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#5891362 - 12/07/11 257 Roberts and coyote
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Looking for suggestions for coyote loads for my 257 Roberts. I would like as little pelt damage as posible.
I am Canadian.

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#5892058 - 12/07/11 Re: 257 Roberts and coyote [Re: simplyme]
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That is a tough order to fill. I don't know of a frangible bullet in that caliber that will not leave a tremendous exit wound. Maybe some 87gr v-maxes and try to punch them in the shoulders or the neck, and even then you will likely have some stitching to do! T.S.

#5893798 - 12/08/11 Re: 257 Roberts and coyote [Re: simplyme]
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Barnes makes a .257 90 grain solid.

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#5893800 - 12/08/11 Re: 257 Roberts and coyote [Re: simplyme]
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Load a boat tail bullet backwards. Base out.
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#5896665 - 12/08/11 Re: 257 Roberts and coyote [Re: Savage_99]
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I have had better luck with the heavier bullets, 100-120 grain, for pelt hunting. A good many years ago the 257 Roberts was my only rifle and it had to do double duty for big game and varmints. It was pretty harsh on coyote hides with the 75 grain bullets and almost as bad with the 87 grainers. I never did try the solids. The 120 grain Speer was my big game bullet at the time and it did a pretty fair job on the coyotes without making extreme holes. Of course hit an offside shoulder and all bets are off. That can make for some interesting sewing.

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#5897034 - 12/08/11 Re: 257 Roberts and coyote [Re: mart]
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I'm with mart, go heavier and tougher at a lower velocity in the bigger bores. I have had fair luck in my Bob with the 100gr cup and core bullets, recently of the Remington variety. I have enough varmint rifles that this isn't my go-to gun but the incidentals I shot while deer hunting all faired okay.

#5950585 - 12/22/11 Re: 257 Roberts and coyote [Re: Redleg172]
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Plus 2, Game bullets instead of varmint bullets will get you better results.


#5950599 - 12/22/11 Re: 257 Roberts and coyote [Re: L_Killkenny]
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Yep..well constructed 100 grains +
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#5950817 - 12/22/11 Re: 257 Roberts and coyote [Re: ingwe]
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I tried some fmjs with a 22-250 trying to reduce pelt damage. I found that the fmjs would kill the coyotes but sometimes they didn't realize it until they were a long ways away. At the time, 55gr .224 bullets was all that was available.
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#5951822 - 12/22/11 Re: 257 Roberts and coyote [Re: stillbeeman]
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Shot some jack rabbits with FMJ's in a 25-06...they didn't die right off...even the .30 cal. FMJ's permit coyotes to run off before they expire...

#5959957 - 12/24/11 Re: 257 Roberts and coyote [Re: WyoCoyoteHunter]
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I've had great results with the Speer TNT's 85 % don't exit at 25-06 speeds....if it makes it out the other side hold on grin

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