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#4243867 - 07/14/10 10:01 PM Re: 350 Rem. Mag. Loads [Re: Retsof]
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Mine is a 673. It shoots everything very well. Even factory loads. Here's my favorite MOA load and it packs a whallop! Stole it from Ken Waters:

.350 Remington Magnum - Lot "A"

Primer: WLR
Powder: IMR 4895 55.0 Gr. (See Below) Listed as "Near Max."
Bullet: Speer Hot Cor 250 Gr. Spitzer
OAL: 2.900"
Case Usage: New Remington - Peters
Remarks: Ken Waters "Pet Loads" p. 411 says "near max., good load." He's right!
IMR 4895 is definitely a good powder for this round.

Start lower and work up!
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#4244824 - 07/15/10 03:29 AM Re: 350 Rem. Mag. Loads [Re: Blowtorch53]
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good info thanks.I just picked up a ruger mkII in 350 rem mag.

#4244936 - 07/15/10 04:13 AM Re: 350 Rem. Mag. Loads [Re: toad]
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Just starting to work upoads for a Rem.660 I've had for 20 years.My latest manual Hornady 7th Addition shows max load of H4895 with their 250 gr RN[3535} at 49.1 gr...? You are shooting 55 gr? Just asking.. Never mind... you are shooting IMR 4895

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#4245262 - 07/15/10 12:34 PM Re: 350 Rem. Mag. Loads [Re: minnmarcus]
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minnmarcus, no, i'm shooting H4895.

from Quickload:

55 gr H4895
250 gr Hornady SPRN (#3525)
2.8" coal
60826 PSI (max. is 62366)
2559 fps from 22" barrel
2453 fps from 18" barrel

the Hodgdon site and their #27 reloading manual lists 49.5 gr. H4895 starting as a load, and 54 gr. as max.

this load is well behaved in my rifles (Rem 600 and 673), but work up as always.
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#4247211 - 07/16/10 01:18 AM Re: 350 Rem. Mag. Loads [Re: toad]
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Hodgdon internet data (today) shows:

250 GR. HDY SP IMR 4895 .358" 2.930" 56.0C 2485 52,500 CUP

This is the max. load for IMR 4895. The 55.0 gr. load is pretty stiff for my rifle.
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#4254266 - 07/18/10 10:35 PM Re: 350 Rem. Mag. Loads [Re: Taconic11]
wswolf Offline

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The most accurate loads, .7 MOA, in my Model 600 have been with 250 gn bullets at something over 2400 fps.

250 Hornady, 59gn Reloader-15, 210 primer, 2.80" OL, 2445fps
250 Nosler, 53gn Benchmark, 210 primer, 2.80" OL, 2435fps

Substituting the 250 Speer for the Nosler gave 1.5" groups, 2415fps and shot to the same point of aim.

Reloader-15 was OK with the Hornady RN but under the 250 spitzers had to be squished too much for my taste, prompting the change to Benchmark.

225 bullets, Nosler and TSX, were very accurate at about 2470fps but groups opened up at higher velocities.

I would not increase the above loads at all and advise reducing them by at least 2 gn to start with.

Have not yet tried TAC but suspect that it might be ideal. The Ramshot manual suggests 53 to 59gn for 225gn bullets and 50.5 to 56gn for 250s.

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#4254453 - 07/18/10 11:40 PM Re: 350 Rem. Mag. Loads [Re: wswolf]
Brad Offline
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RL15 made it happen in my 350 RM... 250's at 2,620 in a 22" barrel.
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