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#6065086 - 01/19/12 Cage Trapped Bobcats
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Some of us are limited to only trapping with confinement traps (cage traps). This is part of this year's catch so far. Not all the bobcats pictures below were taken. Small females and males were released unharmed.

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#6065088 - 01/19/12 Re: Cage Trapped Bobcats [Re: Hyperwrx]
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Released- cute little kitty

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#6065523 - 01/19/12 Re: Cage Trapped Bobcats [Re: Hyperwrx]
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Those are some cool pics. That coyote looks very thin. But some real cool pics of that cats!

#6065829 - 01/19/12 Re: Cage Trapped Bobcats [Re: kyle3648]
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had a trapper at my 11 year olds hunter safety class tell me bobcat meat was some of the best meat he has ever eaten.i wanted to put that to the test but cancer kept me out of the woods most of the season frown
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#6069958 - 01/20/12 Re: Cage Trapped Bobcats [Re: fat_daddy]
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Hyper..Cool pics and lots of cats..Just wondering what kind of traps your using, can't see the doors..are they straight drop or hinged..Also, can you share how you are baiting..Thanks..
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#6070824 - 01/21/12 Re: Cage Trapped Bobcats [Re: 7_08FAN]
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Those are great pics
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#6089158 - 01/25/12 Re: Cage Trapped Bobcats [Re: 76_michael]
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There is dirt on the bottom.
Did you sprinkle that in there, or did the captive animals dig it up through the bars?

I have a couple traps like that, and I am trapping raccoons.
There are no coyotes or bobcats where I live.
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#6096786 - 01/27/12 Re: Cage Trapped Bobcats [Re: Clarkm]
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Awesome pics
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#6097688 - 01/27/12 Re: Cage Trapped Bobcats [Re: moore]
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nice pics--should help the quail population if you're lucky to have any.--dennis

#6097847 - 01/27/12 Re: Cage Trapped Bobcats [Re: cranky72]
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I have been trying to get Michigan to allow live traps for years. It would to be great for cats ,fisher and martin here.
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#6099059 - 01/27/12 Re: Cage Trapped Bobcats [Re: coyotewacker]
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Cool Pics!

Judging from all the feathers I'm assuming you are using birds as bait. What kind and alive or dead?
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#6104392 - 01/29/12 Re: Cage Trapped Bobcats [Re: Rooster7]
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That yote sure looks embarrassed!
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#6134010 - 02/05/12 Re: Cage Trapped Bobcats [Re: Hyperwrx]
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Thanks for sharing your pics...always wanted to catch a cat in a cage but never have.

#6152887 - 02/09/12 Re: Cage Trapped Bobcats [Re: Ghostwalker]
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did you build your own traps or are those purchased. If purchased, what brand are they?

#6203050 - 02/21/12 Re: Cage Trapped Bobcats [Re: rosco1]
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Originally Posted By: rosco1
That yote sure looks embarrassed!

Looks more like he is begging for mercy
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#6213236 - 02/24/12 Re: Cage Trapped Bobcats [Re: Hawk_Driver]
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That yote looks like he was after the roadrunner. But seriously what are you using for bait? I am wanting to try and trap some cats any tips would be great. THanks
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#6297101 - 03/16/12 Re: Cage Trapped Bobcats [Re: Ranchhand02]
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Awesome pics! I would like to know as well what you are using for bait.

#6309770 - 03/19/12 Re: Cage Trapped Bobcats [Re: privatepilot]
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I'd pay money to see the explosion when the door shuts on one of those cats.

#6311514 - 03/20/12 Re: Cage Trapped Bobcats [Re: 6MMWASP]
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Nicely done! My health has prevented me from trapping for several years now, but catching'cats and coyotes was one of my passions. I never tried cage-type traps, though.

Thanks for sharing the photos...

#6358220 - 04/01/12 Re: Cage Trapped Bobcats [Re: fat_daddy]
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Originally Posted By: fat_daddy

had a trapper at my 11 year olds hunter safety class tell me bobcat meat was some of the best meat he has ever eaten.i wanted to put that to the test but cancer kept me out of the woods most of the season frown
Sorry to hear abt the ca and hope you are getting well.
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#6576829 - 06/08/12 Re: Cage Trapped Bobcats [Re: eyeball]
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I hate coyotes, and I LOVE calling/kiiling them but I dont think I could kill one like that. He looks too much like my yellow lab begging not to get whooped when he has misbehaved in that picture!

OTOH, the kitties look really cool.... On the back of the truck!

#6579144 - 06/09/12 Re: Cage Trapped Bobcats [Re: firstcoueswas80]
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Most likely the feathers were not from live bait. Lots of bobcat trappers use them as a visual lure.

Love the pictures and I think the coyote looks ashamed of himself.


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