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#6164240 - 02/12/12 05:52 AM Best Reloading Manual???
willhuntforfood Offline

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What is everybodys opinion on best reloading manual??? Thanks

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#6164267 - 02/12/12 06:07 AM Re: Best Reloading Manual??? [Re: willhuntforfood]
interthem Offline
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The Hodgdon/Barnes/Accurate/IMR websites. (free too)

If you are a "newbie" to reloading, the Lee and Hornady books are excellent at covering the whole process. All bullet makers offer excellent books as well.
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#6165017 - 02/12/12 03:31 PM Re: Best Reloading Manual??? [Re: interthem]
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There is no best and many good ones. Then too there are how to books and data books. IMHO it's nice to start with Naramore and Sharpe for a fairly complete look how to including a historical perspective. It's a good idea to find a data manual that uses the components including bullet that will be loaded. Often since people tend to have their rifles and their game in mind choosing first a bullet of choice then buying a data manual associated with that bullet is a good way to start. If the first manual leads to a choice of a particular powder then follow up with a powder maker's data book and then a few more.

#6168958 - 02/13/12 03:09 PM Re: Best Reloading Manual??? [Re: ClarkEMyers]
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Well, Sharpe and Naramore books are interesting to us old hands but there is very little in them that will be helpful to a new guy.

As ClarkE says, there is no 'best'; if there were it would dominate the market and none do that.

Data from all the mainline sources has been carefully tested and it makes no real difference if your manual was published by a bullet, powder or tool maker. Changing the firearm it's used in has a much larger effect on any book's suggested loads than the bullet, primer, case, etc. After 'start' loads we have to work up to our own max depending on pressure signs and going to ANY book's max load without careful and methodical load development is a potential path to destruction.

Most of us will agree that the Lyman, Hornady and Lee manuals have perhaps the most clearly written and well illustrated basic instructions and lots of good loading data too. Hodgedon's manuals probably have the widest range of loading data.

#6215291 - 02/24/12 05:19 PM Re: Best Reloading Manual??? [Re: interthem]
buckthumper Offline
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Originally Posted By: interthem
The Hodgdon/Barnes/Accurate/IMR websites. (free too)

If you are a "newbie" to reloading, the Lee and Hornady books are excellent at covering the whole process. All bullet makers offer excellent books as well.

these as well as 4 reload manuals are in my collection and I am always looking for one I don't have. Yes I use all of them and currently use at least 1 load from each of them.
Not all reloading books will publish the same loads and some will have different starting loads and max loads. In reloading it is all trial and error. find what works for you.
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#6258270 - 03/06/12 02:52 PM Re: Best Reloading Manual??? [Re: buckthumper]
mausershooter Offline

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I get the most info from Lymans. My fav to just read is A Square. I wish Ackley's manual was a little better laid out. I have a meduim sized book shelf with lots of reloading manuals. I use them all and back and forth.

#7044520 - 11/06/12 02:35 AM Re: Best Reloading Manual??? [Re: mausershooter]
89tenbus Offline

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I have always liked the Lyman best, but in the past 5 years or so, I have subscribed to the Load Data website. It is $30.00 annually and is always being updated by the powder and bullet manufacturers. There is a ton of info on the site. It is basically a compilation of all the reloading manuals out there.

I kind of always like to start my load work ups using data from the bullet mfg that I intend to use and go from there. I don't find the need to buy the newer version of every manual as pretty much all the newer loads that are pubished in them can be found on Load Data.

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#7964401 - 08/08/13 04:07 PM Re: Best Reloading Manual??? [Re: 89tenbus]
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I have the ABC's of reloading,Lyman's 49th edition and Hornady's 9th edition. They have data on the guns I use and other good info in them I think.

#8879706 - 05/20/14 06:06 PM Re: Best Reloading Manual??? [Re: gene5483]
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The old and outdated PET LOADS by Ken Waters is one of my favourites. It contains a lot of good information and interesting reading. One would have to look elsewhere for current cartridges, bullets and powders, but no further for the old standbys..

Hodgdon used to have a manual with Hodgdon, IMR, Winchester and Aliant powders all in the same book. I have used that one a lot over the years. Not sure what Hodgdon currently offers.

#8895277 - 05/26/14 06:31 PM Re: Best Reloading Manual??? [Re: SuperCub]
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If you are using Lee gear, then the Lee manual is a really good newbie's starter. And a good reference for an old hand too.

Nick Harvey's is excellent but may be hard to get.

I have old editions of Nosler, Speer, Hodgdon, Lee and old and new Lyman and recommend them all.

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