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#6900531 - 09/23/12 Suzuki Samuri winch question
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A friend of mine who has a ranch and guides for Deer, Bear and Pigs has two Samuri's. He also has two quads and two UTV,s. He thinks the Samuri is the best of all three and I was really impressed with their abiity on a recent hunt with him. Now, my question, without breaking the bank, what would be a good winch to mount on his front bumper for such things as pulling a hog out of a draw or somthing simular as that. I have Warn on my quad but they are pretty pricy for such occasional use. Any suggestions or do you have something around that you're not using.

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#6903008 - 09/24/12 Re: Suzuki Samuri winch question [Re: coyote268]
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Question is, does he want one for self recovery as well?

Most of the smaller ATV and boat winches will do to recover the odd game animal, but to me, if i were going to the trouble of fitting a winch, I would want one that I could use for self recovery.

Given how lightweight the Samuri is one in the 5000lb would get the job done and should not break the bank.

Over here, many of folks use Superwinch and they seem to work and are a bit less expensive than Warn..

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#6908501 - 09/26/12 Re: Suzuki Samuri winch question [Re: Pete E]
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The people at Superwinch are really great.

Always buy more winch than you are sure you'll ever need. Always.
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#6909999 - 09/26/12 Re: Suzuki Samuri winch question [Re: toltecgriz]
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If on a budget, try the smittybilt winch. I have friends who have them and they're holding up well so far.

Look on craigslist. I picked my Warn X8000 for $200 around 8yrs ago.

#6910801 - 09/26/12 Re: Suzuki Samuri winch question [Re: coyote268]
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I just took a 3500 warn off my junked Polaris Ranger 6 wheeler.
Gonna make a bracket and put it on my Samurai(lighter, more ground clearance, heater, a/c, radio)....

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#6911116 - 09/26/12 Re: Suzuki Samuri winch question [Re: GeorgeS3]
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I'd go with a 6000 to 8000 pound Warn. Expensive is relative. They may not seem like so much money after all when you're paying someone else to extract your rig.
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#6931870 - 10/03/12 Re: Suzuki Samuri winch question [Re: T_O_M]
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After visiting the dealers and pricing a UTV for our farm shocked , I decided to go the Samurai/Tracker route, and found one (a Tracker) in decent shape for $1K. Everything works including the a/c. I have to replace the drivers rocker panel but otherwise, surface rust only. It might have to go camo or flat black paint-wise, asking for forgiveness rather than permission. I'm overruled in this house by a wife and daughter, who fell in love with the Barbie purple color of the thing.... sick

I'll be changing out the tires, fitting a roll bar, and modifying the rear cargo area (rear seat removed) to a rear hinge/dump box. I'll try and post pics as the project progresses. It should be a great little vehicle for the daughter to learn how to drive around here.

This is the winch I purchased for the Tracker; I think it will be adequate for my needs. Good price, and enough pull.

#7153378 - 12/07/12 Re: Suzuki Samuri winch question [Re: levrluvr]
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I have a 5500lb Superwinch on mine and I think it would lift the whole truck off the ground.

#7190301 - 12/16/12 Re: Suzuki Samuri winch question [Re: IslandFirearmCoatings]
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I went with an 8K smittybuilt w/ synthetic rope on mine.

#7193115 - 12/17/12 Re: Suzuki Samuri winch question [Re: Luck_of_the_Draw]
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Synthetic rope is neat stuff, isn't it? I put it on my 4-wheeler's winch and I love it. I found I can buy it alot cheaper than the Warn branded stuff at a marine supply place in Astoria, Oregon.
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#7196115 - 12/18/12 Re: Suzuki Samuri winch question [Re: Bulletbutt]
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Superwinch 8000lb w/ rope and custom front bumper, on mine... have loaded cow elk by put a snatch block in tree with the rope going over the top of hood thru block, then down to all 4 legs. Come up on winch and back under cow, put it right in the back of my Sammi. Wished I had a pic put it was 11pm before we got her to the sammi.

#7202394 - 12/19/12 Re: Suzuki Samuri winch question [Re: levrluvr]
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Bought my kids one to learn to drive and have another farm vehicle besides a 4 wheeler.
Repaired and repainted it and decided it was too nice to leave at the farm for the dirtdaubers and mice to move in.
Drove it around s/d and soccer fields for a while and sold it
Great little cheap vehicle for us. Cheap compared to that $10,000 mule I want that ain't street legal


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