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#6576774 - 06/08/12 05:23 AM Re: .223 for Coyotes (bullet weight?) [Re: MOGC]
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Yotes aren't hard to kill.. As with anything a well placed varmint bullet regardless of the weight is going to anchor it. Figure out which your rifle likes and then look at your options.

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#6576873 - 06/08/12 10:36 AM Re: .223 for Coyotes (bullet weight?) [Re: MOGC]
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Originally Posted By: MOGC
60 gr. V-Max works very well at .223 velocities.
Originally Posted By: MOGC
60 gr. V-Max works very well at .223 velocities.
yep,I'll go with that,Shot them front to back,thick and thin...dead in their shadow.
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#6582055 - 06/10/12 01:23 PM Re: .223 for Coyotes (bullet weight?) [Re: MOGC]
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55 gr is my preference, but whatever is most accurate in your rifle should get top consideration.

#6583030 - 06/10/12 07:31 PM Re: .223 for Coyotes (bullet weight?) [Re: Reba]
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Reba: I use mostly 50 grain Nosler Ballistic Tips and 52 grain Berger Varmint bullets in my 223's for Coyotes.
Speed and accuracy aplenty with these - and speed and accuracy in ones bullets kills Coyotes effectively.
Be sure to give the Berger 52 grain Varmint bullets a try if you have time.
Best of luck to you.
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#6590487 - 06/13/12 06:24 PM Re: .223 for Coyotes (bullet weight?) [Re: dale06]
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Last 2 I killed were with 40 Vmax at 225 yards.



#6590498 - 06/13/12 06:27 PM Re: .223 for Coyotes (bullet weight?) [Re: dale06]
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50 to 60 gr whichever your rifle likes the best and you have a dead yote. My favorite is the 55 Nosler BT
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#6591897 - 06/14/12 03:30 AM Re: .223 for Coyotes (bullet weight?) [Re: MOGC]
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Originally Posted By: MOGC
60 gr. V-Max works very well at .223 velocities.

They sure do...

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#6592069 - 06/14/12 05:11 AM Re: .223 for Coyotes (bullet weight?) [Re: Reba]
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My partner and I killed an ungodly number of coyotes with a 55g winchester soft point with a load of 26.5g of Win 748 in a 223. We shot the Rem 700 and Rem 788's. This load will usually shoot 1/2" and clobbers coyotes and often the bullet will not go through the coyote but will break shoulders and hip joints on quartering shots.

The same powder charge will love the 55g Sierra spt in any version plus the 55g BTHP. The same load with the 55g Sierra lead tip blitz will do some serious damage to a coyote. The 55g nosler ballistic tip was also fantastic.

We shot a lot of coyotes with the sierra 50 Spt with a load of 27.5g of Win 748.

I shot a coyote at 320 yards in the head as he was staring at us with a 50g Nosler ballistic tip, and the bullet did not go through his head, stayed away from them after that.

The 65g Sierra's are a deer bullet and probably will not expand on a coyote at will blow your mind to see a coyote hit dead center, bullet hit the ground behind him, and the coyote react as if he does not even know that he has been shot.

Good luck!

#6599642 - 06/17/12 03:29 AM Re: .223 for Coyotes (bullet weight?) [Re: MOGC]
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Originally Posted By: MOGC
60 gr. V-Max works very well at .223 velocities.

This is an interesting bullet, I shoot it out of 2 different rifles.
One is a CZ527 with a 1-12" twist, it shoots very accurate and has devistating results on coyotes but is not too fur friendly.

The other rifle is an AR-15 with a 1-8" twist, out of this rifle the 60gr V-Max is a little bomb. I shot a coyote with it last winter and it blew the left front leg off and about a square foot of saving pelts with this combo!!!!!

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