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#6219155 - 02/25/12 04:33 PM Re: What's it take to kill a turkey? [Re: Mule Deer]
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I found a 180 gr Ballistic tip, launched from a Krag, to put them down decisively. Due to the distance, and the open sights I took a body shot, thinking the relatively slow velocity wouldn't tear up a lot of meat. Wrong frown

OTH I helped one guy look for a turkey that he'd shot in the neck with a .270. Where the bird was shot we found bloody grain from a blown up crop spread over a 5 foot circle, then a blood trail a blnd man could follow for 30 yards, then it just disappeared. The hunter was dumbfounded the bird got away. I keep wondering if a bobcat or lion grabbed it and carried it off. It should have been DRT.

It's also interesting to think about something that will decisively kill deer, yet not tear up meat on turkey. I'm told a .54 cal round ball will do it. A drilling found be a fun handloading exercise, too...
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#6219217 - 02/25/12 04:47 PM Re: What's it take to kill a turkey? [Re: ingwe]
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Dat was mean...did I forget to mention I weigh 780 lbs...?

So you have trimmed down. grin

#6219269 - 02/25/12 05:01 PM Re: What's it take to kill a turkey? [Re: tex_n_cal]
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tex n cal,

Oh, I know about those 180 Ballistic Tips in the .30-40! I once shot a prairie dog at around 220 yards with a 180 BT from a High Wall reproduction rifle in .30-40, and the bullet left a 1" exit hole!. Now, it was a big dog (the reason I could hit it at over 200 with iron sights) but still...

I have shot a few wurkeys with deer rifles right up the wazoo when they were facing away, and that placement works pretty well. The bullet does most of the damage where Thanksgiving turkeys are traditionally filled with dressing.

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#6219310 - 02/25/12 05:12 PM Re: What's it take to kill a turkey? [Re: shrapnel]
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Originally Posted By: shrapnel

Nope it's my grizzly killin' 25-35...

I smell a story here.......
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#6219400 - 02/25/12 05:42 PM Re: What's it take to kill a turkey? [Re: Steelhead]
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Originally Posted By: Steelhead
Originally Posted By: Tom264
Blackheart He's just an extension of steelheads Large intestin.

He's my new buddy I guess.

I have no doubts your large intestine has seen more cock than a Perdue chicken farm.

You two need to grow-the-phugg-up.

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#6219425 - 02/25/12 05:52 PM Re: What's it take to kill a turkey? [Re: SKane]
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turkey and elk both can't be killed with "ordinary" stuff

magnums are a

#6219591 - 02/25/12 06:40 PM Re: What's it take to kill a turkey? [Re: tedthorn]
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To me when calling them in to 25 yards or less and they gobble.They seem to be a lot larger than whatever I am carrying.
I have a buddy that shot 2 gobblers with 1 shot out of a Winchester 97 pump at 20 yards.
It took him a minute to get his senses back after the shot,I don't know where he went but he was gone.He was using 23/4 no.5 shot. Full choke.

#6219670 - 02/25/12 07:04 PM Re: What's it take to kill a turkey? [Re: digger44]
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Originally Posted By: digger44
Yes to the distance question. The 3 1/2 12's and 10's in no 6 throw around 500 pellets. combine that with an ultra tight choke and you gain considerable distance.


And it's wise not to have your shoulder pressed snuggly against a tree when touching off a 3 1/2 inch turkey load. blush
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#6219760 - 02/25/12 07:32 PM Re: What's it take to kill a turkey? [Re: SKane]
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If you need that kind of distance, you might as well use a rifle. My last 20 have been killed with a 20 gauge. 2 of 'em shot over 40 yards.

What does it take? Put a head shot on 'em inside of 30 yards with just about anything you got laying around.

Then fire up the grill. grin
Originally Posted By: archie_james_c
I should have just
bought a phucking T3...

#6219824 - 02/25/12 07:54 PM Re: What's it take to kill a turkey? [Re: Folically_Challenged]
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Originally Posted By: Folically_Challenged
Not being a turkey hunter, I've been surprised to read so many stories in the "Worst Recoil" thread about guys getting creamed by 12 gauges shooting 3 1/2" shells at turkeys. Will a 2 3/4" shell not get it done? Or, does a 3 1/2" buy you an appreciable amount of range?

Just curious,


2 3/4's work just fine as does 3"....I only use and used the big guys like 3" and 3.5" and the sometime shoulder snapping 10 Gauge for Geese.Check your choke so it isn't spray and prey(if it is adjustable) and the 12 gauges of old are just fine for turkey's.


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