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#4772396 - 01/02/11 Marlin 375
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I will probably be getting a Marlin 375 in the future at some point. Does anyone have any suggestions or thoughts? I will be reloading most of my ammo. I will probably start out with Reloader 7. Any ideas will greatly be appreciated!

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#4798920 - 01/09/11 Re: Marlin 375 [Re: clyde]
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Reloader 7 sounds like a good start. I've had a Marlin 375 now for around 7 years, no longer reload so I have gotten most of my factory ammo from Wisconsin Cartridge. Its good stuff, accurate in my Marlin, and the brass is beautiful and reloadable. Deer that I shot were usually DRT. I love this caliber, this Marlin.

#4801643 - 01/10/11 Re: Marlin 375 [Re: bearmgc]
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Thanks for the comments! I can't get the 375 right now. It is funny. I already have a very good Marlin 30 as that I really like! I could just make due with it; however, I have been reading more and more about the 375 and I just have this craving to get one! LOL!!! Time will tell!!!!

#4821346 - 01/15/11 Re: Marlin 375 [Re: clyde]
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Get a .375, hit with a lot more power than the 30-30, and nothing wrong with a 30-30. I love the .375, great penetration. I have used it on wild pigs here in Georgia. Hard on pigs, easy on the shoulder.

I have a friend with a bad shoulder, and he has become very recoil sensitive. He loves his .223. I finally got him to shoot my .375 and he loved it. No real use to him, as he doesn't hunt anymore, but his comment was that it felt like a 30-30. Did for me too. I am sure it does recoild a little harder than the 30-30, but the difference was not that great too me.
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#5085685 - 03/27/11 Re: Marlin 375 [Re: csam]
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I remember when the Gun Rags really talked this .375 lever caliber up and I thought it would really run some big numbers but it seemed like the general hunting public never took a big shine to the caliber. My brother in law got one new once for a present but only hunted one season with that .375 caliber. He traded the rifle for a .444-Marlin and loved the way it killed deer and bear.
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#5414280 - 07/12/11 Re: Marlin 375 [Re: Tonk]
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Old listing, but I recently picked up at Marlin 375 and am very happy

Loaded up 245 or so grain cast bullets with AA 2400 - 16 grs - great plinker load. Very accurate at 100 yds, suprisingly accurate. Mild recoil.

I also have some Hornady 220 FP that I have not loaded yet, but a Marlin guy told my RL-7, 30 some odd grains for velocity up to 2200 FPS.

Besides...the 375 cases look like small 45-70 cases. Straight walls. While I think about getting another 35 Rem., I believe will will await another 375 Win instead.

If you buy a Marlin 375 and are not happy, let me know...I will buy the rifle.


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#5414569 - 07/12/11 Re: Marlin 375 [Re: Orchemo]
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My Marlin 375 was the most accurate levergun I ever owned. With Winchester factory ammo it would shoot under 1" at 100 yards.
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#5415020 - 07/12/11 Re: Marlin 375 [Re: Swampman700]
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Mine is a winchester instead of marlin, but ...

Yeah, Hornady 220 grain flat point and RL7 shoot at least as well as I can see iron sights. Max charge was listed at 37 grains I think. Even with a drop tube I wasn't able to get past 36 grains and I may back off to 35 just for ease of loading, accuracy is under an inch at 50 yards from 35 grains up.

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#5921560 - 12/15/11 Re: Marlin 375 [Re: T_O_M]
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My 375win.(marlin) is laded with hornady 220gr,38gr rel.7 and with a Leupold 1-4x20 its a great shooter.
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#5922818 - 12/15/11 Re: Marlin 375 [Re: DANNYL]
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My Marlin in .375Win is my go-to gun for accuracy under 225 yards. I use 39.5 grains of AA1680 under a Hornady 220.

#5928939 - 12/17/11 Re: Marlin 375 [Re: mtrancher]
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My Marlin Model 375 shoots the 220 grain Hornady bullets quite well over a charge of RL7.

#5941971 - 12/20/11 Re: Marlin 375 [Re: TNrifleman]
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I took my .308ME to my gunsmith yesterday to have the barrel cut down 2" and recrowned. He had a conniption fit because he thought I'd brought in my Marlin .375. "Don't you know that thing is worth $1000?" he said. He relaxed when I explained his mistake.

#5944928 - 12/21/11 Re: Marlin 375 [Re: mtrancher]
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I gave $290 OTD for mine in April, guess it was a good investment, if it's worth $1000 now what'll it be worth when I'm willing to give it up!?
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#6945113 - 10/07/12 Re: Marlin 375 [Re: wrench_man]
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$1000 bucks??? Who needs one? First grand takes it and a box of factory Win. 200 gr. ammo!!?,!
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#6949135 - 10/08/12 Re: Marlin 375 [Re: mtrancher]
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Does anyone need some factory NEW 375 WIN cases. I have about 900 left. I got them in a brass deal with 800 New 32 Win Specials, I don't know much about them either.

I'm selling the 375 Win for $56 per 100 shipped to lower 48, no insurance.

I'm selling the 32 Win for $50 per 100 shipped to lower 48, no insurance.

Send a PM if interested.


#7189777 - 12/16/12 Re: Marlin 375 [Re: WillinDenver]
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If you still have any of the 375 Win brass, I'll buy some.


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