I have been to China and Taiwan, as well as many other nations around the globe. The Chinese people are wonderful human beings, but their government is not. They do not play fair, they do not treat their citizens fairly, they promote the piracy of intellectual property, they provide the weapons terrorists need to continue unnecessary wars of aggression. Chinese citizens are not allowed to own guns of any kind. They should not be the source for a symbol of patriotism and freedom that the Minute Men stand for or that the NRA is here to protect.

I have watched our jobs move to China for many reasons. The primary reason is ourselves looking for the cheapest products while wanting the highest wages. But wages are not the only reason millions of manufacturing jobs have left the USA. Subsidized energy costs are a more significant factor since most manufacturing is automated regardless of where it occurs. Material costs are also subsidized in China. This is not playing fair.

After 35 years in the automotive components industry I lost my job (5 years short of retirement) to outsourcing. My former employer and many others shared our technologies with China with the hope of increased profit AND the hope of creating new markets for our products (more profit). This has been the characteristic of the USA since WWII. Americans rebuilt the world after the war, sharing technology, knowledge, finances and more. The USA was responsible for the rebuilding of Japan, South Korea, Germany, France, England. Our generosity was significant and continues as we help India, Malaysia, Brazil, Mexico, and most any country build their own sustainable economies, even if some of those countries have trade restrictions against us.
You find fault that I believe the NRA should not buy patriotic symbols from a nation that will use those monies against us? You find fault that I believe we should try to support our own economy?

Do I shop at Walmart, absolutely. Walmart is not the only retailer that sells Chinese goods. Everything they sell can be found at most other stores, it's funny to watch so many single out Walmart. Walmart sells a lot of 'Made in USA' items, as many as any other store I have visited.

Electronics are virtually all Chinese, as are most clothing, so of course I buy some of them. I choose to look at labels and IF possible buy from 'friendly' sources, preferring to buy 'Made in the USA'. If you want our economy to recover you should try it too.

By the way, Walmart profits stay in the USA. Walmart reinvests those profits in the fledgling American solar energy industry (primary owners of First Solar). Walmart is an American company that treats it's employees well regardless of what the propaganda of some say. I know personally, Walmart hired my children, paid them fairly, promoted them, gave them a chance to be self sufficient. And thank God because I lost my job and could not help them any more.

#4153315 - 06/09/10 01:33 PM Re: NRA Supports China [Re: Vince]
m1rifleman Offline
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I'm with Vince, unfortuneatly industry/government has made it increasingly difficult to buy USA. The NRA hat giveaway is also made in China. Can't put it on.

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#4157592 - 06/10/10 11:37 PM Re: NRA Supports China [Re: m1rifleman]
TNrifleman Online   content
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I threw no stones at you and meant no offense. I certainly have no issue with you making your position on promotional items clear to the NRA. Your bitterness and outright hatred is very evident in both your response to the NRA and me. I'm fine with that, as it is your bag of rocks to carry. Again, I meant no offense.

#4158242 - 06/11/10 03:38 AM Re: NRA Supports China [Re: TNrifleman]
Vince Offline

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No offense taken, just passion expressed. Bitterness yes, hatred - no. I love this country and it's people, I will fight with everything I have for it, be it pen or sword.

#4162589 - 06/12/10 11:50 PM Re: NRA Supports China [Re: Vince]
MtnHtr Offline
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FWIW, Walmart is still selling Hummingbird feeders that are made in the USA.

Hummingbird Feeder


#4200498 - 06/28/10 06:15 AM Re: NRA Supports China [Re: MtnHtr]
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Once helped out at a "Friends of NRA" Banquet. All sponsors received some sort of bronze-like statue. Found myself peeling off the embarassing "Made In China" stickers before they were presented to some of the old boys who would have had conniptions. Rightfully so.

#4268667 - 07/24/10 02:11 AM Re: NRA Supports China [Re: 338Federal]
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This all reminds me of when I bought my Leupold in the metal can with a hunting knife a couple of years ago. The knife was made in China. Kinda disappointed me with Leupold (even though I think they have lenses imported for some models).
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#4330557 - 08/16/10 08:33 AM Re: NRA Supports China [Re: model70man]
r08ert209cali Offline

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I have had trouble finding an American flag for the yard that is not made in China..Sad
I dunno, I've never been much for guns. I mean, sure, we have the usual gun by the door, another near the TV, one in the kitchen, and another in the bedroom.For the most part though, we keep our home free of guns. We are peace loving folks.

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