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#6140865 - 02/06/12 Cleaning up old knives?
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I have a few oldies that are kinda beat up. In particular, 3-4 camper/boyscout type 4-blade knives. The blades are kinda gummed up, as well as the internals. They are very old.

What is the best way to get them spiffed up a bit? I was thinking of actually soaking them in something (actually submerging them). Or just spraying them with a lot of Kroil and letting them sit.

Or I could just hit them with brake cleaner or lighter fluid and then some Kroil. 1-2 may have plastic scales though, so not sure.

Also wondering about touching up the blades a bit. Just to remove surface rust, not necessarily patina.



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#6141124 - 02/06/12 Re: Cleaning up old knives? [Re: 2muchgun]
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A soft cloth, soft-bristled tooth brush, and some mineral oil...

#6141272 - 02/06/12 Re: Cleaning up old knives? [Re: add]
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WD-40 or soak them in kerosene. Breaks down the gummy residue, then blow them out with air pressure.

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#6142108 - 02/07/12 Re: Cleaning up old knives? [Re: mike_e_miller]
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Beware of soaking the entire knife in anything. You did not specify how old, but the handles may be a composition that will loosen or curl if soaked with a petroleum based product.
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#6147581 - 02/08/12 Re: Cleaning up old knives? [Re: bobelk99]
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I put a few drops of light gun oil on the hinged end of the blade and then work them open and closed - flushes out lots of old junk and leaves a little light lubrication for the pivot. I also use as q-tip with a little light oil and compressed air to clean out the insides of the knife. Wipe it down and keep using it.
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#6208279 - 02/23/12 Re: Cleaning up old knives? [Re: Odessa]
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Thanks for the replies. Q-tips and compressed air is what I used before reading the above post. It works pretty well, but does not get everything. Also used some Kroil and/or Rem oil.

I still need to do a better cleaning. thinking of submerging them in something......

#6208328 - 02/23/12 Re: Cleaning up old knives? [Re: 2muchgun]
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For the blade I'd start with Nevr-Dull wadding and if it needs something more, go to a very fine steel wool and Kroil. You're good to go with the soaking in Kroil and blasting that stuff out with CRC Brake-Kleen. That stuff will leave no residue behind to worry about.


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