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#4516065 - 10/20/10 TSX/Twist Rates
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While thumbing thru Cabela's Fall catalog, I noticed in the Barnes bullets they have a small box saying what twist certain bullets[TSX] need; example: .25cal,115 needs a twist of 1:9" or faster. Another is: .270/150 needs a twist of 1:9.5" Hmmm!
I know my Ruger MK2 in 25-06 has a twist of 1:10", but seems to shoot the 115TSX's fine. I do not know what the twist on my Sako Finnbear in 270 is, but it shoots the TSX 150 FB really well.
I've shot both at paper at 100,200 and 300 yards, and never saw any "tumbling". Should this be a concern, or what?
Any info on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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#4516225 - 10/20/10 Re: TSX/Twist Rates [Re: rifletom]
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Ignore it. Nosler says the same about all of their bullets in the 1:14 250 Savage (won't work!!). Glad I didn't listen to them.

#4516239 - 10/20/10 Re: TSX/Twist Rates [Re: UncleJake]
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The Barnes Buster in 44cal (300gr) is in the same boat. They don't say anything, but then you buy the box and its plastered with 1:20" twist. Emailed them as I have an older 444Marlin and was advised the twist warning will remain until they 'cold weather' test ... then it'll come off.

I suppose I should load 'em and try them!

#4520385 - 10/21/10 Re: TSX/Twist Rates [Re: Con]
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All bullet manufacturers seem to steer customers towards having lots of spin, some of it, perhaps not required. I think they do this to the avoid bad press that can come from dissatisfied customers.

Shooting a lot of paper, and some animals, I have always found a 1 in 16 twist enough to stabilize 53 grain X's out of a .22 CHeetah. In theory - that's not supposed to be enough.

A few dozen deer might have been happier if the theory was correct though.

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