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#4161754 - 06/12/10 Re: wetback joke thread..... [Re: Idaho_Shooter]
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Why don't Mexicans marry Blacks ?

The kids would be too lazy to steal .

See , I capitalized the races . Does that make it more palatable for you PC types ?
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#4161761 - 06/12/10 Re: wetback joke thread..... [Re: Idaho_Shooter]
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When sis and bro in law built their house they had a couple friends originally from mexico working for them. (legal immigrants, btw) Bro in law and nephew are here fishing this weekend so I asked if he knew any good jokes and we read this thread. He said he wishes he could remember them, those 2 mex's had the best and funniest wetback jokes he ever heard.

I believe him. Best pole jokes I ever heard were told by poles. Best bohemian jokes, by bohems. etc.

They're just jokes.
George Carlin was right.
"I believe you can joke about anything."
I'll add to it. Not only can, but should. People need to get over themselves...

"When is penguin season, daddy? I wanna go kill a penguin!"
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#4161762 - 06/12/10 Re: wetback joke thread..... [Re: Idaho_Shooter]
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here's two:

There are three people at a bar. One is Mexican, one is Iraqi and the other is American. The Mexican gets a beer drinks it then he throws the glass in the air takes out his pistol and shoots it to pieces. He says in Mexico glass is so cheap we do not need to drink out of same glass twice. Then the Iraqi gets a beer and drinks it. He also throws it in the air and takes out his AK47 and shoots it to pieces. He says in Iraq we have so much sand that we too do not need to drink out of same glass twice. Then the American gets a beer and drinks it and throws the glass up. He then shoots the Mexican and Iraqi and catches the glass and says, "In America we have so many illegal immigrants that we don't need to drink with the same ones twice.

And for the law enforcement crowd:

How are a Mexican and a cue ball alike?
The harder you hit it, the more English you get out of it.
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#4161767 - 06/12/10 Re: wetback joke thread..... [Re: Steve_NO]
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What did the Mexican firefighter name his twin sons?
Hose-A and Hose-B.
Life doesn't have a remote. Get up and change it yourself.

#4161800 - 06/12/10 Re: wetback joke thread..... [Re: 340boy]
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A small border town is infested with birds & the town has tried everything to get rid of them.One day at the town hall meeting,an old timer pipes up & says ,"I can get rid of all these birds,but it'll cost $100 k,and if you ask one question about my service,be prepared to pay $200k"
So later the councilman gets the comittee to agree & try this fella.
The guy shows up with a blue pidgeon & lets it go,out of its cage.It flies up,all the birds follow & leave.Blue bird comes back & gets in his box.
The councilman is freaked out & floored.Hands the old timer a check for $200 k & asks,"Do you have a blue Mexican ?"

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#4161856 - 06/12/10 Re: wetback joke thread..... [Re: Bighorn]
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Originally Posted By: Bighorn
take this somewhere else. It doesn't belong in the Campfire.

Geez, I'm german/czech descent and laugh my azz off at those jokes, and I'm an Aggie at heart and those are good too..

I'd say instead of taking it elsewhere, get a life.
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