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#7043333 - 11/05/12 09:20 PM Re: Why a Single Shot? [Re: 1minute]
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I am a bit late weighing in on this subject, but I thought that the words from the very first Ruger No.1 Advertisement in 1967 were instructional as to the question posted by the Poster.
"Why have we built a single shot in this day of self loaders and repeaters? Today's reason for the single-shot is oddly analagous to that which inspired the great single-shot rifles of the 1870's: To produce a more efficient long range rifle. In the '70's, the single shot was the most powerful type because it could digest outsized cartridges. Today, the Ruger Single-Shot can have a 4 1/2" longer barrel than a comparable bolt-action rifle of the same overall length. Accordingly, the Ruger Single-Shot obtains greatly increased velocity from modern magnum cartridges. In addition to this significant ballistic advantage, the Ruger No. 1 Single-Shot combines handsome lines and perfect balance with the luxury of a closely fitted action-- a rifle to appeal to the connoisseur,
Beyond these physical advantages is the challenge of the single shot--which puts to the test the true skill and marksmanship of the hunter who works hard stalking, loves life in the open, and never hunts in a way that takes unfair advantage of the game."

To read the accounts of the day, many thought Bill Ruger had lost his marbles to even contemplate a high quality single shot rifle in 1966! Obviously, it still is not for every hunter, but over 400,000 Ruger No.1 rifles have been made and sold in the last 45 years. the No.1 is all I have used in the last 40!
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#7043869 - 11/06/12 12:03 AM Re: Why a Single Shot? [Re: El_Numero_Uno]
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I guess I will weigh in too, though many good points have been made.

The #1 (or other modern strong variants, like reproduction High Walls) allow one to optimize ballistics for the best possible first shot. Bullet choice and seating can be as desired, magazine length is not a factor. Short overall length, relative to barrel length also improves handling. The actions are brutally strong, capable of taking anything the brass can take.

And yes, they are pretty. grin

even if you work with less strong actions, or blackpowder cartridges, the single shot allows one to optimize the load, to whatever is best for the rifle and game at hand. In lightweight actions, like say a T/C Contender, one can have a fairly light rifle, but still have a fairly stout barrel. I also have bolt actions, lever guns, and semi-autos, and all bring their own interesting strengths and weaknesses, but the single shot remains a pure shooting experience.
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#7073963 - 11/14/12 10:29 AM Re: Why a Single Shot? [Re: tex_n_cal]
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Originally Posted By: tex_n_cal
And yes, they are pretty. grin

That one is........ smile
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#7073992 - 11/14/12 11:24 AM Re: Why a Single Shot? [Re: 257Deland]
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I was going to say I don't always hunt with a single shot but then maybe I do. Often I hunt with a flintlock muzzleloader and mine are all single shots. My combination gun and drillings are all single rifle barreled and my Shiloh Sharps and Ballard need no explanation. So maybe I do always hunt with a single shot rifle. Evidently I prefer them. To my eye, with the possible exception of a full length stock Mannlicher/Schoenaur no repeater is as classy looking as a finely wrought single shot.

Ahhh....I do not always hunt with a single shot. On occasion I carry one of my double rifles or double guns.

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#7074203 - 11/14/12 01:43 PM Re: Why a Single Shot? [Re: sharps4590]
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tex n cal.

And they can be made even prettier and more desirable!

The #1 is a reliable and flexible platform for a custom rifle project in any caliber. The end product can be as elaborate and stunning as your financial means permit. Or, it can be improved greatly over the factory model with almost no ornamentation but a few relatively minor functional improvements to fit hunters' wants/needs. And you do not need to throw everything but the receiver away.


#7075007 - 11/14/12 06:25 PM Re: Why a Single Shot? [Re: derby_dude]
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Originally Posted By: derby_dude
The title reminds me of a story.

A friend of mine who was a guide had a hunter show up to camp one time with a Browning BAR in .300 Winchester mag and enough ammo to start a war.

The hunter spent two weeks hunting elk and expanded almost all of his ammo. The elk were safe. My friend the guide hid the hunter's BAR the night before the hunter's last day to hunt. My friend then loaned the hunter his Ruger #1 in .300 Win mag. and one round. My friend than announced that to day the hunter would get his elk. And the Hunter did get an elk a nice bull.

I asked my friend why the turn around in the hunter's attitude. My friend said one shot, one round settles a man down to concentrating on the job at hand. As long as a man has a repeater and lots of ammo he just shoots. One shot, one round now a man hunts.


I like that story... It about sums up the reasons I hunt with a sgl shot.

To me, How I take a game animal, is far more important than IF I take one at all... AFAIC, the only reason God put horns on a game animal, is so we can tell the difference... grin (Tho' I will admit that pics of a dead doe, or cow elk, arent' all the enjoyable... grin )

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#7078120 - 11/15/12 05:42 PM Re: Why a Single Shot? [Re: Grasshopper]
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Why use a single shot? Just to piss off the guys that insist on needing a 30rd mag or 5 down in a bolt gun just to shoot a deer! smile
P.S. Those No.1's are some of the most elegant rifles ever built.
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#7080017 - 11/16/12 03:01 AM Re: Why a Single Shot? [Re: hbc01]
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Originally Posted By: hbc01
I need to know the pros on a single shot. I use this forum for many of my research projects before I do any purchasing. Everyone seems very knowledgeable. I watch a guy use a single shot with a live cartridge in his other hand and was able to load just as fast as anyone using a bolt action, at least for me. So, are we using a single shoot because of weight during the hunt. I live in the southwest and backpack hunting is pretty much a must.

For many, the "pros" of a single shot are not technical - they have to do with the state of mind of the person that carries it. Is my Ruger #1 a strong action? Yep! Is the overall length of my rifle with a 26" tube shorter that bolts with 24"? Yep! Maybe even some 22" bolts. But I could care less about those things.

The real pros to me - is my Ruger #1 classy? Darn right! Is it different? Yep. It's satisfying to me shut the falling block on a single round and drop my quarry. It's cool to me when a guy walks by 1/2 dozen bolt guns at the range then pauses at mine and maybe asks, "what caliber you shooting?" Even to see a single shot in a trophy photo is a "pro" to me. I wonder what caliber it is. Did the guy tip toe through the thicks with a 45/70, or did he reach out cross-canyon with a single shot - hunt over! When it comes to carrying a single shot there is probably nothing technical about it you're really going to need, you just have to want the experience.

If you end up carrying a single shot one day and simply love the experience, and not for the weight or anything technical, then you'll understand and perhaps get to use the line a few get to throw out there every now and again when asked, "why in the world would you carry a single shot for hunting?" The simple reply, "if you have to ask the question, you wouldn't understand the answer."

#7083315 - 11/17/12 04:44 AM Re: Why a Single Shot? [Re: AZ Southpaw]
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"if you have to ask the question, you wouldn't understand the answer."

+1 Well said!!

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