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#4123692 - 05/29/10 02:50 AM Re: Bansner Rifles [Re: battue]
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Melvin is a good guy and he can build a rifle. It's was too tough for me to live here and not own one of his guns. He told me when I picked mine up that it was his gun and he was loaning it to me. It sure works good.
If I were to have one built for the grandson I am sure I would get some weird looks from others in the family.
Mark builds a pretty nice piece too. Man ought to own at least one of each but there ain't enough time to wringem all out.
I feel the same way you do about many of my fellow West Virginians. Pretty good bunch and most can shoot. Our electoral votes went to McCain just in case anybody cares.


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#4155121 - 06/10/10 01:47 AM Re: Bansner Rifles [Re: RaceTire]
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I've owned a couple Bansners. Still have one in 280 Rem that is as accurate as a gun can get. Had another in 300 Weatherby I'm still kicking my self for getting rid of. I've met Mark and talked to him at lenght. He builds an excellent rilfe. I'm sure there are others but IMO McWhorter and Bansners are 2 of the very best going right now. 163bc

#4157111 - 06/10/10 08:46 PM Re: Bansner Rifles [Re: 163bc]
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Mark has rebarreled and restocked several for me. The first was a Model 7 in 7SAUM. It has a Lilja barrel, his stock and is coated. It shoots Great! He also put a 280 Rem Lilja barrel on a Sako 85 Finnlight action. It shoots too! He is currently putting a 6.5-284 barrel on a Sako A7 action. I'm expecting good things. His shop is immaculate and he and Tom are great guys.
7mm fan!

#4157131 - 06/10/10 08:59 PM Re: Bansner Rifles [Re: Bob257]
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I own a Bansners in 300 Win mag and its a better shooter than I am. I'm the second owner, and needed the LOP reduced by a 1/2 inch. Mark did the work and repainted the stock and sent it back for something like $25, which I seem to recall was just the shipping.

I like his work, and I love the rifle.

Top shelf guy.

BTW, he answered the phone when I called, as well. I like a man who puts his name on a product and answers his own phone.
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#4158226 - 06/11/10 03:33 AM Re: Bansner Rifles [Re: David_Walter]
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I have reloaded and shot a "Sheep Rifle" in 300RUM and was impressed with the rifle. My friend picked it up for $2500 including a Swarovski 3x12x56 with a TDS reticle from a victim of Obummer's economy.

When I gave it back I told him it was the best gun he has and he has quite a few and I have quite a few custom rebarrels (Hart, Brux, Douglas, Pac-Nor, Shilen). First load was with 200 gr TSX's that shot 1 1/2" with new cases and RL25 at 200 yards and that fit the reticle so done deal. It was a pleasure to shoot with the muzzle brake even though I am not a fan of them. Feeding and trigger pull was excellent.

Mag length was 3.7" and the distance to the lands with the 200 gr TSX was 3.79". Not too bad for a 300 RUM.
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#4244061 - 07/14/10 11:23 PM Re: Bansner Rifles [Re: woods]
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I own a 300 RUM "Ultimate One" by Bansner's. I own a few other custom rifles and have had a few more that I have let go over the years. The 300 RUM by Bansner's is the most consistant rifle for accuracy that I have ever owned. I have shot 185 Bergers, 180 Barnes, 180 Swift, 180 Noslers (Accubond & Ballistic)and all have been below 1" at 200 yards. The Berger and Barnes were right at 1/2" at 200. The rifle wears a Z5 Swarovski with Talley quick detach rings and weighs in at 7 pounds, 15 ounces. Bansner's Rifles in my opinion is definiftely one of the best out there if not the BEST!

#4244243 - 07/15/10 12:16 AM Re: Bansner Rifles [Re: JRS3]
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Clarence Hammonds @ half the price.No brag just fact.Over 30 world records go into each and every hunting rifle.

A Hammonds built rifle will out shoot a Bansner any day of the week.I've seen and heard Mr. Bansner get very testy about this.

#4244273 - 07/15/10 12:24 AM Re: Bansner Rifles [Re: 284LUVR]
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Buddy of mine has hunted with a half a dozen Bansners. His results mirrored those in this thread and I'd have no issue ordering a lefty from him. Well, other than the fact I am buying braces for the kids, paying the IRS a little extra, and saving for some taxidermy work.

#4244698 - 07/15/10 02:39 AM Re: Bansner Rifles [Re: 30338]
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1/2" at 200yds. I won't buy that from him or any other custom smith in a hunting rifle. Get a target with 5 bulls on it and post pictures. Most of us got off the turnip truck a long time ago.

#4244721 - 07/15/10 02:50 AM Re: Bansner Rifles [Re: butchlambert1]
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Sounds like those Bansner's are almost as accurate as them McWhorter's............................ grin

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