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#4719361 - 12/19/10 CVA Single Shot Centerfire Rifles
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Anyone have any experiences with the CVA single shot rifles?

How accurate are they at 300,400,500 yards? I'm considering one in 300 WM but there's no use for that much power if it can't shoot MOA at those ranges. Appreciate any insights,


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#4719708 - 12/19/10 Re: CVA Single Shot Centerfire Rifles [Re: Hunter308]
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They get a good price for them.IMO they look good.
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#4719917 - 12/19/10 Re: CVA Single Shot Centerfire Rifles [Re: Patrick_James]
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I can't help you much. i just bought a CVA scout, 44 mag, for next Indiana deer season, but it's been so cold, I haven't shot it, yet.


#4720122 - 12/19/10 Re: CVA Single Shot Centerfire Rifles [Re: maddog]
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I hunted this year with a CVA accura it was almost perfect the only complaint was its too long for a blind gun. I went from an Omega which is a great gun in its self. So I have no perjudice against a CVA. Those look good BUT...
For that kinda money why not just go with a time tested #1?I see that they are diffrent guns Synthetic/ SS but the Lam/SS may fit the bill but if you decide to move on I would rather have a #1 to trade sell whatever.
300WM thats a handful I have a few med boomers thats the one I like to handle the least its in a Vangaurd maybe thats why?

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#4881751 - 01/31/11 Re: CVA Single Shot Centerfire Rifles [Re: boatboy]
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A relative of mine recently did a review on his new Scout and emailed me a copy of what his findings were. He also sent me a range report I'll post also.
In late December I picked up my new Scout in 7mm-08. Upon opening the box the stainless fluted barrel and lightweight feel of the rifle struck me as features that clinched the deal on purchasing the rifle in the first place. Looking into the box a Dead On one piece scope base/intregal mount was supplied with the rifle a $40 retail item. The supplied base is rock steady on the rifle and is secured with four torx bit fasteners. The lower part of the base is one piece and includes the lower part of the scope rings. The upper scope rings are fastened to the lower part of the rings with torx bit screws. These were very solid as well.
The receiver is noticeably "missing" any spline pins that are standard on my Handi's and Toppers and is smooth from the buttstock to forend. The word Scout is also etched in each side of the receiver. The caliber designation and CVA Scout logo are lazer etched into the barrel in a black color writing. The 22" barrel has 9 inches of fluting begining near the end of the forend and extend down toward the muzzle of barrel ending about 2 1/2" from the muzzle. The forend is approxiamately 10" long and is square shaped and lightly checkered to supply a good hand grip. Two standard screws attach the forend to the barrel and the forend is supplied with a swivel stud about 3/4" from the end of the forend itself.
The ambidextrous buttstock is a black composite along with the forend being black composite. Overall length of the buttstock is 15" and a swivel stud is molded into the buttstock as well. The Crush Zone recoil pad is similar to the cushy Limbsaver and increases the ease to shoulder of this rifle.
The trigger guard houses the breeching lever and is made out of some type of metal alloy. The trigger breaks easily at 3.1lbs measured with a RCBS trigger pull guage. An ambidextrous hammer extension is supplied with the rifle and is easily switched from side to side because the end of the hammer is threaded for quick switching.
The barrel is an extractor type and the barrel breech and the standing receiver breech are nicely finished. Lock up is 100% positive with no side wobble and no visible light detected between breech and barrel face.

I installed the scope mount system and mounted a Redfield Revolution 2-7x33mm scope on this rifle and as soon as the weather permits here in the frozen tundra, I'll post a range report. I purchased a box of factory WW 140 grain ammo and will use these to check for fit and function. After that I plan to handload some Hornady 139 grain SP Interlocks and some Speer 145 grain Hot-Cor bullets. As soon as I can test I'll post a part 2 with some pics.
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#4881768 - 01/31/11 Re: CVA Single Shot Centerfire Rifles [Re: Chainsaw]
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Here is his range report. He told me the gun shot a 3 shot group that was under an inch @100 yards. Here is what he wrote;

Let me preface this with the fact that this is preliminary and I just wanted to check out the Scout for fit and function. For this test I purchased Winchester Factory 140 grain soft point ammo. The range was my home bunker @100 yards. The temperature here in Cheeseville was 24 degrees. I eyeball boresighted the rifle and have a Redfield Revolution 2-7x33mm w/ standard plex reticle mounted in the Dead On Factory supplied one piece mount and rings.

I fired a total of six shots to get the scope settings near the bullseye and then fired three more shots after I finished tweaking the scope settings. The Redfield preformed well and the scope adjustment indeed worked, as some have reported the adustments were finicky and non repeatable. I did not have those problems.

The cartridge inserted into the chamber fairly easily and extraction was positive after each shot with no troubles. The breeching lever was somewhat "stiffer" after the shot than before but worked 100%. Possibly this will work easier after a break in period as the case looked ok and primer was in the "usual" range as far as flatness goes, and the case dimension did not expand much either. The Crush Zone recoil pad made each shot kinda melt into your shoulder and recoil was not a factor. I suspect though that with the 7mm-08, recoil is not a factor even for a sub 6lb. rifle. Trigger pull was at 3.1 pounds on my RCBS trigger pull guage, and the trigger was smooth and crisp with no creep.

I posted some pics with this including my last 4 shots. The one in the white was the first shot , then I moved the scope again and fired the last three shots and I couldn't be more pleased. ( I'm not as efficient on the bench as I used to be) Further testing with W760 and Big Game propellants is to follow and hopefully a little better weather surfaces to facilitate better shooting conditions. I did not take my chronograph out but if the temp goes over 30 I'll get it out. While the weather doesn't always hold me back the cold keeps my Chrony on the sidelines.

I'm very happy with the weight, length and preformance of this rifle. Hopefully my handloads will shoot this good or better as ammo is $25 per box for this caliber.
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#4902309 - 02/05/11 Re: CVA Single Shot Centerfire Rifles [Re: Chainsaw]
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And this from his range session today;
Today I started with handloaded 139 grain Hornady SP's flat base Interlocks. Groups ranged from 1/2" to 3/4". I couldn't be more pleased with this rifle. I used Ramshots Big Game with R-P cases and R-P 9 1/2M primers. I reached 47 grains and velocity stayed the same as with 46 grains. The POI on the target dropped about 1 1/4" going from 46 to 47 grains and velocity stayed the same at around 2675 fps. I never saw that before.

I had a difficult time opening the breech when firing Winchester 140 grain factory ammo and thought it was just the rifle being a little tight. I had no problems with my handloads though signaling that maybe the factory rounds were a little hot,(2770 fps)or my rifles breeching system might have something to do with this. I'll have to check this out further. This rifle is really an out of the box tack driver much like my buddies Savage with accu-trigger. Tomorrow I'll try the 145 grain Speer Hot-Cor flat base.
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