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#7066215 - 11/12/12 Daughters!
docdb Offline
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I had my doubts at first, but having only daughters has worked out pretty good.

If only the squirrels would cooperate!

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#7066316 - 11/12/12 Re: Daughters! [Re: docdb]
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You are in the same position I am in with my Lass...I assume you tease the living Christ out of your girls too?
These are my opinions, feel free to disagree.

#7066491 - 11/12/12 Re: Daughters! [Re: JSTUART]
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Doc that's awesome! My little gal likes the woods and just went on her first backpack camp out. I hope she takes a liking to hunting as she gets a little older.

That rifle(?) that a Browning? I have an OLD Remington Speedmaster from the 1930's that has a Browning stamp also. It loads through the stock. It belonged to a granddad I never knew. My dad gave it to me and it was a tack driver back when my eyes were young.
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As far as gear goes.. The poorer (or cheaper) you are, the tougher you need to be.

#7066677 - 11/12/12 Re: Daughters! [Re: snubbie]
rick59 Offline
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My little girl is now 25 years old and loves to shoot firearms and deer hunt with me, it's always a great time!

#7067158 - 11/12/12 Re: Daughters! [Re: rick59]
bbuddtec Offline
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a happy daughter wants to hunt with her dad, and actually gets to... great deal!

#7067456 - 11/12/12 Re: Daughters! [Re: bbuddtec]
30338 Offline
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Been blessed that mine likes to hunt as well. We are planning on her first elk hunt next year and already planning which rig she wants to shoot and practice with next year. She had some success already and seems to enjoy being in the woods with me. Great time to talk to each other.

Didn't have tree rats to chase here, but both kids got started on bunnies. Those were great times.

#7067471 - 11/12/12 Re: Daughters! [Re: 30338]
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I got 4 of them,two have become baby machines,two do the "mud runs" and anything outdoor and they all shoot!
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#7067528 - 11/12/12 Re: Daughters! [Re: docdb]
tomk Offline
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Good for you Doc...the squirrels are toast. Mine have been a blessing to me...

No elk this year but we had fun getting there...


#7067786 - 11/12/12 Re: Daughters! [Re: JSTUART]
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Originally Posted By: JSTUART
You are in the same position I am in with my Lass...I assume you tease the living Christ out of your girls too?


#7068145 - 11/12/12 Re: Daughters! [Re: docdb]
evanhill Offline
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I've got three myself. I used to figure that I didn't really have any idea how to raise girls not being female and all. I guess you figure it out. They all shoot. We get outdoors a lot, but I'm letting them come to me on the hunting thing. The oldest is eleven, so there is time yet -- if she wants. Here is our latest backpacking trip together.

#7068515 - 11/12/12 Re: Daughters! [Re: docdb]
Dave93 Offline
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docdb.....I've got 3 of my own.....looks like you're doing a fine job.

evanhill......great video there.....thanks.

#7069176 - 11/13/12 Re: Daughters! [Re: docdb]
BC30cal Offline
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Thanks for sharing the great photo with us sir and for beginning a great thread with it.

Before I move on please let me send you a tip of the hat for taking your daughter out afield with you.

To the other fathers here that have done that, a sincere tip of my battered Bailey to you as well.

While it's good to see fathers taking time to pass on our way of life to either boys or girls, as the father of two teenagers myself, I hope I can be forgiven if I show a soft spot for getting girls out hunting.

To any fathers out there who have daughters I'd like to encourage you all in the strongest possible way to take your daughters out hunting, shooting, camping or any outdoor activity.

We've found that the rewards of doing so are definitely well worth the effort and can help shape your life and your children's lives in ways we didn't imagine when we began taking them up the mountains with us.

Oh, we started our girls coming along on family hunts when they were fairly young and they'd be the first to tell you they've grown up spending a lot of our weekend time in the mountains.

Anyway docdb, thanks again for the thread all the best to you and yours in all your upcoming hunts.

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#7069892 - 11/13/12 Re: Daughters! [Re: BC30cal]
Brad Offline
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Great stuff guys... my daughter (now 22) went through hunters and hiked a fair bit with her mom and I. She's not a backpacker now, but she's the apple of my eye that I utterly adore. Girls are a gift from God.
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#7075954 - 11/14/12 Re: Daughters! [Re: Brad]
BigWave Offline
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This was a few months back. I almost got to full draw on a little buck with my girl on my back about 20 minutes after this pic was taken. That would have been a good story for the rocking chair down the road.........

wjes.jpg (140 downloads)

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#7077813 - 11/15/12 Re: Daughters! [Re: BigWave]
Miner Offline

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My daughters (16 and 12) will shoot a little. Neither has hunted with me (I've always invited them). They have always camped with me. I think my proudest day was when my oldest asked for an Osprey pack for her sweet 16.

#7078017 - 11/15/12 Re: Daughters! [Re: Miner]
Field_Hand Offline
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cool stuff. i take both mine with me hunting. they are 13 and 10.
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#7078034 - 11/15/12 Re: Daughters! [Re: Miner]
PSH Offline
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Very cool thread. I too have three girls, and they've been tagging along elk hunting since they were knee high. As they have reached the age, I told each that they would be taking hunters ed, and hunting one year so they knew what it was all about, and how to do it. You never know what will happen with this world one day, and I want them to at least have an idea as to how to fend for themselves. I told them after that, the decision was theirs to make. So far the 16 and the 13 year old have taken too it, and are glad to be going. Just got home from filling the eldests cow tag. The 6 year old is also showing promise, and appears to show more interest than the other two did at her age. I know things can change, but she may be a hunting machine when her time comes.

Regardless, boys or girls, take them out, I don't think you'll ever have a more positive experience. There is nothing like sitting on a ridge top as the sun comes up, with a youngster beside you, just taking in the view before starting the work of gutting an elk. A memory that I will never forget.

#7078244 - 11/15/12 Re: Daughters! [Re: PSH]
huntsonora Offline
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I'm just getting started with my daughter Asha. This was when she was 3 months old back in July

Here's Shilpa and Asha looking at some big deer on a far ridge


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#7078863 - 11/15/12 Re: Daughters! [Re: huntsonora]
FishN4Eyes Offline
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No complaints here!

Love hunting with my girls.

#7079024 - 11/15/12 Re: Daughters! [Re: docdb]
rodwha Offline

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I'm fortunate that the ole lady enjoys backpacking, and doesn't mind guns. She won't hunt, nor gut anything, but she'll cook and eat it.
Our little one, who is 3 1/2, has been camping with us since she was 6 mo, and we found out that she has to walk herself and skip nap time or she ends up giggling all night long about sleeping in the tent!
We used a kid's backpack that's a little big for her to have her carry her pajamas and a stuffed toy, and she carries it w/o complaint the whole way. So for Xmas she will be getting a pack that fits and has a hydration system as I don't care for slobber all over mine.
I'm hoping to have a little fishing and hunting partner soon. She's certainly hooked on backpacking. At least until she's a teen...
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#7079696 - 11/16/12 Re: Daughters! [Re: rodwha]
NEhunter Offline
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Awesome thread guys. Keep the stories and pics coming. My wife and I just had twin girls back in September and I really hope they turn out to enjoy the outdoors as much as I.

#7079882 - 11/16/12 Re: Daughters! [Re: docdb]
bea175 Offline
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Originally Posted By: docdb
I had my doubts at first, but having only daughters has worked out pretty good.

If only the squirrels would cooperate!

Beautiful daughter and love the Browning for squirrels .
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#7080247 - 11/16/12 Re: Daughters! [Re: bea175]
BeanMan Online   content
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I thought I recognized that canyon, I was sure when I saw the petroglyph panel.

#7080831 - 11/16/12 Re: Daughters! [Re: BeanMan]
jt402 Offline
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I always wanted a son. Youngest daughter gave me two grandsons, yet it was not to be. Grandson #1 died in a car accident just before turning three. Grandson #2 didn't make it here. He died of a cord accident in the womb. BUT I have girls. Three daughters that have matured into fine ladies. Aged 52, 50, and 38. They all have shotguns and handguns. I am soon going to hand them each a .22LR and a CF rifle. Eldest and youngest are "ranch girls." Eldest is in real estate and she saw a value in a small ranch (deeded) with a larger (leased) spread adjacent. She and SIL bought it to someday have a quail factory. Youngest married a young man that has about 3000 acres of ranch land plus he farms with his father. Middle daughter and I just visit the ranches and enjoy.

Then there are two grand daughters. Three and eight. The eight year old is beginning to like shooting. She has her eye on the 4H Club shooting program. Gave her a BB gun last Christmas and her grandfather's single shot .22 last week.

Living in a woman's world takes a tough personality. They borrow your truck, and the perfume lingers for weeks. You have to constantly remind your bride that you need stinky guy soap, not some beauty bar. They wear your warm coat and dry cleaning fails to remove the nice odor. I have spent the better part of my seventy five years smelling like a girl. When I do not see them for a few days/weeks, I miss it/them.

A few weeks ago, I was talking to an old friend on the phone,while visiting youngest daughters family. Grand daughter came skipping by, kissed me on the cheek and said, "Dad Dad, I love you," and was gone. My friend commented, "That was worth the trip." To which I wholeheartedly agree.

We hunt and fish together. Daughter #1 and husband are into fly fishing for trout and try to spend a month in the mountains each summer. Last summer, the whole tribe spent a week chasing the trout. Wee shoot trap at the ranch. They have a nice shooting pad overlooking a small canyon. Targets for the kids to hone their skills. Youngest daughter and I have hunted deer and turkey together. Big fun.

God bless the girls in my life. Amen. jack
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