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#7064020 - 11/11/12 05:15 AM Re: Just read the entire thread about Larry Weishun and have a question... [Re: Ken Howell]
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I alway admire a guy who is not bored in his own head. Course, if ya get too bored, your brain falls out.
Soli Deo Gloria

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#7071253 - 11/13/12 04:08 PM Re: Just read the entire thread about Larry Weishun and have a question... [Re: Ken Howell]
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Originally Posted By: Ken Howell alluring as watching somebody else copulating — eons more fun to do than to watch.
...napping is infinitely more enjoyable and rewarding than watching somebody else perpetrating an ersatz "hunt."...

....your ability to turn a phrase and masterful wordsmithing are as sharp as ever.....they're gems to us out here in cyber space, Ken!!

#7071591 - 11/13/12 05:50 PM Re: Just read the entire thread about Larry Weishun and have a question... [Re: Steelhead]
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Originally Posted By: Steelhead
As someone once told me, if you are going to carry more than one cartridge in the field with you they might as well be in a magazine.

Makes sense to me.

I often carry an AR in the field. On deer I have yet to fire more than one round( pigs are another story but there are always multiple targets there)
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#7075396 - 11/14/12 08:36 PM Re: Just read the entire thread about Larry Weishun and have a question... [Re: WyoJoe]
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Originally Posted By: WyoJoe

I am going to have to disagree with you a bit here. I think having a single shot forces a hunter to pick his shots more and be more cautious.

I hunt with an Encore pistol in .30/06 as my primary hunting weapon. I have to slow down & pick my shots. More people do that and there would be more one shot kills. Too many people (notice I did not say all) simply pray & spray.

Actually it forces YOU to be more careful. Having a single shot does necessarily force folks who are clueless or inexperienced to be careful.

My opinion is that having a quick second shot ready is essential for ethical hunting. Most times I hunt the deer is down before I can rack another in, but I still go through the drill and reload, reacquire, and make the determination whether to shoot again with the crosshairs on the animal.

Now, that's me, my prejudice, my opinion. It comes from a couple of things. First and foremost was the advice my old-fart hunting buddies gave me when I started hunting deer. I can still remember old John ( he'd been in the Bulge) telling me, "You shoot, and you keep shooting until your sure he'd dead." I remember how the Marlboro started twitching in his hand. John obviously had issues on the subject, but I took him at his word. From there, it morphed into a general desire to put the animal down and keep it down. If one didn't do it, I was perfectly happy to put in another.

JJHack was another influence. I first ran into him on the old JJHack talks about Golfer's Syndrome: a PH term for a guy who shoots once and then puts down his rifle and watches, expecting the game to go down. That's the sort of thing I don't want telegraphed to the unknowing masses, and that is the sort of thing a single-shot rifle can encourage in inexperienced hands.

Your hands? Joe, with the hardware you described and the way you write about using it, you are the least of my worries.

Ken, as always, I truly appreciate your appreciation.

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#7077914 - 11/15/12 04:37 PM Re: Just read the entire thread about Larry Weishun and have a question... [Re: shaman]
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I hunt with a single-shot specialty handgun the majority of the time.
First, I don't think it inspires a 1-shot-one-kill attitude to an extreme to where one just expects the animal to go down.
Everyone should reload their weapon whatever the type ASAP just in case something goes wrong. They are a whole lot faster to reload than a Black Powder rig and possible a second shot with a bow.
Second, I very rarely need another shot.
Third, when I do, I can get off my second shot fairly quick.
I would rather hunt with an experienced person using a single-shot, than some inexperienced hunter who is relying on multiple shots (regardless of the action) or magnum cartridge.
You cannot buy competence.
Let me get prone or even from a good sitting position with one of my specialty handguns and I do not feel disadvantaged to the majority of rifle hunters out there on first shot connections to distances that many rifle hunters are not comfortable with.
I have met Larry and he was a nice gentleman to speak with.
Ernie "The Un-Tactical"

#7079803 - 11/16/12 02:09 AM Re: Just read the entire thread about Larry Weishun and have a question... [Re: Ken Howell]
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Originally Posted By: Ken Howell

The *&^%$#@! deterioration in my physical condition condemns me to my recliner and solo hours of TV and computer,.....

Sir Ken smile

I'm not sucking up...just expressing my respect.

It hurts me deeply to hear of your LIMITATIONS. Someone once told me, " if you live long enough...bad things happen to you."

I'm VERY GLAD you're still with us but saddened with & for you. I remember well reading and following you in print when I was just getting started handloading.

Not for sure, but I remember your entries in 1 or more gun mags. Either Petersen's Hunting or Shooting Times. Yep I've known of you for a long time and I feel privileged to be able to correspond w/you.


aka - 3100 guy.

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