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#4523581 - 10/22/10 04:35 PM Re: What size Bipod for shooting from sitting position [Re: ChipM]
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Have you ever thought of using a walking staff that quickly converts to a bi-pod. This is my latest version of Varmint Al’s “Bi-Fur Pod”. I put a bit more thought into this one and it has turned out to be my best to date. I use it often for coyotes which requires a lot of moving and quick set-ups, as it is more like running and gunning, and it works well.

Deployed as a bi-pod

Folded hiking position

Threaded foot inerts

Open full length staff

Upper hand loop

Swivel mount studs for sling carry

Straps double to carry longer rod mounts for Foxpro and Mojo when shooting in tall grass

Bi-pods attached to the rifle forend on a dedicated mount has its place, but I for one feel they completely destroy the handling characteristics of a good hunting rifle. If I need to prone out to execute an accurate shot long range, I prefer to shoot over my pack.

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#4524752 - 10/23/10 01:36 AM Re: What size Bipod for shooting from sitting position [Re: GaryVA]
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Montana Marine,

Could you describe your positioning in Picture #2? I've never seen anyone shoot with a sling and a bipod. What do you gain?

#4524864 - 10/23/10 02:14 AM Re: What size Bipod for shooting from sitting position [Re: DakotaDeer]
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I was just fooling around with some different techniques where I could put some added downward and rearward pressure on the rifle.

Basically I just formed a loop to fit the crook of my arm, hooked my arm through it, then business as usual, using the non-shooting hand to manipulate a bean bag used for rear support.

I was thinking about how shooting with a sling from prone really prevents "hop", and seeing if there was a practical technique to reduce hop from a bipod, using the sling.

#4526774 - 10/23/10 10:05 PM Re: What size Bipod for shooting from sitting position [Re: MontanaMarine]
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I use the Stoney Point detached bipod and carry it on my belt. If there is something far enough away that requires a rest then there is plenty of time to deploy the bipod, Keeps the rifle lighter and more balanced.

By the way, Shanes use of a sling with the attached bipod is a very effective aditional tool for stability.

Von Gruff.
Von Gruff.

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#4526787 - 10/23/10 10:14 PM Re: What size Bipod for shooting from sitting position [Re: RatherBHuntin]
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I hate tall bipods,like few other devices.

You are in Shooting Stick Country and didn't even know it...............
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#4526836 - 10/23/10 10:33 PM Re: What size Bipod for shooting from sitting position [Re: Big Stick]
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Not a big fan of tall bipods either (I have one of the big Harris', not sure which) mainly because I see too much heartbeat from sitting positions. Other's MMV, of course.

My buddy Jerry has a string of impressive game shots using one of the long Harris units, several from sitting with the 'pod fully extended; he swears by it.

Von Gruff- plus one on the SP detachable bipod; very light and handy. I have seen some serious durability issues with them though. Have you? I've seen them develope splits or pre-splits in the rubber "head" where the legs come together.
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#4527650 - 10/24/10 02:25 AM Re: What size Bipod for shooting from sitting position [Re: Jeff_O]
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The Harris Model 25 (Non Swiveling) works for me prone and extended for sitting. I am 6'6" so YMMV
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