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#5594563 - 09/07/11 02:38 AM Re: NRA Supports China [Re: Dirtfarmer]
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If you don't buy from China how are they going to keep loaning us money? LOL. Sad but true. I am a NRA Life member and proud of that.

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#5748692 - 10/26/11 05:41 AM Re: NRA Supports China [Re: Gunaddict]
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One day China will put an embargo on us and it'll bring the US to her knees. You won't be able to buy a lounge chair.

#6094200 - 01/26/12 03:34 PM Re: NRA Supports China [Re: r08ert209cali]
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#6095502 - 01/26/12 09:00 PM Re: NRA Supports China [Re: alem124max]
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i hate buying china low quality stuffs. I hate that guys being fooled of paying big money on replica ar accessories. -_-". If we go to war with china ? Just bomb them instead fighting them toe to toe. This is my opinion.

#6102198 - 01/28/12 02:10 PM Re: NRA Supports China [Re: vietboy1st]
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Just got a promotional from Ducks Unlimited for the 75th Anniversary of DU. I renewed for $75.00 instead of the normal $35.00 and they sent me a Case pocketknife and a 75th Anniversary hat-pin - both are USA made products (you can join new and receive the same anniversary items). The knife and pin surely cost more, but I was glad to see DU offer USA made products. I did get a new NRA catalog a week or so ago and they are printing on each item whether it is USA made or imported - at least you have a choice if you buy something from NRA now.
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#7128724 - 11/30/12 09:02 PM Re: NRA Supports China [Re: MtnHtr]
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I realize this reply is to an old discussion but I cannot resist. I have a similar and more recent experience to share. I responded to the easy payment plan for NRA life membership. For signing up, the NRA sent me a nifty little pocket knife...MADE IN CHINA. I also checked inside of my 2 caps...yep, MADE IN CHINA with big American flags embroidered on the sides. Well, putting my money where my mouth is, I boxed it all up and shipped it via UPS back to NRA HQ. I have heartburn with the NRA spending my membership dollars on "give aways" made overseas. I would rather get nothing but the magazine and know that the bulk of my dues go towards lobbying for our 2nd amendment rights. Personally, I don't need or want a bunch of logo stuff. This is a "gimicky" way to spend membership dues and does nothing substantial in helping to fight the good fight. ESPECIALLY since it is hypocritical to spend US green backs in a communist country where the average inhabitant can't even legally own a firearm! No sir, I don't like it, not one little bit. I enclosed a letter with the caps and knife asking the NRA to give that stuff to a non-patriot. I hear the other posters talking about how hard to impossible it is to NOT buy stuff from China. I do not dispute it and it is an unfortunate reality of this "new world order" we all seem to be stuck with. Having said that, I sure as hell believe that an American icon such as the NRA has a responsibility to it's membership to work harder in keeping our funds at home. I would rather see them offer a lot less "stuff" and reserve something nice MADE IN THE USA for, say, hitting the 5 year mark or achieving life membership or doing SOMETHING to EARN SOMETHING, not just throwing another piece of junk at someone for singing up. But thats just my two cents.

#7130742 - 12/01/12 11:29 AM Re: NRA Supports China [Re: Vince]
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I share your frustration and admire you for doing all you could in the case of the imported product you were sent as a thanks for your committing to an NRA "Life Membership". I have been a committee member here in WV for several years (since our chapter was formed).
Imported products are almost impossible to get away from in anything we do however it is possible to be careful enough when sourcing things to find some American made pieces. With that being said there are a lot of items put out at NRA fund raising banquets that are imported compounding the issue surrounding them and ticking many of us even more however with the object being fundraising the investment in some of the merchandise being critical to the same the end result is more dollars for grant requests and to support the NRA.
I know your frustration and feel it. There is something everyone of us can do which in the case of the topic of your post you did. When we voice our concerns which I have done many times to Cabellas, Bass Pro, Lowes, etc. etc as I am sure many others have as well it helps and they listen especially when we back it up with what we don't purchase.
BTW and to close on a positive and encouraging note our last banquet here hosted by our chapter "Blennerhasset Friends of NRA" here in Parkersburg, WV raised over $20,000 of which the bulk of stays in the great state of WV. We will have the state grant request meeting next month and divy up tens of thousands of dollars from all the state chapters to organizations such as county 4H groups for youth shooting activities, gun range upgrades and in some cases partial funding for new ranges, WVU Rifle team, and other good causes.
Keep fighting the good fight!


#7157979 - 12/08/12 05:19 PM Re: NRA Supports China [Re: RaceTire]
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We are no longer an industralized nation - we were once the greatest export nation in the world - we are now the greatest import nation in the world - you figure it out!
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#7168767 - 12/11/12 10:19 AM Re: NRA Supports China [Re: azcoues]
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The overwhelming majority of consumers (I am out on a limb here and making an assumption from 38 years of retail experience) give price their primary consideration when making a purchase.
If quality were substituted for price as the #1 consideration things would be a lot different on the manufacturing front. Affordability is another key component and it is dictated by what it costs to do business in the USA v: what it costs to do business in the eastern Asian area.
Not talking about wages here. Tort system, EPA, EEOC, ........Not that regulations are not needed but we have handcuffed in many ways manufacturing here and the playing field is not close to level.


#7333969 - 01/19/13 05:01 PM Re: NRA Supports China [Re: r08ert209cali]
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I have had trouble finding an American flag for the yard that is not made in China..Sad

Link; U.S. Flags "Made in America"

It's not hard!

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