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#6195187 - 02/19/12 Anyone Shoot Marlin 62 ,30 Carbine
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I am considering trying to aquire a good condition model 62 in 30 carbine to convert to 22 spitfire. I would have to import the rifle here to Australia as they just don't come up.

Before getting to far down the track, I would appreciate some opinions on how well these shoot, smoothness of action etc. If you fellas think it would be a good conversion, I have all the dies which I think is the hard part.


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#6195387 - 02/20/12 Re: Anyone Shoot Marlin 62 ,30 Carbine [Re: johno]
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I have one in 256 Winchester so it is not an apples to apples comparison.
My rifle is one of the early examples which left the factory without a serial number.
I find the short throw of the action to be smooth and quick. I enjoy shooting clays birds on a dirt bank and trying to make multiple rapid fire hits.
I have a straight 4X scope with a flat top post reticule and this little rifle is light and yet has good balance for offhand shooting. It may be the longer barrel helps keep some weight forward.
The trigger is okay with a little creep. I have never had the rifle apart.
I have considered sending my rifle to a smith and having a heavier barrel installed with a better chamber.
My rifle has seen considerable use but itís accuracy is as good as my two 25-20ís - a Savage Model 23 and a Marlin 1894.
I have a Marlin 1894 in 218 Bee and it is a good off hand rifle if slightly heavy for carrying around. A Bee might meet the need without case forming. I like the lightness of the Model 62 Marlin which feels lighter than the 1894.

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#6198777 - 02/20/12 Re: Anyone Shoot Marlin 62 ,30 Carbine [Re: william_iorg]
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I have owned three 62s in 30 Carbine, two of which I shot. Both very quite accurate with even the cheapest ammo. The third one I sold, is also very accurate according to the new onwer. The trigger was ok on all three. The rifles carry and balance well and the lever throw is ridiculously short. The only downside to me was the four round mag capacity and the small size of the of the finger lever that was uncomfortable for my big fingers.
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#6200441 - 02/21/12 Re: Anyone Shoot Marlin 62 ,30 Carbine [Re: johno]
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I don't know what pressures the 22 Spitfire runs at, but the Marlin 62s came from the factory with pinned, rather than threaded and screwed in, barrels, so I'd think that you'd have to watch the pressure if your new barrel is also pinned.

I have a Marlin 62 that has been rebarrel, properly threaded into the receiver this time, in 218 Bee and it works fine within the capabilities of the 218 Bee's case capacity and brass thickness. 218 Bee brass from Winchester/Olin isn't what I'd call "overly robust" and if I try to hot rod it, case life is limited to 2 or 3 cycles.

I have owned 5 or 6 of them, 3 or 4 in 256 and 2 in 30 Carbine. I thought that the actions cycle smoothly, but the lever is very narrow and tends to "bite" the shooter's hand if you cycle the action rapidly. I have also had to reinlet the stocks on all of them to get the safety to function reliably. Accuracy with the 256 was better with Winchester/Olin 60 grain HPs and with the 86 grain Remington 25-20 bullets that I use in my reloads, 1 to 1.5 MOA at 100 yards with a 2-7x mounted. I never worked up a load for the 62s in 30 Carbine, but they shot Remington 110 grain factory ammo into 2 or 3 MOA at 100 yards with a 1.5-4.5x scope mounted.

I always thought that Marlin missed the boat on the 62s by not making them in 44 Rem Mag. It seems to me that a 62 with a 20" barrel in 44 Rem Mag would have been a dandy little woods rifle for shooting whitetails and such.


#6218363 - 02/25/12 Re: Anyone Shoot Marlin 62 ,30 Carbine [Re: 260Remguy]
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Thanks very much for the input fellas. I was unaware they were a pinned barrel. Jeff i'm not sure what the presure is on the spitfire i'll look into it. The lever is a worry also, My hands are not small either.



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