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#5212707 - 05/06/11 12:08 AM Winchester Mod 70 "Ranger" Quality question
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I found a used .30-'06 Winchester Ranger in very good condition today in a local pawn shop.
It is complete with an unknown make (possibly a Weaver 3 x 9) scope in Weaver rings

I am not familiar with the "Ranger" model. I am assuming ( I know, assuming causes bruises ) that it was a lower priceed version of the Winchester Model 70, but I don't know if they put decent barrels on them or as much care in assembly as the regular Mod 70.

This rifle appears to have had the stock refinished and carried a bit, but not shot very much at all, and has been cared for.

Any input on quality and what it might be worth?


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#5212733 - 05/06/11 12:15 AM Re: Winchester Mod 70 "Ranger" Quality question [Re: APDDSN0864]
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Same as the others produced at the time. Stock was a cheapo of course. If the price is right, schnaaagggg it.

#5212736 - 05/06/11 12:16 AM Re: Winchester Mod 70 "Ranger" Quality question [Re: APDDSN0864]
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Buddy of mine hunted with one for years. Never gave him a bit of trouble, was extremely accurate and kicked like a jack mule.
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#5212745 - 05/06/11 12:17 AM Re: Winchester Mod 70 "Ranger" Quality question [Re: APDDSN0864]
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dunno about value, but they were just an economy version of the M70. some were made "ADL style" without floor plates but the main cost saving cuts were in wood quality and metal finishing. barrels and all else was the same as the standard M70 AFIK. had one in .243 when i was a kid.
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#5212769 - 05/06/11 12:23 AM Re: Winchester Mod 70 "Ranger" Quality question [Re: toad]
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I bought one for my dad when i was in high school back in the 80's. He still hunts iwth it today.... Like described, kind of like the ADL of the model 70. It is the only gun my dad has hunted with since I bought it for him all those years ago and have killed a pile of deer. Very good shooting gun and he has never had a bit of problem out of it. Hunt with it, clean it at the end of the season put it up, repeat for almost 30 years.
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#5212795 - 05/06/11 12:30 AM Re: Winchester Mod 70 "Ranger" Quality question [Re: toad]
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Blue Book, 30th Edition:

Model 70A (economy version) is worth $450 at 100%.

The Model 70 Ranger is $475 at 100%, $350 at 95%, $300 at 90%.

#5212820 - 05/06/11 12:38 AM Re: Winchester Mod 70 "Ranger" Quality question [Re: Dirtfarmer]
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I've had a couple go through my hands and they were both solid rifles that shot well (bedded in aftermarket stocks). On one the action was nicely blued as was the barrel. On the second, the action was matte while the barrel was nicely blued though the blueing was warn. Both were push feeds and feed very smoothly.

#5212840 - 05/06/11 12:43 AM Re: Winchester Mod 70 "Ranger" Quality question [Re: JCMCUBIC]
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I agree that the action and barrel are std. M-70 and the lower cost due to cheaper stock and less time spent with finish. With a good aftermarket stock and some good glass, it should run with the fast dogs...

#5213083 - 05/06/11 01:58 AM Re: Winchester Mod 70 "Ranger" Quality question [Re: Dirtfarmer]
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I bought one (chambered in 308 win) back in 97 for my wife and I didn't like the plastic follower (it didn't feed real smooth, would hang up on occasion). Never had any extraction issues. Stock was very cheap and plain looking. It shot 1 1/2" groups, which isn't very good with my "worked up" handloads. It kicked like a mule, but was nice and light to carry. In all, I thought it was a neat little rifle but would probably never buy another one just from the experience I had with that one. I only paid $275.00 for it brand new, which I thought was a good deal blush
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#5213148 - 05/06/11 02:16 AM Re: Winchester Mod 70 "Ranger" Quality question [Re: APDDSN0864]
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While I've only worked on a couple of them over the years, they seemed to be very serviceable firearms from what I saw.

One in particular stands out in my memory. A coworker picked up one of the "ADL" Rangers in .300WM for a song because the birch stock was so beat up.

I epoxy bedded it for him and then he brought it to work where we sprayed it with some cabinet stain and a few coats of the same conversion varnish we used on kitchens.

As he was just beginning with reloading, I helped him put together some loads, as memory serves an accuracy load out of either an older Lyman or Hornady manual using H-4831 or perhaps IMR-4831 and 180gr Hornay Spires.

So we scoped it with an ancient Scope Chief, sighted it in and then the first 3 shots he takes at 100yds go into a nice 3/4" triangle!

He turns to me after the third shot and asks, "If we play with this thing a little bit it should shoot better don't you think Dwayne?"

Bless him, he figured they all should land in the same hole. laugh

That particular Ranger shot at least that well any time I was around it, which was as good or better than many, many that I had in the safe at the time. grin

Hopefully that was some use to you APDDSN and good luck whichever way you decide. All the best to you and yours this weekend.

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