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#7176097 - 12/12/12 05:53 PM Re: need caliber advice [Re: scenarshooter]
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I went the way of your buddy, my first cf rifle was my .300saum. Looking back I wouldn't change a thing. Eventually I would like to be able to take game at extended ranges, but I recognize my limits. The rifle is more than capable of doing that, my skills just aren't good enough yet.

I say let him get what he wants to get. Ultimately only he can decide to stick with it or go to something else. Above all else, practice practice practice!

#7176181 - 12/12/12 06:13 PM Re: need caliber advice [Re: FishinHank]
Jordan Smith Online   content
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Originally Posted By: FishinHank
Above all else, practice practice practice!

And that right there is the crux of why he would be far better off with a .260 or similar rifle, rather than a .300Mag...
"Others are happy to hit the rock, or maybe the dark spot on the rock. I wanna head shoot the mite clinging to the pubes on the left nut of the fly that's sitting on the black spot on the rock."

#7176257 - 12/12/12 06:28 PM Re: need caliber advice [Re: Jordan Smith]
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Originally Posted By: Jordan Smith

And that right there is the crux of why he would be far better off with a .260 or similar rifle, rather than a .300Mag...

...and as many have proven, it's quite capable to 1000 yards....and beyond!
Originally Posted By: deflave
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#7176285 - 12/12/12 06:33 PM Re: need caliber advice [Re: rcamuglia]
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Being able to hit targets and kill game at a 1000 yards are two totally different situations.

#7176329 - 12/12/12 06:42 PM Re: need caliber advice [Re: FishinHank]
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Originally Posted By: FishinHank
Being able to hit targets and kill game at a 1000 yards are two totally different situations.

And he won't be able to kill game at 1000 until he can hit at 1000.

You don't learn to drive in a F-1 car, you work up to it.

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#7176776 - 12/12/12 08:17 PM Re: need caliber advice [Re: teal]
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I started with an 06 a long time ago. Then I just had to have a 7 mag. I traded it for a 280 and have never looked back. I love shooting my 308 too. I must have spent a small fortune on loading cartridges and practicing before I ever took what I consider to be a long poke at a living deer. That shot was only 415 yards, but conditions were perfect and I was thrilled when that 280 dropped her in her tracks. Matriarchal doe or not, she was legal and she still ranks with my others as a trophy. My best buck is 168 5/8 with an inside spread of 24 5/8, but that doe at that range was as big of a thrill for me. She ate awful good too.

I don't consider myself to be a long range hunter, but I like feeling confident when I get a chance at any legal deer over 300 yards away.

I think your friend would be better served with a 308 to begin with, but as has been said here, he will get what he has set his mind on. Magnums, for me, are over my recoil threshold for practicing much, even if I never notice recoil when shooting game. It's the practice that builds the skills and confidence. My 2 bits worth.

#7176901 - 12/12/12 08:54 PM Re: need caliber advice [Re: LongRanger280]
SamOlson Online   content
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300WSM all the way....

If starting from stratch I would just get a couple 308's, 400-500 yards is as far as I wanna shoot right now anyway.....grin
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#7177101 - 12/12/12 11:50 PM Re: need caliber advice [Re: rcamuglia]
rosco1 Offline
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Originally Posted By: rcamuglia
I think the question has been answered and all here have given great input.

Long range hunting is in "vogue" these days having been popularized by tv shows and equipment manufacturers pioneering a new market to find a new venue to increase sales. It's great and the American way, but it also has created some problems as have been addressed in the thread.

Long range shooting/hunting isn't "rocket science". Any intelligent person can learn to do it pretty quickly either by himself or with instruction, but the cumulative learning of handloading long and range shooting experience takes time.

My advice would be for your friend to get a .260 or 6.5 Creedmoor. The light recoil will help him develop good shooting technique and habits. I also recommend a ton of long range TARGET shooting well before he attempts big game at long range. Varmints are great too.

6.5 creedmore for sure..The factory loaded 140 amax is excellent.

#7177472 - 12/13/12 05:59 AM Re: need caliber advice [Re: MontanaMarine]
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Originally Posted By: MontanaMarine
If someone's gotta ask, they probably need a 308Win.

That's classic right there!

Well put, Shane.

#7177638 - 12/13/12 06:48 AM Re: need caliber advice [Re: oldslowdog]
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Maybe sometime I can meet up with you guys and he can shoot my 7mm mag and a .338 win mag. If it wasn't such a pain to transport everything, I've got a couple 7mm-08s, .308(s) and also just aquired a heavy barrel .308 not that long ago that's going to be my learning tool for some long(er) range rock busting.
Really giving some serious thought to ordering an A3 for the HB .308, need to find some glass for it though as well.

I'll be heading for the Cities tomorrow afternoon (un-planned trip as I've got a meeting Monday AM in St. Paul) Girl friend has the rest of the weekend filled though (oh joy... shopping.. and visiting with her friends *$#^$)

As it's been pointed out, often when people get their mind made up on something, that's the only thing that will satisfy them. But I'd also recommend a .308 for the cost of shooting alone, 6.5 creedmoors are pretty reasonable factory rounds as well.
Could keep an eye on Dicks Sporting goods and see if they have any more deals on a Remington Varmint .308 around X-Mas. If he doesn't like it, he could flip it for little to no loss.
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