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#5303301 - 06/05/11 01:12 AM Re: how to identify model and age of Mauser Rifle [Re: RJH]
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Originally Posted By: RJH

You have an Original Oberndorf Sporting Rifle made by Mauser, not a remodeled military rifle. Commercial proof marks Crowns over BUGN. Looks like Sporting Carbine Type M pattern 720 (pg. 126 Jon Speed Original Oberndorf Sporting Rifles). Serial # 118197 places it pre-war 1936-37. There were only 127,000 Commercial Mausers produced and many have been altered or destroyed. Mr Speed evaluates the Model M carbine between $1000. and $5,500. depending on condition and extras. Its a pretty keeper for people who like fine commercial mausers, but if you must sell get Mr Speeds book and educate yourself on what you have and not get cheated on price. Good luck, wish it were mine.


So when did they quit using the full crowns over BUGN? And everything I've read said serial numbers are generally meaningless in Mausers. Is this not the case with commercial sporters?

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#5303331 - 06/05/11 01:18 AM Re: how to identify model and age of Mauser Rifle [Re: exbiologist]
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why is it recommended to not disclose the full serial number? i've seen several posts with the full info XX'd out..
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#5303359 - 06/05/11 01:30 AM Re: how to identify model and age of Mauser Rifle [Re: RJH]
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A little more info on the proof marks, 1924 German commercial proof laws changed and in addition to Crown over B (rifle proofed in assembled form), Crown over U(final inspection proof), sporting arms were stamped with a Crown over G (indicating a weapon with a rifled bbl). The BUG proofs were applied from 1924-1934, a fourth mark, Crown over N was applied from 1933-34 to late 1939 (to signify the rifle was proofed with nitro-based powder, Crown N was also used on military contract guns for export.)

The BGN marks on your rifle look washed out from being polished, with a distinct Crown over U. Maybe it was reblued at the Mauser factory ?

Your barrel does not snap on/off its most likely the scope is removeable with quick detatchable mounts.

#5303714 - 06/05/11 03:27 AM Re: how to identify model and age of Mauser Rifle [Re: RJH]
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I sold a well used but all original model M 30-06 a few years ago for $1000. It was not in as good of condition as the one you have. I visited Fred Wells in Prescott ( his son Rube has one of the best Mauser sporter collections in the US) later that year and told him. At that time he said I had sold if for less than half of it's worth!
This past year I picked up another model B in 30-06 here in Alaska and I don't plan on letting it go.
Rifle magazine will have a seperate magazine out this October specificly on Mauser sporters.
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#5303762 - 06/05/11 03:47 AM Re: how to identify model and age of Mauser Rifle [Re: 458Win]
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That is a pretty neat rifle. Heirloom, really.
Shoot and enjoy it. That's what your grandpa did.
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#5304131 - 06/05/11 12:19 PM Re: how to identify model and age of Mauser Rifle [Re: August327]
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Not a Mauser expert...My thoughts go out to you and your family. Do not sell that rifle! As others have stated, I would dig ditches to keep from selling a heirloom!

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#5304390 - 06/05/11 01:44 PM Re: how to identify model and age of Mauser Rifle [Re: sactoller]
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The script on the side of the action matches my commercial Mauser 98, and it is dated to mid 30s production. I was not aware of any post war production of Mausers in the 50s (German arms companies were disbanded, the machines and tooling sold or confiscated). The Brevex Mauser was reportedly manufactured in France on machinery confiscated/bought from the German arms industry closure.

#5304817 - 06/05/11 04:22 PM Re: how to identify model and age of Mauser Rifle [Re: August327]
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There are Mausers and there are other Mausers. But that is a MAUSER!!! I am not an expert but that is waaaaayy above a run of the mill Mauser sporter-even a nice one. Try and keep it in the family and cherish and protect it. Value--?? I would guess north of $5000 maybe well north. PH

#5305109 - 06/05/11 06:41 PM Re: how to identify model and age of Mauser Rifle [Re: Plateau Hunter]
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I would look at other alternatives instead of selling a rifle my Granddad and my Dad owned. That's a family heirloom, a very nice one at that, and I believe you will regret it if you choose to sell.

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#9040691 - 07/21/14 11:13 PM Re: how to identify model and age of Mauser Rifle [Re: Joe]
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Got a Mauser 30 / 06 and I know nothing about it it has the German eagle on it. Help please.

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