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#6221711 - 02/25/12 08:39 PM Re: Forward assist? [Re: XL5]
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Good info guys!

#6221866 - 02/25/12 09:29 PM Re: Forward assist? [Re: XL5]
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The forward assist gives you a device to beat the bolt forward harder than what you have to pull it back open with. All joking aside, I use them to make sure the bolt is pushed all the way forward when riding the bolt down to keep charging the rifle quiet when calling. Other than that it is punch the bolt release or let it fly forward with a pull of the charging handle.

#6221903 - 02/25/12 09:44 PM Re: Forward assist? [Re: blanket]
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Its not needed. Cant hurt to have it, but Ive never had to use it....countless malfunction drills and through actual training I cant think of one time Ive ever used one or seen one used. And we have induced some horrific jams for our drills.
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#6222425 - 02/26/12 06:32 AM Re: Forward assist? [Re: AKduck]
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I wish I could find the report again on the fallen soldier who spent all night with his NV and suppressor killing the enemy in either Iraq or Afghanistan but it's been awhile.

Anyway this soldier was finally killed but when they found him, his palm was bruised from beating the filthy weapon into battery and killing one more enemy soldier.

That is what the FA is for, for the rest of us, we have time to clean...

#6222471 - 02/26/12 06:41 AM Re: Forward assist? [Re: TWR]
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The Army uses SPORTS because it is so far behind the rest of the world in proper clearance procedures for malfunctions.


#6222940 - 02/26/12 08:24 AM Re: Forward assist? [Re: AKJD]
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"Miller hadn't fired a weapon for seven months, and he admits he wasn't the best marksman. He was an Army mechanic, and when he'd taken his first marksmanship test, he'd failed it.

So what did he do? "One guy, like, jumped up to where I could see him, and he had a mortar round in his hand, getting ready to drop it in the tube," he says. "And as he jumped up, I just raised my rifle up and shot, and he fell over."

It was the first shot he fired in the incident. The lousy marksman hit home.

But after that first shot, his rifle jammed. He had to pound on it with the palm of his hand, after every shot, to get the next bullet loaded into the chamber. He kept on re-loading and shooting. "I was kind of getting a rhythm down, count like seconds and then look up," he explains. "And you could see somebody else trying to load it. So, I was starting to count, and when I'd get to the number, I'd look up. And somebody else would be trying to load it, and I'd shoot. I did that probably seven times total. I counted the last time, and when I looked up, there wasn't nobody there." " - copied from a 60minutes website, story about the Jessica Lynch deal in Iraq.

Would a clean weapon have prevented this - I'm absolutely sure it would have. But how the hell do you keep it clean craling around in sand???
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#6223583 - 02/26/12 10:57 AM Re: Forward assist? [Re: TXRam]
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I like the forward assist.

Sometimes I ease the bolt forward and it doesn't fully lock up. A tap on the FA seats it that last smidgeon.
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#6223647 - 02/26/12 11:12 AM Re: Forward assist? [Re: BarryC]
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I find the FA useful sometimes (I like to press check) but as other have said you can sure make a mess an even worse mess if you donít use some common sense.

I do have a Bushmaster Carbon 15 that does not have the FA or a dust cover. This is one of the last guns built at the Lake Havasu plant before BM moved everything. It is gassed heavy and sprung heavy and cycles really fast. I donít shoot it much and keep it clean and lubed and it has never once bobbled in a whole 500 rnds. shocked

Having a couple ARs with the FA and one without the FA I guess I think the Forward Assist is a good feature.
John Burns

#6224395 - 02/26/12 02:19 PM Re: Forward assist? [Re: AKJD]
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Originally Posted By: AKJD
The Army uses SPORTS because it is so far behind the rest of the world in proper clearance procedures for malfunctions.


We teach, tap-rack-bang, just like with a pistol. Run the charging handle with your left hand. When the SFAUC program started in the 90's Army SF units went to that. There were still knuckleheads there who wanted to teach that SPORTS BS but they were squelched.

#6224482 - 02/26/12 02:48 PM Re: Forward assist? [Re: Take_a_knee]
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I personally would build a AR without it
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